Introducing Julie Brown, Creator of Sleepy Head Pillowcase and the Story of its Development

The Innovator of Sleepy Head Pillowcase, Julie Brown, the Creator of Comfort, is also the originator of E-Zzz Sleep Pillowcase which is 100% Cotton Flannel, primarily for adults. Julie began designing products after a career in construction – quite a switch. She has another innovative product to her credit — an RV Step Cover for motor homes and

The original pillowcase idea came about after Julie was caught in a snow storm in her motor home. Since the beds in motor homes can only be placed against an outside wall, Julie’s head was so cold that the rest of her body suffered. The original concept was for those who used recreational vehicles but the market soon expanded to include Boaters, Campers, Hunters, Seniors, Shift-Workers, Nappers, Truckers, Travelers, Backpackers and Sinus sufferers. This patented product can be seen at and eventually under its new name and website –

Our mission is to provide a better night’s sleep and a feeling of comfort and security to a growing segment of society – children suffering from sleep deprivation. We cannot save the world but we CAN offer a solution to a serious problem. We offer a unique product, made with care in the USA, and excellent customer service. We use top-quality fleece which is purchased from a U.S. company and all products are manufactured in the U.S.A. We make our pattern choices under the watchful eyes of some of our terrific test market participants – our best ‘salesmen’

In 2008, Julie Brown was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal in its ‘Rising Star’ category. The Journal has presented awards to ‘Women Making a Difference’ — honoring LA’s most successful women – for the past 17 years.

The original pillowcase is featured in a new book, ‘Gadget Nation’ by Steve Greenberg. Charles Osgood, anchor of CBS News Sunday Morning and The Osgood File, commented, “Gadget Nation is the most enjoyably reassuring book I’ve read in years. Here is the quirky spirit of American Ingenuity that goes back to Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, still alive and well, still passionately dreaming….”

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