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Insurance and CPAP: How Do I Know If My Insurance Cover CPAP? Update 08/2022

It’s possible for people with OSA to have their upper airway partially or completely blocked while they’re asleep. This can lead to gasping or snoring, as well as choking. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects between 2 and 9 percent of individuals, and CPAP machines may help you sleep better. For those who have difficulty sleeping, […]

Why Do I Need A CPAP Prescription? How Do You Get a CPAP Prescription? Update 08/2022

One in every ten Americans suffers from some form of sleep apnea, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by repeatedly stopping and starting your breathing during the night, can have a significant impact on the quality of your rest and your general well-being. While making long-term changes to your […]

Choosing CPAP Mask For Your Sleep Position: The Best CPAP Masks Update 08/2022

Millions of people in the United States suffer from sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that is commonly treated with a CPAP machine. There are several misconceptions about CPAP treatment, including the belief that patients must sleep on their backs because a mask is too heavy and cumbersome for them to sleep on their side or […]

What is a CPAP Humidifier? Types of CPAP humidifiers Update 08/2022

In the majority of cases, persons who have sleep apnea are recommended CPAP therapy. You can use a CPAP humidifier to help you breathe more comfortably by releasing moisture from a tiny tank of distilled water. CPAP therapy can be made more bearable if you do this. CPAP therapy may cause dry mouth, dry throat, […]

How Often You Should Change Filters? The Best CPAP Masks Update 08/2022

CPAP masks may be the most crucial component of your sleep therapy. ‘ You don’t think so? You’ll understand what I mean if you ever have a mask leak if your helmet is too tight. If you’re using the improper mask, you’re increasing your chances of skipping sleep therapy, snoozing with your mask off, or […]

Mallampati Score to Help Predict Obstructive Sleep Apnea Update 08/2022

One of the most frequent sleep-related respiratory diseases is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA usually causes people to wake up gasping for breath or choking. Sleep disorders like narcolepsy can lead to increased daytime tiredness despite the fact that these episodes typically last no more than 30 seconds at the most For people at risk […]

What Are the Causes of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness? What You Need To Know Update 08/2022

There are several symptoms of excessive sleepiness, such as uncontrollable yawning, heavy eyelids, and a strong desire to fall asleep during the day. Struggling to stay awake can have a negative impact on academic and professional performance, interpersonal relationships, and even one’s ability to drive safely. It’s normal to question, “Why am I always sleepy?” […]

Sleep Impacts Reaction Time As Much As Alcohol. How To Test Your Reaction Time? Update 08/2022

It’s the time it takes to respond to a stimulus, which can be anything that occurs before a response. How long it takes for the body’s physical response to a stimulus to occur depends on the complexity of the human brain, which typically takes 160 to 190 milliseconds. How long does it take for a […]

How Does Sex Affect Sleep? Is Sex Before Sleep a Good Thing? Update 08/2022

Sex and sexuality are two of the most important aspects of adult health. When it comes to sexual health, a person’s whole well-being isn’t just limited to their physical health. Getting a good night’s sleep has a ripple effect that can be felt across a vast area. Every physiological process and system is impacted by […]

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