Weight Loss And Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

When you’re asleep, your breathing can be interrupted by a condition known as sleep apnea. An upper airway that is too small or closed can cause obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most prevalent form of the disorder. To put it another way, it’s like inhaling air through a tube or a straw. Those who suffer […]

PTDS And Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

It is possible to acquire post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following exposure to a traumatic event, such as war or criminal assault or abuse; terrorism; a natural disaster; or an automobile or plane tragedy. According to the National Center for PTSD, 7 to 8 percent of the population will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at […]

Children And Sleep Apnea: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

In sleep apnea, breathing is repeatedly interrupted. In children, these pauses in breathing can impact sleep quality and lead to daytime drowsiness and behavioral problems. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central sleep apnea are the two kinds of sleep apnea (CSA). OSA occurs when a person’s airway becomes restricted or clogged, making it impossible for […]

Final Exams And Sleep: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

College students throughout the country are taking their final exams to close off the school year. Finals week is characterized by high levels of stress, poor eating, and bad sleep patterns. Although sleep deprivation is common among college students, exam stress and anxiety may cause students to pull “all-nighters,” or go without sleep, in order […]

Wildfire Smoke And Sleep: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

Cities around the United States are currently experiencing their warmest summer in decades. – Temperatures have been rising for years, but this summer has broken heat records across the United States. Wildfires have already erupted in numerous states, including California, Colorado, Arizona, and Oregon, as a result of the extreme heat. Wildfire season has arrived, […]

Weight Loss And Sleep: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, both can be difficult. Medical professionals are still trying to figure out the complex relationship between sleep and body weight, but some evidence suggests that getting enough sleep can help you lose weight and that sleep deprivation can harm your health. The Connection Between Sleep […]

Thyroid Issues And Sleep: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

Located near the front of your neck, the thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that produces thyroid hormones. Thyroxine and triiodothyronine are two hormones that control how the body utilizes energy. Many bodily functions, such as breathing and heart rate, digestion, and temperature, are influenced by these hormones, which are found in nearly every organ. Thyroid […]

Sleep And Overeating: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

We all know how important it is to get enough sleep and eat healthily in order to maintain excellent health. Often forgotten, however, is the fact that sleep and nutrition are intertwined. The connection between lack of sleep and binge eating is a significant factor in this relationship. When people are sleep-deprived, they are more […]

Parkinsons Disease And Sleep: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

These two conditions are linked in a significant way. Getting a good night’s rest is an issue for many Parkinson’s patients. REM sleep apnea is a possible side effect of the disease itself. You may also have daytime fatigue or sleep disturbances. A better night’s sleep is just a phone call away. What is Parkinson’s […]

Lack Of Sleep And Diabetes: What You Need to Know? Update 01/2022

Diabetes is the sixth greatest cause of death in the United States, affecting more than 30 million individuals. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, is a long-term condition that results from insulin resistance. As a glucose transporter, insulin helps to move glucose from the blood to the muscles, fat and liver, […]

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A Better Night’s Sleep for Tots to Teens – Sleepy Head Pillowcase:

Sleepy Head Pillowcase helps Tots to Teens fall asleep more quickly and experience more restful, relaxing sleep. What keeps a kid (or anybody for that matter) from falling asleep? – Noise, light, cold head, not feeling secure or comfortable. Sleepy Head Pillowcase overcomes these interferences with falling asleep and getting a better night’s sleep.

Sleepy Head Pillowcase User’s Report:

Our users report that this innovative, American-made, kid-tested pillowcase offers a sense of relaxing comfort and security for many children who resist going to sleep or have a sleep problem. Sleep Deprivation can cause many health problems and disorders, including increased risk of Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Depression, Memory and Mental Performance. Sleepy Head Pillowcase can help your child fall asleep more quickly and experience true sleep comfort by reducing light and noise that interferes with falling asleep and staying asleep. Rest assured — a nice thought.

Add a Teddy Bear to your Sleepy Head Pillowcase:

A snuggly and cuddly Teddy Bear can provide comfort or offer additional protection by watching over a slumbering child.

Children’s Sleep Studies:

There are many studies which suggest that lack of sleep “in normal children can lead to symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Those who slept 10 hours each night did NOT develop symptoms”. ADHD is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms are similar to sleep deprivation. Rather than behavioral treatments or drugs, perhaps Sleepy Head Pillowcase, a natural sleep aid, should be tried first.

ADHD is characterized by at least two of these three behaviors: poor attention, impulsivity or hyperactivity.

Inattention and difficulty in concentration are additional effects of sleep deprivation that hinder learning. In fact, sleep deprivation has such a negative effect on attention that it can “mimic or exacerbate symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), including distractibility, impulsivity, and difficulty with effortful control of attention” (R. Dahl, 1999).

Great for Camping, Outdoors or the Backyard:

Know matter if they are outdoors, indoors or even in the backyard, our camouflage Sleepy Head pillowcase is great for all those occasions.

Do you have a Boy Scout or Girl Scout in the Family, protect them while they are on there camp outs. Help them keep their head protected and warm during those cold nights and give them the security that only a Sleepy Head pillowcase can provide. Order Yours TODAY!!!

Sleep Deprivation and its Effects:

Sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone and decreases levels of a hormone that makes people feel full. No wonder one third of all American children are obese.

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), “A lack of sleep can limit one’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems as well as make you forget what you have learned”.

The primary function of Sleep is restoring the body’s energy levels. There IS a connection between increased energy and a better night’s sleep.

Introducing Monster Go Away Spray:

A combination of our Sleepy Head Pillowcase and the Monster Go Away Spray can be the solution to sleep deprivation and its effects.

Say “good night” to neck pain

Do you know that the sleeping position can directly affect your sleeping? If not then read this article to get to know the details. This does not only affect your sleeping but as well as can affect your respiration, wrinkling of the skin and also your spinal alignment so you should always sleep in a good position.

There are various types of pillows are there which can make you have a great quality sleep as well as you will have proven benefits of spinal alignment and others.

Sleeping position and pillows work together to provide support to your neck, spine and make you have a great night sleep. These both make your spine kept in a neutral position so that you can have a great night sleep.

Sleepyheadpillowcase.com will help you choose Best Pillow For Neck Pain is a soft body pillow that looks like the torso of a man with a comforting arm that cuddles and holds you throughout the night.