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There are a lot of factors that go into getting a good night’s sleep, from eliminating distractions like noise and light to ensuring proper spinal alignment. As anyone who has awakened sweating and hot knows, maintaining a comfortable body temperature is crucial. It would be counterproductive to sleep on a hot surface if you also wore cooling pajamas or used cooling sheets. A cooling mattress topper is a less expensive alternative to purchasing a new mattress specifically made to help regulate temperature if your current mattress is the source of your nightly perspiration problems.

The best cooling mattress topper is often a matter of personal preference, but to give you an idea of the different materials and types of toppers out there, we have compiled a variety of styles that have been recommended by experts and should work well for a wide range of sleepers. We’re comparing the queen-size versions of these toppers, but they come in a variety of dimensions.

What we’re looking for

Material:The director of the University of Arizona’s sleep-and-health research program, Michael Grandner, cautions consumers to keep in mind that while many mattress topper manufacturers claim their products will keep you cool, there is little evidence to support these claims. The rise in popularity of foam mattresses (we heard more about foam toppers than any other type while reporting this story) is at odds with the fact that foam mattresses are notorious for trapping heat and limiting air circulation. Luckily, you can get the supportive feel of memory foam without risking overheating thanks to cooling-infused foam mattress toppers. Or, you can counteract the heat retention of a foam mattress and soften up your firm bed with a fiber mattress topper filled with cotton or polyester.

Mechanical means of cooling:Whether you’re looking for a new mattress topper, set of sheets, or set of pillows, you’re bound to come across claims that one of these items will help you sleep cooler. Cooling can come from moisture-wicking materials like wool and poly-fiber, heat-absorbing materials like gel, copper, or graphite, tangible features like ventilation holes and layering, or a combination of all three. Mattress toppers can be made from a variety of materials, some of which will make the bed feel cooler to the touch while others will help to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. ‘Each material has pros and cons, so it’s important to research what you’re investing in before purchase,’ says Keith Cushner, a product expert at

Thickness: You can look at your mattress topper as an extra layer of support on top of your regular mattress. Mattress toppers can be found in a variety of thicknesses, from an inch to five, and serve to elevate the feel and support of a mattress. Thicker toppers, those measuring three inches or more, can completely transform a thin, overly firm, or low-profile mattress, while thinner toppers, those measuring two inches or less, will add comfort in a less noticeable way.

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Cleaning: Unlike sheets and pillowcases, a mattress topper only needs to be washed once every few months. The actual foam in most mattress toppers, whether cooling or not, will need to be spot cleaned, but many of them have removable, machine-washable covers, which is a huge plus if you tend to perspire heavily in your sleep. Basic care instructions for each topper are provided below.

Limited time offer and guarantee:In order to determine if a mattress topper is suitable for you, Grandner suggests finding one with a generous trial period. Read the fine print; companies that offer 100-night trials on mattresses don’t always offer the same terms on toppers, and return policies may vary depending on whether you buy the topper directly from the brand or from a third-party retailer like Amazon. We’ve listed the trial period and any warranty details for each topper below.

Best Cooling Mattress Toppers

ViscoSoft 4-Inch Active Cooling Memory-Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

According to Joe Auer, creator of the review website Mattress Clarity, “people love memory foam because it is so comfortable and relieves pressure so well.” Both Annie Schlecht, an occupational therapist and certified sleep consultant, and Sarah Riccio, a senior writer at Sleepopolis, recommend the ViscoSoft topper because it keeps them cool despite being made of memory foam, which is known to get quite warm. Schlecht says the copper “draws heat away from the body and dissipates into the environment.” According to Riccio, “the copper infusion serves to dissipate body heat and prevent the foam from warming up,” while still providing “the classic memory-foam feel.”

Second, it has a phase-change material exterior, which sleep expert Joshua Tal recommends looking for in a cooling mattress topper. He explains that when you’re warm, the material melts and becomes refreshingly cool; conversely, when you’re cold, it hardens and keeps the heat inside. If you ask Schlecht, the ViscoSoft cover stays “cool to the touch” because of this material. We chose it as the best overall cooling mattress topper because it has received so many positive reviews from sleep experts, strikes a good balance between comfort and cooling, and comes with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Cooling Topper

According to Bill Fish, a certified sleep science coach and co-founder of the sleep product review site Tuck, this plush topper from Nest Bedding is one of his favorites because “it is constructed with a gel-infused memory-foam core that helps to pull that heat away from the body to keep you cool.” Our food and drink writer Emma Wartzman says that the memory foam on top of Nest mattresses helped her with the “back and neck pain that I was waking up with every morning.”

Subrtex 3-Inch Gel-Infused Memory-Foam Bed Mattress Topper

Airbnb host Brandon Lee suggests this gel-infused memory-foam mattress topper with a bamboo-rayon cover as a more cost-effective alternative to a traditional memory-foam mattress. Lee claims that the cover “feels very soft against the skin” and “aids in the overall cooling process”; this is similar to what other experts have said about bamboo when discussing the best cooling sheets. Most importantly, it’s incredibly soft and cozy. Lee explains that the cloudlike feel comes from the topper’s combination of a high density foam and good airflow. It is airy and firm, so it molds to your body in all the right places. This particular model has a height of three inches, but two- and four-inch variants are also offered at slightly different prices. Lee says, “It’s a great budget option without sacrificing quality or durability,” despite the fact that the information about returns is scant. The topper also comes with a ten-year warranty.

Slumber Cloud Nacreous Mattress Pad

Psychotherapist and author Heather Turgeon has writtenA Joyful Slumber, because the company’s innovative cooling technologies are often recommended to her patients who have trouble regulating their body temperature. This lightweight jacket’s “NASA-inspired” fabric is made to allow heat to escape from the body and is filled with polyester. Logan Block, director of content at Sleepopolis, also recommends this mattress, praising its durability and the comfort it provides while sleeping.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Latex toppers are preferred by some sleepers because they are hypoallergenic, durable, and provide more air flow than foam or fiber toppers. For example, “the aerated feature allows for consistent airflow to keep the sleeper cool throughout the night,” and “the multiple firmness levels allow for easy customization of the feel of your bed,” are two of Fish’s favorite features of this particular PlushBeds model. These apexes cannot be returned, so if you decide to buy one, you should be sure you want it.

Saatva Latex Mattress Topper

This Saatva memory foam mattress topper with graphite infusion is made to dissipate your body’s heat while you sleep. If you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns, you’ll appreciate how the body-contouring foam molds to your body to provide consistent pressure relief for your muscles and joints. The organic cotton cover that comes with the topper can be washed in the washing machine to maintain its coolness and its ability to allow air to circulate.

Layla Memory Foam Topper

Supportive and luxuriously plush, Layla’s memory foam topper is infused with copper gel beads to help keep you cool at night. Copper infusion helps to keep you cool while also making for an antimicrobial sleeping surface, which means that the topper serves as a natural shield against the buildup of bacteria while you sleep. The topper is two inches thick and provides pressure point support. The 3.5 lb density of this topper means that it has the softness and contouring abilities of memory foam but may be firmer and less responsive than a latex topper.

Best Cooling Mattress Toppers 2023 - Cooling Bed Toppers for Hot Sleepers

Nest Bedding Organic Merino Wool Topper

Though it may seem counterintuitive to choose a wool topper in an effort to sleep cool, this material performs exceptionally well at wicking away moisture, such as sweat. This Merino wool topper is thinner than the others on our list at 1.5 inches, but its plush filling will still give your mattress a cushiony boost. Wool naturally repels allergens like mold and dust mites, making the topper a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Cover

The Eight Sleep Pod 3 is a high-tech (and high-priced) option for maintaining a comfortable body temperature during the night. I slept for two weeks on the “system” that was cooled by water, and the temperature regulation was like magic. Low-profile tubing is hidden within the cover and pumps water to a small tank that is placed next to your bed. You can program your ideal temperature into an app with a single tap, and have it all set up for you by the time you get home from work.

My initial setting of -3 on the temperature dial (the range is from -10 to 10, or 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit) was far too low. In the end, I settled on the company-recommended setting of -1, which translates to 79.75 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually I wake up in the middle of the night feeling much warmer than when I went to bed, but the Pod cover eliminated this problem entirely. (Strategist contributor Dominique Pariso’s experience testing an early Pod cover bore striking similarities.) Thanks to the app’s control, I was able to monitor my heart rate, the number of times I rolled over in bed, and the total number of hours I slept, all of which contributed to my sleep score. My fiancé is a warmer sleeper than I am, so it’s important that we can adjust the temperature independently on our respective sides of the bed. We were concerned that the cover’s snug fit would completely alter the feel of our mattress, but while it does make the bed a touch firmer, I didn’t notice any difference in the level of comfort.

ChiliSleep Cube Sleep System

This high-tech mattress topper (also recommended by Tal and Grandner) can be set to an exact temperature anywhere from 55 to 115 degrees, so Schlecht recommends it to her clients who “really struggle with temperature regulation at night.” It’s a good option for those who want to ensure that their bed maintains a constant temperature throughout the night, much like the Pod Cover, because it’s lined with water-filled silicone tubes and connected to a power unit that cools or heats the water. It’s a great option for couples who have different temperature preferences and comes in half-queen, half-king, and full sizes.

How we chose the best cooling mattress toppers

Only by putting them to the test could we determine which were the best cooling mattress toppers to include on this list. We tested cooling mattress toppers in the same way that we test traditional mattresses, taking into account their efficiency, cost, and guarantee.

We worked with the toppers and analyzed their firmness, texture, and cooling ability. Response time, edge support, and firmness were all put through their paces and recorded. We compared them to competing brands to find the ones with the most effective cooling technology and settled on a few winners. We also considered cost and who would benefit most from using the product in our evaluations.

What to consider when shopping for the best cooling mattress topper

With so many options available, picking the right mattress topper can be challenging. The search can become more complex with the addition of cooling mattress toppers. Is there a way to tell which ice-cold toppers are actually effective, or if they’re just fancy advertising? You can find the best cooling mattress topper by considering a few simple criteria.

  • Material: In order to find the most effective cooling mattress topper, you should first consider its composition. Do you like memory foam? That’s really the only question that matters. Want something more organic? Foam isn’t naturally the coolest material; some others, like latex foam, are.
  • Density and stabilityThere are a wide range of thicknesses and levels of firmness available in cooling mattress toppers. Depending on your level of interest,Alter the texture of your bed.One way to alter abed that is too firmtopped with a layer of memory foam, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Mattress toppers can be used to add firmness to a mattress.
  • Enhancements that are Totally CoolWhat sets apart cooling mattresses and toppers is that they have extra features that aid in cooling.typical bed-padsKeep an eye out for heat-reducing developments like phase-change material, copper/graphite infusion, and heat-wicking technology.
  • CleaningUnlike regular sheets, cooling foam toppers should not be washed regularly. Just like mattresses, they typically have very specific cleaning instructions, and most of those instructions involve spot cleaning only. However, if you tend to be clumsy, it is smart to choose a cooling mattress topper that has a cover that can be removed and washed in the machine.

What’s the difference between a cooling pad, cooling protector and cooling topper?

It’s easy to confuse the best cooling mattress protectors, pads, and toppers with one another. While they share some similarities, there are also some significant distinctions.

mattress pads that keep you coolstraps that secure it to the bed and go over the mattress. In many cases, they are used to significantly improve the pressure relief of a mattress or to alter its overall feel. One can adjust the firmness of their mattress with the help of a cooling mattress topper. Their thickness can be anywhere from one to four inches.Cooling mattress protectorscushions the bed but doesn’t alter the way it feels otherwise.Mattress covers that wick away heatIf you’re worried about accidents or dust mites, you should encase your mattress. Some of them are padded, but not nearly as much as a mattress pad or topper would add.

Other cooling sleeping products

Those who run hot at night can choose from a variety ofrelax as the temperature drops. Get ready to dive into a cool mattress, because we tested the best ones out there for you right here on ourTop 10 Coolest Mattresses to Buy in 2019which sells beds with features likeLuxury Ghost Beds and Aurora Luxe Bedding by Brooklyn Bedding..

We are all aware of the high cost of mattresses and mattress pads. Fortunately, there are still options for affordable cooling relief.blankets that keep you cool or pillows.


What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper, also known as a mattress pad or mattress overlay, is an extra layer of soft foam placed on top of an existing mattress to increase its comfort level. Mattress toppers, typically between one and four inches thick, allow you to adjust the feel of your bed without investing in a brand new set. They are perfect for those who want to keep their current bed but are on a tighter budget.

Do cooling mattress toppers really work?

To answer your question, the most effective cooling mattress pads do work. But not all of them function the same. Phase change material and graphite-infused foam layers are just two examples of the cooling technology used in many modern mattress toppers. You won’t overheat in the evenings thanks to these technological advancements. However, this in no way implies that you will feel refreshed.

Not many mattresses or mattress toppers have a physically cool feel to them, but Ghostbed and Brooklyn Bedding are two of the exceptions.

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Which mattress toppers are best at cooling?

The most effective cooling mattress toppers have been developed with dedicated cooling technologies. There are some materials that have a natural tendency to be cool, such as latex foam. Companies also include phase-changing material or cooling gel in their cooling mattress toppers to further ensure that you don’t overheat while you sleep. Mattress toppers like the Ghostbed are the best because they actually work to reduce body temperature.

How do you keep a mattress topper from sliding?

You don’t want to have to get up and readjust your cooling mattress topper because it shifted while you slept. Manufacturers have developed straps and skirts to keep the toppers in place. Some mattress toppers even have a sticky backing that holds them in place.

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