Best Cat Proof Air Mattress You Can Buy Update 05/2024

Air mattresses are a necessity for many of us. When you don’t have a spare bed but have overnight guests, they’re the best option. They are also helpful for sleeping soundly while camping or traveling.

However, if there are two things that don’t naturally go together, it’s air mattresses and cats. Your cat will not miss your blow-up bed when it comes to digging its nails into it. One thing you don’t want to find when you go to blow up your air mattress is a hole made by your cat’s sharp claws. A cat-proof air mattress would be useful in this situation.

Several varieties of air mattresses designed specifically for cats can be found online. They are, essentially, air mattresses that can withstand being punctured.constructed with more robust materials. If you’re looking for an air mattress, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve reviewed the top six options available right now.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an unpoppable air mattress; any blow-up bed can be punctured with enough force or a sharp object. So, I also provide the best advice on how to keep your cat off your air mattress.

Best Cat-Proof Air Mattresses

Here is an overview of the criteria I was looking for before I run through the comprehensive reviews to help you on your hunt for the best puncture-proof air mattress. In order to make it onto this list, a puncture-proof air mattress must possess the following qualities:

  • Sturdy Construction:In order for an air mattress to be considered cat-proof, the material it is made from must be sturdy enough to withstand being scratched by sharp kitty claws. The use of double-flocked fabric on the top and thicker PVC are two such examples.
  • Comfort:The best air mattress should be cozy, as you or your guests will be sleeping on it. For proper spinal alignment, a coil spring construction is required, and built-in pillows are always a plus.
  • Equipped with an Internal Pump:An air pump that is already built into your mattress is a huge time saver. The mattress can be inflated or deflated quickly and easily as needed. As an added bonus, it’s simpler to customize the level of support.
  • Thickness: I like the double-height air mattresses best because they feel most like a real bed. This helps insulate the bed and makes it more comfortable on uneven floors.

Now that you have an idea of what the ideal unpoppable air mattress would be like, you can read our in-depth evaluations with confidence. There’s an inflatable bed out there for you, with options for every need and price point.

1. Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump (Best All-Rounder)

The best cat-proof air bed has to be the Active Era Air Mattress with Built-in Pump. This has all the features we want to see in a cat-proof air mattress and gives this to us for a very affordable price. It is the ideal balance between practicality and cost.

The 15-gauge PVC used to create this air mattress is extremely tough and will not puncture. If your cat insists on getting too close, it won’t be destroyed by the inevitable scratches and scuffs. The bed’s top is flocked on both sides. Your mattress will be safe from clawing cats, and the extra padding will make your bed more relaxing.

This air mattress utilizes coil support to further ensure your utmost comfort. The 34 air-coil columns in this double-high air bed ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, there isbuilt-in 3-inch pillowto aid in correcting poor sleeping posture by stabilizing the head and neck. Furthermore, this is very helpful because it eliminates the need to bring along extra pillows when traveling.

The built-in pump on this puncture-resistant air mattress is the icing on the cake. Just turn on the pump, and in just three minutes, the bed will be as firm as you like it to be. When the mode switch is moved to the deflate position, the pump will begin to deflate the item on its own. The bed also comes with a valve that allows you to manually inflate the mattress for times when you don’t have access to electricity.


  • 15-gauge PVC construction ensures years of use.
  • The top is double flocked for added warmth and security.
  • There are 34 air-coil columns total.
  • Throw pillow with integrated 3″ support
  • Integrated pump for both inflation and deflation
  • Inflation control valve for use in manual mode while traveling
  • A mattress with two layers of padding for maximum relaxation.
  • All of the aforementioned features come at a price that is reasonable.


  • Requires topping off with air roughly every two nights

2. SereneLife Raised Self Mattress with Built-in Pump (Best for Everyday Use)

Next up is the SereneLife Raised Self Mattress with Built-in Pump. Like my first recommendation, this air mattress is also made from a sturdy and durable PVC with a thickness of 0.024″. A flocked top adds durability and makes it easier to keep the sheets in place. In addition, a patch kit is included in the package in case your cat does manage to cause damage.

If you plan on using your air mattress frequently, this is a fantastic alternative to consider. The smart design of its dual pump is to thank for this feature. The standard built-in pump allows you to quickly inflate or deflate the mattress. The air mattress can be inflated to its maximum firmness in just 3 minutes.

When the air pressure drops, the second pump kicks on andinflates on its ownan uninflatable mattress when the air pressure is too low. That means you can sleep on it for as long as you like without ever having to worry about having to get out of a deflated bed again! Also, the automatic inflation is so quiet that it won’t wake you up.

With this inflating mattress, you can rest easy wherever you go. Improved coil technology keeps you from sinking into the mattress all night long while providing optimal support. Because of its double height, it offers superior comfort and makes it much less of a chore to get in and out of bed.


  • Fabricated with thickened, more resilient PVC material
  • Includes a tool to fix punctures
  • Features a durable and soft double-flocked top
  • Inflates to full size in 3 minutes
  • Automatically inflates when air pressure is detected.
  • Automatic, ultra-quiet inflation
  • uses a coil system for structural support
  • Double the height and very user-friendly


  • Among the more pricey options available

3. King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump (Best for Optimal Support & Alignment)

For anyone worried that sleeping on an air bed will be uncomfortable and bad for their back, think again. The King Koil Air Mattress with Built-in Pump is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) and promotes proper spinal alignment as you sleep for ultimate comfort.

This bed accomplishes this by virtue of itsimproved coil innovation. These provide just the right amount of padding to make the air mattress feel like a real bed, while still providing adequate support to keep your spine in its natural curvature. The mattress’s ability to keep its form over time is largely attributable to the coils inside it. Furthermore, a soft integrated pillow provides additional comfort and support.

The product also performs admirably in terms of its resistance to puncture. Its scratch- and abrasion-resistant PVC construction is complemented by a plush flocked top and sides. For this reason, it is an excellent air mattress thatcan take some abuse from cats without breaking!

And the built-in pump that takes 2 minutes to fully inflate the mattress is a nice touch. Because it is integral to the bed, you can easily add more padding or increase the firmness as needed. The mattress is designed to prevent air from leaking out, so there’s no need to worry about ever having to replace it.


  • PVC material construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Top and sides are completely flocked.
  • Includes a tool to fix small holes
  • Offers a one-year guarantee.
  • Proposed by the ICA and Accepted by the ICA
  • Has an internal pump that can inflate it in under 2 minutes.
  • Improved coil technology for maximum relaxation
  • Embedded cushioning system


  • more costly than comparable items

4. Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress (Best for Camping)

Anyone looking for an air mattress to take camping should give the Etekcity Upgraded Camping Air Mattress a try. Unlike my other recommendations, this is only a single-height inflatable bed, measuring 9 inches tall. Since it deflates to just 13 by 7 by 15 inches, it’s a great choice for taking with you whenever you go.

Moreover, a rechargeable pump is included with this air mattress. It’s incredibly practical for camping because you can charge the pump at home before leaving and then use it to inflate your sleeping pad in as little as 90 seconds once you get there. It also equipped with a power source for vehiclesredesigned to allow for mobile pump recharging. Inflating a blow-up mattress with your lungs is a thing of the past.

This product also does well in terms of its materials. Once more, it’s constructed from long-lasting20% thicker PVC than regular PVCBeds that use air pressure. This strengthens it against punctures and improves its odds of survival when subjected to your cat’s claws. The flocked surface on top not only provides additional comfort but also shields the user from scratching cats.

The mattress’s internal structure also contributes to its high level of comfort. The inner structures, which were built with cutting-edge technology, are sturdy enough to hold you up all night. Similar to traditional quilting, the wave beam construction of this bed gives the impression of a soft, supportive surface.


  • PVC that is 20% thicker than industry norms.
  • The top is double flocked for added warmth and security.
  • Use of wave beam technology to provide soft, relaxing support
  • A rechargeable pump makes it convenient for taking on the go.
  • Highly transportable, folding dimensions are 13 x 7 x 15 inches.
  • Rapidly inflates to full size in under a minute.


  • Because of its low profile, getting in and out of a single-level bed is a struggle.

5. Intex Dura-Beam Inflatable Air Mattress (Best Budget Buy)

For anyone on a budget, the Intex Dura-Beam Inflatable Air Mattress is worth a look at. With all of the must-have features at a very affordable price, this is a great option for anyone not relying on their air mattress regularly but that is still seeking a quality product.

The long-lasting material it was made from is used once again. When you reach the pinnacle ofThere is a thick layer of plush velvet over the mattress.. This serves two purposes: it prevents your cat from scratching up the bed and it provides a cushier place to sleep. It also prevents the sheets from shifting during the night.

Unlike the other options here, this air mattress is constructed using Intex’s patentedAdvanced Fiber Technology for the Interior. The mattress doesn’t use coils for support but rather has fibers running lengthwise down the middle. The use of cutting-edge technology in this way ensures a more relaxing and restful sleep. Because of its low height of only 20 inches, getting in and out of it is a breeze.

Another product that eliminates the time-consuming task of locating a separate pump is presented here. Within 3.5 minutes, you can easily inflate or deflate the bed. Moreover, a manual pump valve is included for times when you won’t have access to electricity.


  • Consists of long-lasting material construction
  • Comfortable and protective velvety surface
  • Making use of Intex’s cutting-edge Fiber-Tech system
  • Because of its low height (20 inches), getting in and out of bed is a breeze.
  • Integrated pump for your ease of use.
  • Allows inflation in as little as 3.5 minutes
  • The Pump has a Valve That Can Be Operated By Hand


  • The emphasis is more on convenience than on long-term reliability.

6. Englander Luxury Double High Inflatable Bed (Best Luxury Air Mattress)

The Englander Luxury Double High Inflatable Bed has arrived at last! If you’re willing to spend a little more money to get your hands on a premium item, this is a fantastic choice.

What we have here is, to begin withthe fastest inflating bed on the marketoffered for sale. The mattress can be inflated in under a minute, despite being twenty inches in height. The built-in, high-powered pump makes this possible with the push of a button; it provides 10% more airflow than competing brands. The air mattress deflates just as quickly, making storage a breeze.

Similar to other products in this line, this one is made with high-quality components and features a microfiber exterior. Therefore, the bed is 20% more abrasion resistant and 20% more resistant to punctures than regular air beds. Nothing will hold up to your cat’s claws if this doesn’t!

Thermostatically regulating microfiber coating also features. Because of this, you will never again have to worry about waking up too hot or too cold, which significantly improves the quality of your sleep. This is alsowaterproofThis is a great camping option because it is simple to clean. In addition to being significantly lighter than suede flocked beds, this coating is extremely plush for extra comfort and portability.

The softness of the mattress is another thing that has won me over. A good night’s sleep is ensured by its coil construction, which strikes a happy medium between the comfort of quilting and the support your spine needs. The air in the mattress stays put all night long, too, so you won’t be squished into the ground. A double-height air mattress provides twice the height of a standard air mattress, doubling the ease with which you can get into and out of bed.


  • Better than competing air mattresses by 20% in puncture resistance
  • Features a high-quality microfiber coating and premium fabric construction.
  • Comfortable sleep-inducing thermoregulation
  • Rapidly inflates within a matter of minutes
  • Includes a built-in pump for easy inflation and deflation.
  • Constructed with coils for maximum bolstering
  • Extra-tall for your convenience


  • Compared to similar products, it is pricier.

7. Altimair Lustrous Series Premium

  • Integrated Motorized Pump
  • Nylon Plus, a Durable Stretch-Free Fabric
  • Measurements are 78 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and 20 inches in height.
First off, this isn’t just the air mattress; it’s part of a set that also includes a full-size fabric cover and a skirt. It’s crafted from high-quality material that is shiny, smooth, and, most importantly, impenetrable by felines.Unlike regular nylon, this material will not stretch and can withstand a fair amount of pressure before tearing.There’s no way your cat can open this.

The bed can be inflated in a matter of minutes with the help of the included pump, which is one of the quietest available.

The convenience controller is the crowning feature.

The air mattress is controlled by a remote, so it can be made as soft or as firm as desired to suit the needs of the sleeper or the host. That’s so awesome!

Cat-proof Air Mattresses - Choose One or Protect the One You Own - The Sleep Studies

8. Lazery Sleep

  • Long-lasting and trustworthy
  • Three sizes are available.
  • Electric pump that is built in
  • There are seven different options for the remote.

This bed is so tough that not even your cat will be able to puncture it, and it will still allow you to sleep soundly.

In addition, it’s an elevated electric air mattress. A built-in pump inflates the mattress to a higher height than is typical, providing deep compression support for people who weigh more than average while they sleep.

The latter comes with an automatic shut-off feature to ensure the mattress is never over-inflated and uncomfortable.

The whole package comes with a 12-month guarantee that you’ll be happy with it.

It has a thick, grippy base and 40 air coils for support.

9. SimplySleeper SS-89Q

  • Size is 74″ x 54″ x 18″
  • Electric pump that is built in
  • Flock on top and tough PVC sides.

The built-in electric pump in this air mattress makes it easy to inflate and deflate, making it ideal for use with pets.

The whole thing can be done in under three minutes.

In its inflated state, it’s a true Queen-sized bed, and its 0.45mm gauge polyester construction is as reliable as it gets.

Your pet’s claws won’t be able to puncture it, so that’s one less thing to worry about. With laminate technology, you can rest assured that your pets won’t be able to damage the surface.

Polyester makes up the fabric. It’s a patented polyester blend that will keep you comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

10. Etekcity

  • It measures 80 inches by 60 inches by 22 inches.
  • Electromechanical pump built right in
  • Strong double-layered PVC construction

This is a safe and nontoxic air bed that can be either a Twin or a Queen.

Plus, the upgraded 0.4mm nontoxic PVC and plush flocking top make it a great choice.

The sharp claws and teeth of your feline and canine friends would have a tough time penetrating it. You needn’t stress over bringing your pet along because it is welcome.

It’s impressive in a number of ways, one of which is how simple it is to set up.

The built-in electronic pump is so powerful that it can get you ready for bed in less than 5 minutes. This also applies to the deflation process, which is just as easy to deal with.

The components are extremely dependable, thanks to the high quality of the materials used. To accommodate a wider range of users, the mattress height has been raised to 18 inches.

Cat-Proof Air Mattress Buying Guide

Having read this, you should feel confident making a purchase decision among the top pet-friendly air mattresses currently available. A great air mattress for me may not be ideal for you and vice versa. In light of this, I have compiled a list of everything you need to think about. The questions you need to ask to find a product that meets your precise requirements should become clearer after reading this.

Durable Material

If you’re a cat owner, you should only consider buying an air mattress made of sturdy materials. Your cat is less likely to puncture the air bed if the material is thicker and more puncture-resistant.Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely secure air mattress.high-quality products do exist, and the ones on this list are among the best you can buy.

The material used for the top layer of the air mattress is also an important consideration. Most cats will dig a hole here as they try to reach the surface. Thus, choose one with a dense flocked surface for increased safety. The addition of flocking throughout the mattress is used on some models to further discourage cats from laying on the bed.

Type of Pump

It is recommended that you look for an air mattress that has its own pump. With this, inflating and deflating the mattress is a breeze. But there are some other options that are also worth considering.

First, we have adual pump. If the air pressure inside the mattress ever gets too low, it will automatically fill itself back up. It’s a good investment if you plan to use the mattress frequently or sleep on it for long periods of time. However, campers and other travelers will benefit more from a rechargeable external pump designed specifically for use with air mattresses.

Height of the Bed

The air mattress’s height is also an important consideration. A double-height mattress, or one that is roughly 20 inches tall, is the most comfortable option. This makes getting in and out of bed much simpler, which is especially helpful for the elderly who may have trouble bending over. A taller air mattress provides more cushioning and resembles a regular bed more closely.

However, a single-height mattress may be more practical for those who plan to use it while traveling or camping. When deflated, it can be stored more compactly, making it ideal for use in tents and RVs. Since they contain less bulky components, they’re easier to transport.

Comfort Level

There is no point in buying an air mattress if it is uncomfortable. If you want to sleep like a baby on your blow-up bed, it’s important to make sure it has ana skeleton for sustaining itself. The vast majority will use improved coil technology, but those interested also have Intex’s Fiber-Tech technology to choose from. Doing so allows the mattress to flex in the right places under your weight, which in turn helps your spine remain in its natural alignment while you sleep.

There are other ways in which one can improve the quality of their sleep. A flocked top is more comfortable to sleep on and prevents the sheet from slipping or bunching. Additional support and elimination of the need to track down cushions can be provided by built-in pillows. The microfiber coating on my final suggestion is helpful forthermoregulationIt’s up to you to decide how much importance you place on each of these options.


The cost of a puncture-resistant air mattress is the last factor to think about. Unfortunately, it’s sturdy and relaxingThere is a noticeable price difference between low-quality air mattresses and high-quality ones.. The longer lifespan of these products, however, more than makes up for the higher initial investment.

There are more affordable choices, such as my top 5thsuggestion that continues to succeed If you’re on a tighter budget or just won’t be using the air mattress often, this is a fantastic choice. On the other hand, if you have the means to do so, you can purchase luxury items. If you want the best mattress and the longest lifespan, I suggest spending as much as you can afford on it.

How to Protect Air Mattresses From Cats?

If something sharp were to hit the surface of your air mattress with enough force, it would puncture it regardless of how high-quality it is. That’s why it’s important to use some additional techniques to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible.

After all, you wouldn’t want to waste money on a luxurious air mattress only to have your cat tear it to shreds.

A number of strategies are available to you, but here are my recommendations:

  • Keep your cat in tip-top shape by giving it regular nail trims.When properly trimmed, a cat’s nails shouldn’t be sharp enough to puncture a high-quality air mattress. Nails can be kept short with the aid of a scratching post.
  • Get a mattress pad.You can get high-density, high-quality mattress toppers that fit over an air mattress. This improves the mattress’s protection and comfort.
  • It’s important to know how to properly store the air mattress.The air mattress should be deflated and put away when it is not in use. It’s worth the few minutes it takes to inflate or deflate a mattress to store it away when it’s not in use.


How do cats damage air beds?

Cats’ sharp claws can accidentally puncture air mattresses. They can accomplish this by merely walking on the bed, making biscuits on the mattress, or scratching at the side.

Does a cat-proof air mattress actually work?

The high quality and long lasting materials used to make some air mattresses make them practically impossible to puncture by cats. Be aware that they may not last forever, as there is no such thing as an unpoppable mattress.

Should I buy an air mattress protective cover?

Protect your air mattress from your cat with this handy cover. Make sure it fits your air mattress perfectly and has enough excess material to seal off the sides.

What is the best cat-proof air mattress?

My pick for the top air mattress is theNew Wave Air Mattress with an Integrated Pump for the Modern Agewhich offers a ton of useful functions at a low cost. The suggestions on this page, however, are equally as good.

Can I cat-proof an air mattress I already own?

Purchasing a high-quality air mattress topper is the best way to make any existing air mattress feline-proof. Add this as an additional barrier between your cat’s claws and the mattress. The best option, however, is to invest in a heavy-duty, puncture-proof air mattress and cover it with a protective topper.

Do cat proof blow-up beds really work?

Yes, without a doubt. Pet-friendly air mattresses are made from a variety of robust materials that are nearly impossible to puncture. While they will not hold up to being cut with a knife, the materials used are sturdy enough to withstand the force applied by your pets’ sharp claws.
7 Best Cat Proof Mattresses (2022 Reviews) - Maine Coon Hawaii

Why not get an air mattress protective cover?

A cover won’t be as effective, but it’s still a viable option. However, buying a cover of this type involves extensive investigation. Your bed would need to be the right size and it would need to be completely encased by the blanket.

Why do cats damage air beds?

There’s no compelling justification for it; it’s merely something they’re capable of. They don’t get anything out of it, and they typically do it reluctantly. The simple act of walking on the bed can sometimes be enough to puncture it due to their sharp claws.

How can I cat proof an air bed I already own?

A pet-friendly mattress topper is available, but it is not the optimal choice. Investing in this will help you feel more secure while your pets play. However, a new bed is always the preferable option and should be considered instead.

Will Intex air mattresses work well?

Intex brands are built to last with highly reinforced rubber casings, sturdy beaming inside, and in some cases even a built-in electrical pump for your convenience. They appear to be durable enough to be used around pets, but if you have a cat that likes to chew on electrical wires, you may want to hide them.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of high-quality choices for those in the market for a bed that cannot be punctured. Consequently, picking the best becomes a challenge. I recommend using my buying guide as a resource for figuring out which features are must-haves and which can be skipped.

It’s smart to spend the money on a high-quality air mattress that is resistant to punctures. Having them around is a lifesaver when you have visitors or are on the road. If you go with a sturdy construction, you won’t have to worry about your mattress flattening out on you again. In addition, each of these items is designed to provide a luxurious level of comfort, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

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