Best Blackout Curtains You Can Buy Update 05/2024

Curtains with a blackout lining do more than just keep out the daylight. Quality blackout drapes not only aid in energy savings but also reduce noise pollution (another disruptor of your body’s natural rhythms).

We put a number of blackout curtain alternatives through our tests to help you narrow down your selections. The PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains were the clear winners in all of our tests. The fabric had a sumptuous hand, and they were successful in blocking out the sun even in the middle of the day.

Read on to find out what features to look for and to see our picks for the top blackout curtains, perfect for any bedroom. After being evaluated extensively, each product that made the cut received an award that recognized its unique qualities.

What to Consider Before Buying Blackout Curtains

You can find blackout curtains in a wide variety of materials, designs, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect pair for your bedroom, home office, or living room. Given that consumers have varying criteria for what constitutes the greatest, the following characteristics can be used to compare sets and ultimately select the best one for you.


You can find blackout curtains in a variety of lengths and common sizes (42 inches and 52 inches). The width and length of blackout curtains, however, can be customized to fit a variety of window types and sizes as well as a variety of curtain rods.

These methods can be used to great effect to reduce the amount of light coming in via windows of varying sizes.

  • Raise the curtain rod above the window to block out any overhead light.
  • The rod needs to be a good two to three inches out from the window on either side.
  • Wraparound rods, which connect the rods’ ends to the wall, further obstruct light from reaching the room.
  • Once the rod has been installed, the length of the curtains may be determined by taking a measurement from the top of the rod to the bottom of the window frame or the floor.

The Best Blackout Curtains in 2021


The way curtains are hung is just as important as the fabric and color choices when it comes to the overall aesthetic of a room. Blackout curtains often come in either a grommet top or a rod pocket top.

  • Curtain rods can be threaded through the large metal holes, known as grommets. In this design, the rod must be mounted higher on the wall than usual to prevent light from seeping in via the grommet holes. Metal decorative embellishments like this are commonly used in slightly more contemporary settings.
  • You can block out the area surrounding the rod by using curtains with rod pockets, which allow the rod to be slipped inside the curtain’s fabric. This style is best suited to more traditional interiors.

Additional light-blocking features found on certain blackout curtains include a weighted bottom hem or a magnetic strip. Following manufacturer’s instructions, hang these drapes so that the magnetic strip is hidden when the curtains are drawn back.


How see-through your curtains appear is determined by how much outside light, whether natural or artificial, enters your home and how much of it is shining directly into the room. Manufacturers will frequently list the amount of light that will be covered by a curtain. In some cases, a lower number may be preferable to a greater one. Blackout drapes in a bedroom, for instance, should block between 85 and 98 percent of light, rather than 100 percent, because even a small amount of ambient light helps individuals safely navigate the room.

Consider the curtain’s material, color, and weave density when shopping for blackout curtains, as these factors all contribute to the curtains’ capacity to block light. Fabrics with a black or dark gray color scheme will block the most amount of light. Black absorbs more heat, light, and sound than any other color, yet lighter colors can still block out some light.

The Blackout Curtains We Tested

We put several of the best-selling blackout curtains to the test to help consumers make an informed decision. The PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains performed the best in all of our tests. These curtains stood out from the crowd because of their exceptional capacity to block out all sunlight throughout the middle of the day. The Eclipse blackout curtain is a great option for a quiet night’s sleep at a reasonable price. Here are the best blackout curtains that we’ve tested thus far.

Best Blackout Curtains

PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains

This set from PONY DANCE is the best option if you’re looking for stylish and functional blackout curtains. These polyester panels include a high-end texture, 10 timeless hues, and a selection of conventional sizes (52″ x 45″, 52″ x 54″, and 52″ x 72″). Even though you may get them in any hue between black and white, the manufacturer suggests using darker shades for the optimum light blocking. On those, you should expect a reduction in outside noise and a blockage of 85-95 percent of visible light. We found that the navy blue curtains blocked the light the best.

You can use curtain clips or just hang the curtain from the rod thanks to the rod pocket’s adaptability. However, this does make these curtains more difficult to set up than grommet styles.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester blend
  • Sizes: 52 inches by 45 inches, 52 inches by 54 inches, 52 inches by 72 inches
  • Colors: 18


  • Highly effective at blocking out light.
  • Excellent material.
  • Decreases background noise.


  • Due to the rod pocket, assembly time is increased.

Sun Zero Oslo Theater Grade Blackout Curtain

Sun Zero’s Oslo blackout curtains may be inexpensive, but they’re constructed of a luxurious fabric that looks and feels like velvet. There is a wide range of light and dark colors to choose from, and they all provide great light blocking and an energy-efficient design that claims to cut energy loss by up to 50% and cut noise by up to 35%.

Since no grommets are visible, the rod pocket design helps keep out the light. During our evaluation, we discovered a little complication with the installation process. Given that both ends featured compartments that could take a curtain rod, it was not immediately clear which end was the top and which was the bottom. The curtains were also a bit of a pain to open and shut, but that could have just been because my curtain rod was an inch and a half too wide, as was indicated by the manufacturer.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester
  • Sizes: 52 inches by 63 inches, 52 inches by 84 inches, 52 inches by 95 inches
  • Colors: 8


  • Fantastic value.
  • A perfect obscurity, indeed.
  • Super soft and luxurious.


  • A pain to open and close.
  • It’s a little difficult to set up.

NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain

NICETOWN’s extra-sized panels are ideal for protecting your personal space when installing them over sliding patio doors or huge picture windows. These blackout curtains are offered in six different sizes, ranging from 52 inches by 63 inches to 100 inches by 108 inches. The curtains are made from a triple-weave polyester that effectively blocks 95% of all light from the outside.

Even during the middle of the day, our tests showed that these curtains performed exceptionally well. The fabric retains its shape and looks fantastic right out of the box. Easily installed thanks to silver grommets, these curtains come in a rainbow of 14 vivid hues that can complement or contrast with any decor.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester
  • Sizes: 52 inches by 45 to 120 inches, 66 inches by 66 to 90 inches, 80 inches by 84 to 108 inches, 100 inches by 84 to 120 inches
  • Colors: 23


  • Setup is a breeze.
  • Appears attractive right out of the box.
  • A perfect obscurity, indeed.
  • Wrinkle-free.


  • There is some illumination thanks to the grommets.

MIUCO Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

The thermal insulation of MIUCO’s Room Darkening Curtains helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the warmer and cooler seasons. Depending on the color of the curtains, the triple-woven fabric may block up to 98 percent of sunlight and 100 percent of UV rays. The maker claims that they can effectively muffle up to 60% of ambient noise.
Best blackout curtains 2022, tried and tested for a better sleep

The metal grommets made installation simple, and the material was thin and light despite its many uses. Pick from 18 different tones, all of which have a smooth silky sheen. With the two matching tiebacks, the curtains may be pulled back neatly when not in use.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Not specified
  • Sizes: 52 inches by 63 inches, 52 inches by 84 inches, 52 inches by 95 inches
  • Colors: 18


  • Setup is a breeze.
  • Does not allow sound to pass through.
  • Minimalist bulk.
  • Supports tying back even the most stubborn of strays.


  • Avoid completely obstructing the sun.

Best Home Fashion Tulle Sheer Lace Blackout Curtain

While effective, blackout curtains often have a stark aesthetic that doesn’t work with every home’s style. This Best Home Fashion set is unique, though. A sheer lace curtain is included to complement the blackout curtain. The curtains are available in a plethora of hues to accommodate a wide range of color schemes.

The sheer drapes not only add a nice aesthetic touch, but they also serve a functional purpose by providing some privacy without completely shutting off the light. There are two panels on each side, making installation more complicated, and a second curtain rod is needed if the sheer panel is to be used independently.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester blend
  • Sizes: 52 inches by 63 inches, 52 inches by 84 inches
  • Colors: 35


  • Excellent total darkness.
  • Sheer lace is a nice design detail.
  • Light can pass through the lace, but it still gives privacy.


  • Due to the complexity of the two-layer construction, it is more time-consuming to put in place.
  • Do not have a desirable appearance immediately out of the box.

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels

There are many details to think about while picking out curtains for a baby’s room. A good set of blackout curtains can assist create the optimal sleep environment for infants and toddlers who have trouble sleeping by blocking out light, noise, and temperature fluctuations that might otherwise disturb them. These Nicetown drapes come with a black liner that is sewed in, and it does a great job of blocking out light, reducing noise, and keeping the house warm and cozy. Neutral tones and brighter shades can work well in a kid’s bedroom, and both are accessible.

Panels are available in a variety of lengths and two different widths (52″ and 70″). The weight of the substance, as we found, was close to 5 pounds. Be aware of this, since some curtain rods may not be able to handle the weight.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester blend
  • Sizes: 20+ sizes
  • Colors: 24


  • Quite a substantial substance.
  • Excellent total darkness.
  • Adds a layer of insulation.


  • A robust curtain rod may be necessary.

Eclipse Blackout Curtain for Bedrooms

Eclipse Blackout curtains are thin and lightweight, which is in contrast to the bulky and heavy materials used by most other blackout curtain manufacturers. Due to the reduced load on the brackets holding up the curtain rods, we found that installation was a breeze. Thermaback Technology, an unique foam layer, is used in their construction to boost insulation and block light and sound. A portion of the outside noise and light were muffled thanks to the Thermaback Technology.

This set, when drawn to Eclipse’s blackout level, is meant to prevent between 98% and 99.9% of light and 40% of noise from entering a room. This degree of transparency works well in bedrooms, where the reduced light is conducive to sleep but where it would be difficult to get past furniture or other obstacles in the dark. The dimensions are 42 inches wide by your choice of three lengths (63 inches, 84 inches, or 95 inches), and eight different colors.

Details of the Item in Question

  • Material: Polyester
  • Sizes: 42 inches by 63 inches, 42 inches by 84 inches, 42 inches by 95 inches
  • Colors: 9


  • Effective total darkness.
  • Lightweight.
  • A breeze to set up.


  • Very little substance

Deconovo Back Tab and Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains

Intentional Audience: Anyone looking for a wide selection of ready-made blackout curtain sizes and hues.

Who it’s not for: those who want elaborate patterns.

There are several reasons why we think the Deconovo blackout curtains are the best. First, they may be found in a variety of shapes, shades, and colors to complement your existing window treatments. You can go with classics like black and gray, or add some pizzazz with bold colors like burgundy and forest green. Easy to set up, they may be hung in three different ways: by the back loops, the rod pocket, or the clip-on rings (sold separately). Don’t worry about ordering too few curtains or spending too much money; these blackout curtains are sold in pairs. You can easily maintain these drapes by washing them in cold water on a gentle cycle.

More About This Item:

  • Size: From 40 x 45 inches to 52 x 108 inches per panel
  • Material: Polyester
  • Heading: Back loops, rod pocket, or clip-on rings

Sun Zero Easton Energy Saving Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel

Anyone looking for inexpensive blackout drapes will benefit from this.

No one with an extremely large window should buy this.

Sun Zero’s blackout drapes are attractive since they are cheap, simple to install, and easy on the wallet. These polyester blackout curtains with a grommet heading are perfect for those in need of a traditional aesthetic while also blocking off light in compact rooms. While these curtains are available in lengths between 54 and 120 inches, the largest width they come in at is 40 inches per panel. However, they are completely blackout and remarkably easy to move about. There are more than 15 color options, from light pink to dark blue.

More About This Item:

  • Size: From 40 x 54 inches to 40 x 120 inches per panel
  • Material: Polyester
  • Heading: Grommet

Pottery Barn Classic Belgian Flax Linen Blackout Curtain

These curtains are for those who don’t mind shelling out a little extra money for high-quality ones that will last a long time.

Anyone seeking a low-maintenance alternative should look elsewhere.

These Belgian flax linen curtains from Pottery Barn are a luxurious investment. These expensive blackout curtains may seem excessive, but we believe they are well worth the investment if you can afford the higher price tag. This very adaptable choice has a three-in-one heading that works with rod pockets, back tabs, and ring tops. As an added bonus, the linen used in these blackout curtains has already been washed, making it soft and well worn upon arrival. These curtains are a touch more work to keep clean than we’d like because they can’t be wet cleaned.

More About This Item:

  • Size: From 50 x 84 inches to 100 x 108 inches per panel
  • Material: Linen with polyester lining
  • Heading: Rod pocket, back tabs, or ring top

Greyleigh Niemeyer Velvet Solid Max Blackout Curtain Panel

Who it’s for: homes in need of thermally insulating blackout curtains.

Not for those seeking machine-washable curtain material.

If you’re going for a maximalist look and a total blackout, velvet is a terrific choice for your curtains because it’s heavier and more luxurious. These velvet curtains by Greyleigh do more than just screen the sun; they also insulate your home and muffle outside sounds. That means they’ll keep the heat out in the summer and keep it in during the cold months. Depending on the decor of your home, you can choose from one of 24 different velvet colors available in the separate curtain panels. Either the rod pocket or the tab top headers (which need a bit more work but look fantastic) can be used to hang them. These thermal blackout curtains are only available in three sizes, so they work best on long, narrow windows. However, the weighted hem will keep them in place even if you crack a window on windy days. The only thing to remember is that these drapes can only be dry cleaned.
The Best Blackout Curtains on Amazon – SheKnows

More About This Item:

  • Size: 50 inches x 84 inches to 50 x 108 inches per panel
  • Material: Velvet and polyester
  • Heading: Rod pocket or tab top

Society6 Blackout Window Curtain

It’s intended for anyone who wants to create a fashion statement with their window treatments and needs blackout curtains.

Those looking for a vast selection of different types of heading panels won’t find what they’re looking for here.

These blackout curtains from Society6 are a good option if you’re a fan of eye-catching patterns. Curtains come in a variety of interesting prints developed by artists; we’re partial to the tropical foliage pattern, but there’s sure to be one that suits your taste. You can get it in two lengths (84 inches or 96 inches) and one or two panels (both of the same design). The panels are machine-washable and constructed of a polyester material that blocks 85% of the light coming in through your windows. These blackout curtains are also very simple to install because of their rod pocket heading.

More About This Item:

  • Size: From 50 x 84 inches to 50 x 96 inches long per panel
  • Material: Polyester
  • Heading: Rod pocket

Pottery Barn Seaton Textured Cotton Curtain With Blackout Lining

Who they’re for: Those in search of luxurious curtains that successfully screen out the sun.

This product may not be suitable for those with particularly small windows, since the length of the curtains may be too much.

These blackout curtains made of cotton from Pottery Barn feature a textured design that gives them a light, basic appeal that will complement your existing decor. Each panel of these drapes is sold separately, giving you the freedom to mix and match colors and sizes to create the perfect look for your windows. These curtains from Pottery Barn, like the others we’ve seen here, come in three different styles: rod pocket, back tabs, and ring top. If you want the curtains to block off light, just check the box labeled “blackout lining” before adding any panels to your order. Having these blackout drapes created in a Fair-Trade Certified facility is a plus, too.

More About This Item:

  • Size: From 50 x 84 inches to 100 x 108 inches per panel
  • Material: Cotton with polyester lining
  • Heading: Rod pocket, back tabs, or ring top

How We Tested

Because these drapes were tested in a city, they were subjected to the glare of streetlights. At night and during the day, we measured how much light made it through each set of curtains we hung in a bedroom.

  • To make sure there wouldn’t be any peeks of light between the curtain panels, we made sure they were easy to reattach.
  • In an effort to determine how well each set of curtains blocked prying eyes, we conducted an experiment by standing outside my house and trying to peer inside.
  • We compared the quality, weight, and usability of each set, as well as how simple they were to put up.


If you still have questions regarding blackout curtains after reading this, it’s understandable. Here are some solutions to the most frequently asked issues about choosing and putting up blackout curtains at home.

Do blackout curtains cool a room?

Tightly woven blackout curtains with thermal properties can be used to keep a room cool on warm days and warm in the winter.

Should you keep curtains closed in hot weather?

The sun’s heat can be reduced by closing the curtains during the day during hot weather.

What is the difference between light filtering and blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are designed to block out 85% of light or more, while light filtering curtains offer modest control of light.

Is blackout lining washable?

Blackout lining can usually be washed in a washing machine, though this varies from product to product.

What’s the difference between blackout and room-darkening curtains?

Both blackout curtains and room-darkening curtains perform a good job of keeping light out of a room through the windows, but they do so to different degrees. Even while they block a lot of light, even room-darkening curtains won’t make a room fully dark, as Sullivan points out. “However, blackout curtains will prevent any light from entering the room, even when the sun is shining outside. Various placements of products, fabric thicknesses, and lining choices all contribute to this effect.”

Blackout curtains, on the other hand, are typically wider and heavier than room-darkening curtains since they are made from thicker cloth and have larger dimensions in order to properly block out all of the light.

Who should buy blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are ideal for anyone who wishes to reduce light in their bedroom and enjoy better sleep. Work shift workers often wear them since the daylight disrupts their ability to rest. A room with a baby or young children would benefit greatly from blackout drapes.

How do you measure correctly for blackout curtains?

Curtains should be measured from the top of the window to the floor and the width of the window opening at multiple points, as recommended by Sullivan. Given that no two windows are alike, this method ensures that the length of the treatment will be precise and that the curtain will be of sufficient width.

But you should add a few inches to your window measurements when shopping for blackout curtains. Regardless of the length of the window, Sullivan advises that curtains be at least three inches longer than necessary. Because of this, the curtain will have a slight pooling effect at the bottom, which will prevent light from penetrating.

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