Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock -The Ultimate Choosing Guide and Reviews Update 06/2024

Many people who own their own homes find that Bluetooth alarm clocks are their go-to timepieces. These devices provide an efficient means of waking up to music while also keeping users on schedule. Not much more could be expected from a simple instrument like an alarm clock.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had success in locating an ideal Bluetooth alarm clock. I can appreciate the challenge that comes with having so many alternatives to choose from. In the absence of sufficient preparation and support, it poses a significant challenge.

However, this article’s comprehensive shopping advice will dispel any concerns. I’ll show you the ins and outs of these gadgets and explain all you need to know. In order to have a successful shopping trip, you will be well-versed in all of the following areas:

  • There are two distinct styles of Bluetooth alarm clocks on the market today: radio clocks and speaker alarms. Making a decision amongst these options will play a significant role in this purchase.
  • The best Bluetooth alarm clocks will include an in-built alarm system with a variety of preset options and tones. If you want to be sure you’re happy with your final decision, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the product or service you’re considering.
  • Customers should think about the form and size of the alarm clocks they purchase. That is, it can’t take up too much space on their dresser or otherwise be inconvenient to use. Obtaining one with a hue that may be used in a mesh would be helpful as well.

Furthermore, I have compiled and reviewed a list of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks available today. These discussions will delve even deeper into the features of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks. So before we dive into the full buying guide, let’s take a look at some reviews to get a feel for what to anticipate.

Top Bluetooth Alarm Clock Reviews

1. iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Alarm Clock

The iBT29BC Bluetooth Alarm Clock from iHome is one of the best models you can buy. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its useful Bluetooth technology and other impressive features as a Bluetooth alarm clock.

Using its Bluetooth connection, I’ve been able to stream music from a variety of audio players with no problems. I streamed music wirelessly from my iPhone and iPad as well as my friend’s Android phone. Plus, the Reson8 speaker chamber technology ensures that the music is heard in pristine clarity.

This Bluetooth audio works so well, I can even use it as an alarm clock. In addition to the standard alarm tone, I have the option of using the FM radio as my wake-up call. It’s safe to say that iHome’s Bluetooth alarm clock has you covered in every way possible.

Its twin alarm features are particularly noteworthy. Since I can set two alarms at once, my partner and I can both wake up at our preferred times without anyone being woken up by the other. I don’t need to buy two separate alarm clocks because I can set one for her and one for myself.
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There is also a USB charging connector for your other electronics and a choice of six chic screen hues. All of these extras highlight the incredible adaptability of this solution.

  • Allows for efficient Bluetooth music streaming from a variety of audio sources.
  • The Reson8 speaker chamber technology produces high-quality sound.
  • Set an alarm with Bluetooth music, an FM radio, or the device’s internal speaker.
  • Perfect for a pair, the Dual alarm features are a must-have.
  • The device has a built-in USB charging port.
  • Including six different colors for a beautiful display.


  • Without any sort of directions

2. Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

I highly recommend the Emerson ER100301 SmartSet Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker to any music fan. It has a premium Bluetooth V4.1 speaker that produces crystal-clear renditions of my favorite songs.

To be perfectly honest, I’m overjoyed at how much better it is than listening to music on my phone. And the fact that the time was displayed clearly in an LED screen made me very happy. I don’t have perfect vision, but I can still see it from across the room.

The product features a USB connector for recharging compatible gadgets. All three of my mobile devices (phone, tablet, and iPod) have been able to use it without a hitch. The reduced number of cables on my nightstand is another benefit of this adaptability.

A dimmer control is included and will be greatly appreciated by users as it aids in getting a better night’s rest. It’s crucial since it lowers the volume of the Bluetooth speaker clock’s blue LED light. As a result, it’s much less of a challenge to track out the ideal setting in which to rest.

There are three useful alarm settings, which should not be overlooked. Users have the option of setting the alarm for weekdays, weekends, or permanently. The device is also programmed to account for power interruptions, leap years, and daylight saving time automatically.

  • Integrated with a premium Bluetooth V4.1 speaker.
  • The time is clearly shown on an LED clock face.
  • Electricity supply for recharging other gadgets through USB.
  • Dimming the lights before bedtime can help you get a better night’s rest.
  • Three Useful Types of Alarms (weekdays only, weekends only, and 7-days).
  • The time is set to the correct time in the event of a power interruption, Daylight Savings Time, or a leap year.


  • The frail, lightweight construction makes it easy to topple over.

3. WamGra ‎THZ-DY28 PLUS Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

WamGra’s THZ-DY28 PLUS Alarm Clock stands out as one of the most intriguing choices. After all, it serves its intended purpose as a premium Bluetooth speaker, providing audio at a 4.0 Hifi quality that is unmatched by competing devices.

I was able to easily pair my phone with the speaker thanks to Bluetooth technology. From that point on, I had no problems at all while listening to audio via streaming. It’s been a lifesaver for when I host large gatherings at my house.

However, the product’s utility goes much beyond that. The 48 LED lights in the display perform wonderfully as a night light, and the many colors brighten up my bedroom. The fact that this Bluetooth speaker alarm clock’s brightness, color, and power button are all so intuitively placed was a nice bonus.

WamGra’s fundamental features are all enabled by a touch of the screen, simplifying the device’s use. A person with no prior experience with alarm clocks should have no trouble with this one. Furthermore, they added a 4000mAh Li-battery for your convenience right into the package.

The battery enables for rapid charging via the USB cord that is also provided. Also, the ability to run off of batteries makes it convenient to take on the go and use wherever you may be. A custom mesh bag is included for hassle-free portability.

  • Premium Bluetooth speaker with 4.0 Hifi sound quality.
  • Provides ambiance lighting or nighttime illumination with its 48 LED lights in a dynamic display.
  • Touch-activated function makes it simple to adjust the light level, change the color, and turn the light on and off.
  • The built-in Li-battery can be quickly recharged via USB.
  • The bundled custom mesh bag makes it simple to transport.


  • You can only have one alarm set at a time.

4. Anker Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio

Next, we have a Bluetooth alarm clock radio that differs slightly from the norm: Anker’s version. For instance, it includes a Qi-certified wireless charging station for powering wirelessly Qi-compatible devices such as most smartphones.

Amazing feature, especially considering how much room it frees up on my nightstand. Not to mention, it does a great job of charging my phone while I sleep. Therefore, it is a useful addition to a compact bedroom like mine.

The Bluetooth feature works perfectly, as I was able to pair it with my phone without any problems. Using it to stream music from my phone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices has been a smooth experience so far. That said, I feel obligated to point you that there is another method for playing music through this speaker. I could listen to the FM radio or plug in my phone via the auxiliary jack.

It also has a really solid alarm system. This Bluetooth radio alarm clock allows me to create up to fifteen separate alarms and choose from 10 distinct tones. Also, in low-light conditions, the LED screen automatically adjusts its brightness, so I never have to worry about it coming to life.

In addition to its Bluetooth connectivity, this clock radio also features a number of other convenient features. Its Sound Core app and integrated touch bar made the entire setup process painless, and I ended up really enjoying using it. So long as I can do it, I have no doubt that everyone else can, too.

  • Wireless charging pad that is Qi-certified for use with smartphones
  • Plays music well from an FM radio, Bluetooth, or auxiliary cable
  • You can set up to fifteen alerts, each with one of ten different tones.
  • LED screen automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient light levels, making it ideal for dark environments.
  • Intuitive operation through Sound Core app or in-house touch bar


  • Some aesthetic improvements could be made to the design.

5. JBL Bluetooth Radio Clock with USB Charging

JBL’s Bluetooth Clock Radio with USB Charging is a cutting edge solution. Its small size and sleek appearance are a winning combination, and it comes with a vast number of useful features.

Therefore, it provides top-tier performance while taking up minimal space on a nightstand. As a person with my particular set of skills and interests, this is the ideal setting for me. Not to mention the room-enlivening effect of its LED ambient light, which may be experienced through multiple senses.

The device’s Bluetooth connectivity was also a major selling point. I had no trouble at all synching this alarm clock with my various electronic devices. From there, high-quality JBL stereo sound was broadcast into my house, complete with my personal playlist.

Since then, I haven’t come across too many other Bluetooth speaker clocks that can compete with this one. My friends and family were blown away by the sound quality, and they became an instant hit at my most recent party.

To their credit, JBL also made this gadget quite practical. It’s well-liked because of its two USB connections, which make charging gadgets like my phone a breeze. At the same time, it has dual alarm functionality with three different tones to choose from so that you can quickly and easily discover the optimal configuration.

  • Small and aesthetically pleasing in form.
  • LED ambient lighting for a multi-sensory experience.
  • Bluetooth links up with minimal effort.
  • Superior audio quality thanks to JBL stereo speakers.
  • There are two USB ports available for use.
  • The alarm has two modes and three different tones to choose from.


  • Diminutive switches

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6. I-Box 79236PI/17 Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

The I-Box 79236PI/17 Bluetooth Speaker with Clock has some distinguishing features not found in other similar products. A Qi wireless charging station is integrated into the device for easy phone recharging.

That means I can ditch the plug-in charger. Because my nightstand table usually has a tangle of wires, this feature is essential for me. This charging pad has a USB connector built right in, so you can use it to charge any device, not just your phone.

Another feature that really impressed me was the fact that I could set off two alarms at once using the dual alarm system. For example, a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as an alarm clock is far more practical to use in this way. Also, the alarm itself was perfectly adequate, since I never missed a morning.

In addition to its high-quality Passive subwoofer and powerful 6W stereo speakers, its Bluetooth connectivity stood out. Neither my phone nor my computer have ever been able to properly reproduce the sound of my music.

It also has an FM radio built in, so I can listen to music as I work. With ten preloaded FM radio channels, this device is designed to be as convenient as possible for the consumer.

  • Charge your phone wirelessly with the built-in Qi pad.
  • Just a single USB port for charging.
  • Strong dual-alarm functionality.
  • Powerful Bluetooth connectivity, dual speakers rated at 6W, and a passive subwoofer.
  • Radio with built-in FM tuner and ten preloaded stations.


  • Misleading and difficult-to-read screen

7. TIYOON Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speaker

As a result of its high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 wireless speaker, the TIYOON Wake Up Light Bluetooth Speaker has quickly gained popularity. It’s simple to set up and works as a Bluetooth alarm clock for your iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

The five different color light modes it has caught my attention because they make the device easier to use. For the first time, I feel like I have real agency over the device’s impact on the ambiance of my room. As a result, incorporating it into the style of my bedroom was a breeze.

Accessing and disabling features like the alarm and music player was simple. There shouldn’t be any hiccups, as TIYOON has made things as simple as they can. This feature is unfortunately rare in other Bluetooth speaker digital clock products.

In addition, the product’s manageability is enhanced by the availability of four brightness settings and a volume control. My preferences are well-served by the system’s established priority on user agency. In other words, I’ve been able to customize my use of this Bluetooth alarm clock without any problems.

Finally, the night mode feature is a handy addition. Because of this feature, you can rest assured that you won’t be woken up during the night because everything besides the alarm will be turned off. Those that are more easily disturbed while sleeping appear to enjoy it.

  • This high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 speaker syncs up quickly with your other Bluetooth devices.
  • Including five distinct hues for its illumination.
  • Disabling the alarm or music is a breeze.
  • Volume controls and four brightness settings are available.
  • Get some shut-eye without any interruptions thanks to the night mode.


  • The absence of a snooze button

8. Emerson ER100210 Dual Bluetooth Alarm Clock

It is difficult to find good deals in this industry. However, the Emerson ER100210 Dual Bluetooth Alarm Clock is an exception. It’s fascinating and reasonably priced compared to other possibilities.

That it can connect via Bluetooth and have such a long range is only one example of why I like it so much. Even at a distance of more than 32 feet, pairing my mobile with the speaker is a breeze. It’s a huge timesaver for playing music or other sounds in the house over the internet.

There is also a microphone included in the package. It’s a must-have function because I can take a call without touching my phone. So now, when a call comes in through the speaker, I don’t have to unpair my phone.

The dual alarm style with white LEDs is something I really like. I had a better time reading the numbers, which were white, than I usually do on other watches. These LED numbers also come with four different brightness settings to help create a more user-friendly bedtime environment.

It’s also important to note that this product offers several methods of audio streaming besides Bluetooth. I may use the FM radio or the auxiliary input jack for this. Both will play music through the clear 2-watt speaker on this device.

  • Cheaper than other possibilities.
    As long as it’s within 32 feet, it can connect to a Bluetooth device.
    Integrated speakerphone and microphone allow for convenient hands-free use.
    Dual-alarm clock with white LED display and brightness adjustment (to one of four levels).
    Auxiliary audio in and an FM radio are both included.
    The speaker output is a clean 2 watts.


  • Without a built-in power source

9. Ranipobo Night Light Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Ranipobo Night Light Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is a fantastic multi-purpose product. It’s a speaker, an alarm clock, an FM radio, a TF player, and a nightlight; it does all of those things without breaking a sweat.

Also, it serves these functions while adding some flair with customizable LED lighting. Each user can select from seven different color schemes. A workable solution should be available to everyone, I think.

Bluetooth version 4.2 and enhanced data rates (EDR) are two other helpful features. Because of these features, I am able to link the product with any Bluetooth device from a distance of up to 32 feet (10 meters). This Ranipobo model has worked well with all of my electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and even an Apple iPhone.

The Micro SD slot and auxiliary cord allow me to attach non-Bluetooth gadgets as well. This means it has many more audio customization options than standard alarm clocks provide. I can play anything I like from the speaker without any interference.

Also, this tool is useful during power outages. Because the internal 2200mAh battery keeps going for 12 hours on a single charge, I don’t have to die of boredom while using it.

  • Multifunctional 5 in 1 gadget (speaker, alarm clock, FM radio, TF player, and nightlight)
  • Easily select one of seven different LED color selections.
  • Device connection is possible from up to 32 feet away thanks to Bluetooth 4.2 and EDR technology.
  • The universal compatibility with Bluetooth devices
  • Non-Bluetooth devices can be connected via the micro SD slot and auxiliary wire provided.
  • Integrated 2200mAh battery with a 12-hour runtime


  • Worst-case scenario: poor directions

10. Sharp Sound Machine Bluetooth Alarm Clock

The ease of use of Bluetooth clocks is a feature that is often disregarded. However, this makes alternatives like the Sound Machine Bluetooth Alarm Clock from Sharp a steal. Its wide appeal comes from the fact that it’s so straightforward to use.

Naturally, the lack of interesting features would make the straightforward design irrelevant. The ability of this choice to improve sleep quality sets it apart from the competition. It does so by providing a sleep timer and a selection of six calming sleep sounds.

Both of these factors are crucial in ensuring that I can relax and go off to sleep. Furthermore, the built-in Bluetooth speaker does a great job during the daytime. It’s nice to be able to stream music from my phone, tablet, and computer all through one reliable audio system.

The display’s clear, bright LED numbers were another plus for me. Even from across the room, my grandfather had no problem reading the clock. If he can see it, I have little doubt that any reader of this article will not.

Additionally, it has a battery backup to keep working even if the power goes out. To make this alarm clock work, all I need are two AA batteries, which I’m sure I can find.

  • Functions are straightforward and the interface is uncomplicated.
  • A sleep timer and six calming sounds are included.
  • Powerful Bluetooth speaker embedded right in.
  • White LED numbers make for an easily readable display.
  • When there is a power outage, you may still use your devices thanks to the battery backup.


  • Far too luminous

11. Htterino 8541847369 Bluetooth Projection Alarm Clock

Finally, Htterino’s 8541847369 Bluetooth Projection Alarm Clock is a unique and interesting alternative that rounds out our selections. Because of its ability to project images onto a ceiling or wall, it is popular among consumers who prefer to watch their clocks in this manner.

Due of my poor sleeping habits, projection alarm clocks are among my most treasured possessions. If I happen to wake up before my alarm goes off, I can just glance up and see what time it is. In order to read the time, I no longer had to twist my entire body.
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In addition to its useful features, this choice also features a straightforward, modern design. This flexibility allows the product to be used in a wide variety of settings. Additionally, it has a mirror pattern that adds a touch of class.

The two separate alarms were another feature that made me very happy with this purchase. It has two independent alarms that I can set with individualized alarm tones that I can create using my own music or other audio. Therefore, anyone is fortunate enough to purchase this model will find it to be relatively user-friendly.

Not only can I listen via Bluetooth or a TF card, but also via an auxiliary port. Also noteworthy is its massive built-in 3600mAh battery, which allows for an unprecedented 72 hours of standby time. Having one of these on hand during power outages or camping vacations is a godsend.

  • Displays the time through an overhead or wall projection.
  • Elegant and uncluttered mirror-style architecture.
  • You can set two alarms and create your own alarm sounds.
  • There are a total of three different speaker output settings (Bluetooth, TF card, or Aux).
  • A large 3600mAh battery is packed in, allowing for a 72-hour standby time.


  • Insufficiently rapid wireless charging

What to Look for When Buying Bluetooth Alarm Clocks


What features should an excellent Bluetooth alarm clock have? Choosing a Bluetooth-enabled device will be much simpler after reading the following list, which I have compiled for your convenience. In a short time, you’ll have all the information at your disposal to make a sound choice.

Bluetooth Clock Radio vs. Speaker Alarm Clock
There is a wide variety of Bluetooth alarm clocks available to consumers. They can opt for a radio alarm clock or a speaker clock. The timeless appeal of the radio for those who prefer to listen to broadcasts in real time has not been lost on everyone.

That is to say, they prefer to have their musical tastes dictated to them by radio stations. Others, however, will appreciate the freedom to play only the music they want or to listen to a particular podcast. A speaker choice is preferable in these circumstances.
Sound Quality
You should also consider how you’ll use your clock and speaker. Some people, for instance, appreciate being able to use their timepiece in two ways: as a music player and an alarm. This results in financial and spatial savings by eliminating the need for two separate devices.

Your alarm clock’s speakers can stand in for a pricey stereo if they are of high enough quality to only distort slightly when turned up to extremely loud settings. Although the audio quality may not be as important to someone who simply uses their clock as a morning buzzer.

If they’re looking to save money, they might as well choose a stereo with less than ideal sound quality. They only need it to be sufficiently loud to wake them up in the morning.
Charging Method

Many modern smart alarm clocks include useful extras like the ability to charge the gadget wirelessly. This makes them a quick and easy way to charge electronics before bed. However, the price tag is quite a bit higher than that of an alternative with built-in USB ports. As a result, it is up to the individual consumer to decide if the added cost of a wireless charging port is justified.

Alarm System
You should check out the alarm features and available tones of each clock before making a final decision. You should get one that suits your needs and doesn’t employ any grating noises to rouse you. Frankly, no one wants to be woken up by a beeping sound, therefore I’d recommend looking for a gadget with other sounds or features, such as a radio or music streaming device.

Dual alarms and dimmer controls are two more must-haves for any alarm clock. Especially for married people, having two separate alarms is important. Each participant can set their own alarm clock so that they don’t have to rely on the shared one.
Battery Life
You should be aware of the battery life and frequency of replacement for your selected Bluetooth alarm if it requires one. Never let the alarm clock’s dead battery be the reason you oversleep.

Look for one that has a long battery life and can be easily replaced. An easy solution to this problem that will also make your life easier. However, a battery-operated alarm clock can be especially helpful in the event of a blackout.
The look of a Bluetooth alarm clock can have a major impact on your mood. A clock that takes up half your nightstand, for instance, is not what you need. It must be easily accommodated within the room’s layout and not be too intrusive.

The glow of the clock should also be noted. If the screen isn’t dimmable, it can prevent a person from falling asleep if it’s too bright. Make sure this won’t be an issue with your Bluetooth alarm clock by doing some reading up on it beforehand.

Is a Bluetooth Alarm Clock Better Than a Traditional Alarm Clock


A Bluetooth alarm clock is no better than a standard one. The only distinction is that the Bluetooth choices include a built-in speaker and other amenities. In the end, the choice of what is best depends on the tastes of the individual consumer.

How Is a Bluetooth Alarm Clock Different From My Phone

Not all phones have ambient light capabilities, but some Bluetooth alarm clocks can. When you want to give your home a jolt of energy and excitement, they’re the way to go.

Can I Use My Phone to Set My Bluetooth Alarm Clock

If your alarm clock has Bluetooth, you can sync it with your phone or another device. But it won’t do anything besides that, like set an alarm. The sole use of this feature is to allow you to listen to music through the clock speaker while you work.


Indulge in a more pleasant morning routine with the best Bluetooth alarm clock. Consequently, make use of the aforementioned instruments to track down the elusive target. It will simplify your life in many different ways, I assure you.

If you’re still experiencing trouble, though, let me know in the comments if you haven’t already. I promise to respond to all messages as promptly as I can. I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


Q: Do Bluetooth speakers with alarm clock sound good?

A: Bluetooth speakers including alarm clocks are widely available from a wide variety of manufacturers in the audio equipment market. There is a wide variety in pricing amongst them because they all have distinct capacities, features, and sound quality. Of course, not every gadget is top-notch, but the ones we’ve tested have all fared admirably. Check out our top picks for the 7 best Bluetooth speakers with alarm clocks in 2021 up top.

Q: What is the best Bluetooth speaker with alarm clock?

A: Classifying something as “the best” is challenging since it relies heavily on a person’s subjective feelings about how well it meets their requirements, tastes, and expectations. Nonetheless, scroll up to our selection of the 7 best Bluetooth speakers with alarm clock and read our reviews to help you make an informed decision. In the end, we want you to be happy with your purchase, so we’ve included some helpful hints and tips below. None of these features should be overlooked while searching for a new audio equipment, as they all contribute to the user’s overall satisfaction.

Note: Keep in mind that the vast majority of these speakers are quite diminutive and so cannot produce sound of the same depth and richness as would be possible with larger devices. It follows that they won’t be great for larger spaces, parties, etc. in terms of bass output and volume.

Q: How long does a Bluetooth speaker battery last?

A:The battery life of portable speakers ranges from, say, three to four hours to twenty or more hours, depending on the brand and model. Given that this is an article on Bluetooth speakers that double as an alarm clock, we feel obligated to mention that a full charge only keeps them going for 6-10 hours. Not to mention that many of these gadgets are designed to always be connected into an outlet and so come with non-removable power cords.

Q: Are alarm clocks on Bluetooth speakers reliable?

A: It is not the case that dual-function products, such as alarm clocks with built-in speakers, operate any less well than their single-function counterparts. To this day, they remain remarkably accurate and dependable. A Bluetooth speaker is a convenient extra that, in certain cases, even lets you use your own music as the alarm tone.

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