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What Is Circadian Rhythm? How To Maintain a Healthy Circadian Rhythm? Update 10/2022

The body goes through cycles called circadian rhythms that typically last about 24 hours. A human’s internal body clock, or circadian rhythm, regulates sleep and awake. But these circadian rhythms can be disrupted by a number of things, leading to problems sleeping or otherwise. Read on to find out how the circadian rhythm works, what […]

What Is Healthy Sleep? Tips for Natural Sleep Update 10/2022

Quality sleep can help you feel like your best self during the day. Learning, memory, creativity, and general disposition are all enhanced by regular, restful sleep. In addition to bolstering the immune system, quality sleep can also make it simpler to stick to a nutritious eating plan. However, if you aren’t receiving enough restful sleep, […]

What Is Hypopnea? How Is Hypopnea Different From Sleep Apnea? Update 10/2022

Sleep apnea, also known as hypopnea, is characterized by episodes of shallow breathing. Sleep apnea is diagnosed when a person has multiple episodes of shallow breathing while sleeping (hypopneas) and complete cessation of breathing (apneas). An increase in hypopneas during sleep is indicative of a respiratory issue during the night, however there are effective therapies […]

What Is Orthopnea? and How is Orthopnea Treated? Update 10/2022

Orthopnea is a form of sleep apnea in which a person experiences difficulty breathing while lying down but recovers when they rise or sit up. Although orthopnea can be caused by other illnesses, heart failure and lung disease are common causes. When persons with orthopnea get up from a horizontal posture, their breathing problems usually […]

How Meditation Can Treat Insomnia? Common Question And Answers Update 10/2022

In order to achieve a calmer state of mind, meditators often employ a wide range of mental and physical practices. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, but it is only recently gaining popularity in the United States, where nearly one in six Americans now engages in regular meditation. Meditation is being studied more […]

Can Twins Sleep In The Same Crib? All You Need To Know! Update 10/2022

This is the spot to find out whether twins can share a cot securely or need their own beds. Having just learned that you’re carrying twins, may I offer my heartfelt congratulations? Maybe you’re scratching your head over the number two and whether or not your kids really need their own beds. In this article, […]

11 Bizarre Sleeping Habits Of Highly Successful People Update 10/2022

The importance of knowing how much sleep you need is evident, given how much of our lives are spent in bed. Below, we provide an illustration of how not getting enough sleep can lead to a wide variety of problems. Given the importance of sleep, it’s pertinent to examine how various sleep schedules may influence […]

Can You Overdose On Melatonin? Perfect Information For You! Update 10/2022

Overdosing on melatonin is quite improbable. Melatonin supplements are generally well-tolerated, however they may cause mild adverse effects in some persons. Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body, though some people choose to supplement with it. Since 1997, only two cases of melatonin poisoning have been reported (Reliable Source). Excessive ingestion might […]

Can You Survive Without Sleep? Perfect Information For You! Update 10/2022

A young boy named Randy Gardner managed to go without sleep for an astounding 11 days, 24 minutes (or 264.4 hours) in the past. Although Gardner showed signs of physical, mental, and emotional degeneration and severe insomnia decades later, he is still alive and well today in his 70s. Although Gardner survived his 11-day sleep […]

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