Best Bed Frames Is Worth To Buy Update 07/2024

It may take some research and consideration to find the best mattress. However, as anybody who has shopped for a mattress (and sheets) knows, finding a suitable bed frame can be just as time-consuming. There are a few factors to think about for such a massive and obvious piece of furniture. Which type of bed frame appeals to you more—a simple platform design or a tufted bed with a more luxurious feel? Canopy-style or wrought-iron-like? Modern bed frames may provide in-frame storage options, but you may find that nightstands or drawers beneath the mattress work better in your bedroom. In order to aid you in your search for the perfect bed frame, we polled 15 interior designers for their top choices and explored our archives for noteworthy designs we’ve featured previously. Frames come in a variety of sizes, however we’ve provided pricing for the most common queen size for convenience’s sake.

What we’re looking for

Before deciding on a bed frame, it’s important to measure the room where it will be placed. If space is at a premium in your bedroom or you just want a more unobtrusive appearance, a simple platform bed frame that serves as merely a basis for your mattress (no box spring needed) is your best bet. Each and every one of the bed frames that our specialists have selected is constructed with a platform style base; therefore, I have separated them according to further distinguishing features like as construction material and the presence or absence of headboards, canopies, and drawers. You can find updated mid-century modern designs, classic ironwork, and contemporary silhouettes among these categories.

Choose a bed frame made of wood if you’re trying for a more natural or rustic aesthetic, or metal for a more modern feel (unless you’re going for a classic wrought-iron design). Or, if you like a more cozy atmosphere, an upholstered bed would do the trick.

Price: While several of the bedsteads featured here cost over $1,000, you may discover alternatives that are just as stylish for much less money. The most cost-effective choice will be a simple platform bed, but you may still find something with a little more style and personality.
17 Best Bed Frames of 2022, Tested and Reviewed | Architectural Digest

West Elm Simple Bed Frame

Base is made of wood slats and the frame is made of solid and engineered wood.

Senior SEO Manager Katie Henwood reviews bed frames.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

My boyfriend and I moved into a tiny West Village apartment last summer, so we were prepared to get resourceful with our storage options. We shopped around for a tall frame that would complement our modern, midcentury aesthetic while also providing ample storage space for boxes and other bulky objects. Step up to the elevated version of this standard bed.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

The frame came in two quite light boxes and was shipped to me immediately. The fact that we only had to carry them up five flights of stairs is a miracle in itself. The directions were straightforward, and aside from a screwdriver, everything needed for assembly was supplied in the package. And no tears were shed during assembly, which isn’t always the case while putting together furniture. For me, that constitutes a triumph.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

This stylish and practical frame is perfect for stowing away those items that have nowhere else to go. We got three of these under-bed storage bags to keep our spare blankets, pillows, clothes, and shoes organized and out of sight. There’s still room for a snowboard (in a travel case! ), even with everything else. The bed frame is like Mary Poppins’ bag; everything you put in it seems to find a perfect home.

Using a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

A 7 is about right for this setting. We’ve had it for a year and have had to do some little maintenance (tightening screws) twice in that time, but other than that, it’s been flawless.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

This is the perfect bed frame for anyone who is trying to maximize the square footage of a studio or one-bedroom home. Unlike some storage-capable bed frames, this one is lightweight and easy to transport should your needs change in the future. To be continued…with the expectation that the following dwelling will provide additional closet space.

Casper Repose Bed Frame

Headboard made of sustainably harvested solid oak, plywood, and oak veneer; pillow headboard made of 100% polyester.

Review of a bed frame by associate editor Zo Sessums

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

During the fall, I stayed with relatives, and I quickly became unable to bear sleeping on their creaky, old metal bed frame. Since I already owned and liked a Casper memory foam mattress, and since the company had recently released these new bed frames, I figured I’d give them a shot. I also thought this nice, neutral frame would make a great parting gift for my hosts.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

The boxes were delivered to my specified location by two very kind delivery men. The boxes were heavy, so I had to get some assistance to bring them inside. Bed frame assembly was so simple that I was able to do it in under an hour.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

I absolutely love my natural oak bed frame and headboard I made myself! It’s a timeless piece that works in a variety of settings. While sleeping on the bed, I enjoyed it both with and without the headboard, so I’m glad it’s an alternative. What I expected was a stylish, low-priced choice, and I got exactly that.

Is this bed sturdy enough for you to sleep on? Rate it on a scale of 1-10. After challenging me to countless wrestling sessions on the bed, my 4-year-old niece and I were able to perform somersaults and friendly body slams without damaging the mattress. After assembly, I carried the frame up many flights of stairs to a new location, where it continued to provide excellent support and comfort.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Without a doubt. Casper is trustworthy in terms of speedy shipping, cozy mattresses, and sturdy construction; for this reason, I would recommend it to a friend seeking for a modern, wooden bed at a reasonable price.

Birch Natural Wood Frame

Wood that has been responsibly sourced and verified by the Forest Stewardship Council (the components are made from Appalachian hardwood, Southern yellow pine, and Appalachian maple)

Commerce editor Rachel Fletcher reviews a bed frame.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

I was drawn to it because of its eco-friendliness and the ease with which it could be assembled without the use of any tools. I also liked the frame’s design because it was practical, sleek, and quite sturdy—I didn’t want anything that looked fragile or flimsy. You may also have it in a white wood finish.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

I’ll admit that the delivery process was a headache, but that’s certainly not the brand’s fault. The frame’s long, hefty box was deposited at the foot of my stoop. This was difficult for me because I live on the fourth story of a walk-up. It wasn’t too horrible that I had to take it apart in the yard and lug it inside in pieces. The assembly process was among the simplest I’ve ever experienced. The components went together with little effort, the directions were crystal clear, and I was impressed by how quickly it came together.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

Yes! As I’ve already mentioned, it’s as simple to put together as advertised, and it looks just like the photographs.

On a scale from 1-10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

The Bed by Thuma

Materials: 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave PillowBoard; reclaimed wood bed frame; recyclable plastic slats

Review of a bed frame by associate editor Zo Sessums

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

Without exception, I would always prioritize furniture that doesn’t need to be put together with any kind of hardware. I am not daunted by intricate plans or construction, but I do value the care that went into every connection. I couldn’t wait to see how this upholstered bed frame was put together out of solid wood and how well it held up.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

Shipping was simple and quick. Each component was lightweight enough for me to carry by myself, which is always a plus, and the packaging was modest. I started putting it together by myself, but realized I didn’t want to risk scratching my wood floors, so I enlisted some assistance and company around midway through. The bed was easy to assemble, and I did it in under an hour after reading the directions. Building with them was a lot like playing with enormous Lincoln Logs; you just had to line up the pieces in the right order and stack them together. That’s a bed frame you have there.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The frame’s quality and the ease with which it was assembled exceeded my expectations. The quiet, simple, and quick-to-assemble design promised by the Japanese craftsmen technique was delivered. My only complaints were with the bed’s appearance (it seems like fake wood, despite the material, and the brown wasn’t my favorite) and portability (if you try to slide it over alone, one of the legs might tip over, which occurred to me a number of times).

Is this bed sturdy enough for you to sleep on? Rate it on a scale of 1-10. The strongest! I landed some good jumps and lunges on it, and it seemed to hold up fine. My one and only complaint is that it isn’t very sturdy when being moved.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

If you’re looking for a bed frame, and you want something basic, modular, produced from sustainable materials, and that will last, this is a fantastic option to consider (a perfect choice for someone who moves regularly). The PillowBoard’s optional nature is another perk because it allows you to experiment with your bed’s aesthetic whenever you choose.

The Bed Frame by Floyd

Birch veneer and plywood, powder-coated steel brackets, nylon ratchet straps, and other components are all TSCA Title VI-compliant.

Review of a bed frame by associate editor Zo Sessums

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

This adjustable bed frame with a sleek shape caught my eye on Instagram. The build quality, modularity, and adaptability all piqued my curiosity. I liked that the queen-sized bed frame could be adjusted to accommodate a king- or twin-sized mattress in the future, and that I could also add a headboard and/or a storage compartment. I was also interested in the fact that the bed’s frame could be assembled without the need of any equipment.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

My apartment is on the fourth floor of a walkup, however the bed frame was delivered to the first floor. I thought I was going to die attempting to carry it up the several levels of stairs, and that was with the assistance of someone quite strong. If I could go back in time, I would unpack everything first. Putting the bed together was trickier than I had imagined (or than it appeared on IG), so it helps to be flexible and to have some space around the frame; nevertheless, after putting the bed together several times, I can report that it is becoming simpler to do so.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

To be honest, I initially disliked the Floyd frame since I often feel this way about extremely popular furniture. However, I’ve come to realize that I actually like like this particular frame. The results are fantastic! The height, flexible design, and overall appearance are all great features for my space. In this case, Floyd wins because the bed structure is better than I expected.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy would you evaluate this bed’s frame? 8. I have no qualms about collapsing onto the bed, which is solid and substantial, but I wouldn’t put my weight on it if I knew it would withstand any and all catastrophes.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend? 100%. This bed frame is perfect for those who value minimalism, are frequently on the move, or otherwise lead a nomadic lifestyle. It’s reasonably priced, in my opinion.

Tuft & Needle Wood Bed Frame

Material: Walnut

Former Clever editor Nora Taylor reviews a bed stead.
Why did you choose this particular bed frame?
It’s beautiful, and it appears to be very strong. It seems like it could last even if I do a terrible job of putting it together.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

They delivered it right to my house, and the delivery people were really pleasant. The most time-consuming part, which I disliked, was removing the items from their packaging and disposing of the plastic wrapping. Construction was simple. It had everything I needed, and the helper I did need was just for holding stuff, so the process was short.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

A lot of weight can be put on it and it still holds up! Beautiful and. Although I don’t get to see much of the headboard due to my thick mattress and abundance of pillows, I find it to be an excellent addition to my sleeping quarters. Furthermore, despite the room’s modest proportions, the darker wood doesn’t make me feel like a whale is trapped inside.

If you had to give this bed frame a rating from 1-10, what would it be?

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Yes? However, if you or a loved one are in the market for a decent, sturdy, classic bed frame, this one should do the trick.

West Elm Midcentury Bed

Made from kiln-dried solid and engineered wood as well as solid pine slats.

Madeleine Luckel, the design editor, reviewed a bed frame.

Why did you choose this particular bedframe?

The fact that it featured a headboard was a major selling point, as did the fact that despite its compact size, it still fit in my Manhattan apartment. While I don’t typically gravitate toward midcentury modern design, I like this piece’s simple sophistication. I really appreciated the wood’s warm, inviting tone.

How did you find the delivery and set-up process?

I had West Elm deliver and put together a table for me, however it was a pain to coordinate the two services! It has been a while, but twice in the past few years, the delivery guy failed to appear at the appointed hour. On the third time, everything fell into place, but it was a pain to arrange my schedule so that I would always be at home when the package arrived. Of course, this was before the advent of telecommuting.

To what extent was the bed’s structure satisfactory?

In a way, but I guess all I really needed was for the bed frame to have a headboard and to be able to fit in my bedroom. (Just so you know, it has fit in every single room I’ve ever occupied since.) Honestly, I cared a lot more about how it looked when I first placed my order than I do now.

How solid do you think this bed frame is on a scale from 1 to 10?

On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d give it a 6. A persistent squeak has plagued it ever since my (excellent) movers dismantled and reassembled it during my move. It was an issue for a few years before I asked them to screw it together extra tightly when I moved, but it still felt like it could happen to other customers.

Which bed frame would you suggest to a friend?

If it satisfied their criteria, then yes. As a result, I can’t fit my regular-height Away suitcase or other items underneath it (which is a shame). I would make a note if the acquaintance had an apartment in New York or some other major metropolis.

Shabby Chic Queen Folk Bed

Whitewashed reclaimed pine with rolling castors.

Jacqueline Wladis, director of commerce partnerships, reviews bed frames.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

My mother remodeled my bedroom into a cozy place that reflected my taste because, at the age of 28, I am no longer a child and my room may no longer be a “shrine to Jacqueline,” as she so lovingly described it. We started our search at Shabby Chic. Given that we frequently host large gatherings of extended family, we opted for two twin beds in the room.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

We had no trouble with the shipping or the assembling of the product. As soon as they arrived, the delivery crew set them up in the room just how we’d requested. Make sure you have a plan in place for when they arrive, as they are cumbersome to relocate due to their weight and size.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

Absolutely! Those seeking a laid-back, retro, boho aesthetic will adore its durability and the beachy vibe it exudes.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is? We’ve had the furniture for nearly seven years and it’s held up beautifully. They changed accommodations without causing any problems for us. I slept here for nearly three months during the pandemic and never got sick; maybe it was the mattress, maybe she was born with it, maybe it was the Maybelline.
Where to Buy the Best Bed Frames Online in 2022

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Definitely. If you’re searching for anything with this vibe without breaking the bank, this is your best bet.

Pottery Barn Farmhouse Bed

Kiln-dried solid wood and veneers serve as the material.

Features Editor Nick Mafi reviews a bed frame.

Why did you decide on this particular bed frame?

I really like this frame since it has the rustic aesthetic of a piece you may find in a country house. It immediately gave off a sense of coziness and softness, qualities that are ideal for a bedroom. The most crucial aspect of a bed frame is its stability, which I discovered after laying on the bed.

How was it getting here and putting everything together?

The process of delivery and assembly was incredibly streamlined. I coordinated the setup with Pottery Barn, and they kept me apprised of delivery status and time. A crew delivered to my home and assembled my bed in the bedroom as part of the white glove service I purchased. The entire process of bringing the bed into the building, taking the elevator up to my floor, and setting it up in my bedroom took about an hour. I told them where I wanted the frame placed, and they did the rest, from unboxing to installation. To top it all off, they picked up the shattered packing as well. If I had attempted to complete this task on my own, I would have needed twice as much time. If I were to move out of my current flat, I would probably have to hire professional movers to transport the bed frame with them. It’s too big and cumbersome to squeeze through the doors and down the corridor. It’s important to recognize one’s own limitations in these scenarios.

Can you say that the bed’s frame met or exceeded your requirements?

That’s correct, without a doubt. It’s tough but still pliable, just the way I want it. I also like that a box spring is not needed with this wooden bed frame. That’s one less thing I had to do to finish up the decor in my bedroom. I additionally value that the bed frame was tested for over 10,000 substances known to be present in other vendors’ offerings.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy would you evaluate this bed’s frame?

The durability is a solid nine in my book. And I wouldn’t even want a 10 in all honesty. A bed frame that provides just enough to make you feel like it’s a piece of furniture is preferable.

Is this a bed frame you’d suggest to a friend?

This is the only bed frame I’ve ever recommended to a friend. Many people have asked me this, and each time I have pointed them in the direction of Pottery Barn’s best-selling Farmhouse Frame. The price tag was steep, but it was worth it because it was constructed to last a lifetime. The frame’s design is crucial because it needs to seem modern even in about five years. If you’re willing to pay a little more on a bed frame that doesn’t have the same style as more expensive options, then I think you’ll like this one. Furthermore, it is something that we lay on every night, making it ideal for the consumer who doesn’t care that others will know what they paid for it (unlike, say, an Eames chair), but wants to take care of their body by resting on a well-made bed frame.

Burrow Circa Bed

Frame is made of hardwood while the headboard is upholstered in fabric.

Review of bed frames by MacKenzie Writer and contributor Chung Fegan

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

Despite the fact that I’ve always been on Team Headboard, I finally accepted my now-wife’s minimalist, metal-frame platform bed when we moved in together three years ago. Our bed had seen better days, and after years of use the center post had finally given out, causing creaking and wobbling and even some damage to the hardwood beneath it. Burrow’s Circa frame, in contrast, appeared strong and solid, and I for one couldn’t wait to once again have a headboard.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

There was a shaky beginning! Each of the three boxes containing my bed frame weighed in at over 50 pounds; one included the headboard, while the other two contained the actual bed frame. I was able to unpack the items on the first floor and move them up two flights of stairs without any major issues. The bed’s top, bottom, and side rails all interlock with each other by sliding a tooth into a slot (can you tell I’m not a carpenter? ), but when I went to put up the frame, I discovered I was missing a crucial component. It was impossible to join the top and bottom sections because one rail had teeth where the slots should be and slots where the teeth could be.

My Saturday night email to Burrow customer service was answered on Tuesday, and the new part I ordered arrived on Friday. Putting it together was a breeze once I found all the proper parts; the Japanese-style joinery fits snugly. If it weren’t for having to flip the entire frame around, it might be a one-person job, but that’s not the case. Since I always seem to misplace my tiny IKEA hex wrench, I was relieved to see that the entire installation could be completed with just a quarter. It was over in approximately 15 minutes.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The product lived up to all of its claims. The headboard and I settled on an oak frame in a shade called Papyrus, a soft taupe with a slight gloss. The frame is solid and quiet (no more creaking) and it puts my bed 24 inches off the floor, which is an improvement over its predecessor. With its clean lines and sturdy wood construction, this bed has all the makings of a proper adult’s bedroom set.

Using a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

In terms of durability, I rate it an 8 out of 10. First time buying a bed with a solid wood frame instead of metal or particle board, and I can already tell the difference. The interlocking joinery means that there are no screws that could come loose over time (except for the one holding the center post in place) and can support the weight of two human sleepers and, on occasion, a dog.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

There are a few caveats before I could give my full endorsement, though. A corner of one of the side pieces was noticeably dinged when it was delivered. However, this isn’t unique to Burrow; when you order a large piece of furniture online, there’s always a chance that it will be damaged in transit. Based on my previous interactions with Burrow’s customer service, I have no doubt that they would promptly send a replacement.

To most people’s surprise, I think this purchase will be a hit. No fancy design was put into the bed. Subdued tones are used for the headboard, and the frame has no unnecessary ornamentation. This isn’t a bold fashion statement. Good for people who just want their bed to get the job done without drawing too much attention to itself.

IKEA Malm With Drawers

Particleboard covered in real wood veneer

Reviewer of bed frames: Elaheh Nozari, director of food and home goods at the trade

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

The studio apartment I was staying in at the time was extremely cramped. The Malm’s minimalist design appealed to me because it fit in with my apartment’s contemporary style and helped keep everything looking neat and tidy. As a result of space constraints, I was also looking for a bed frame with built-in drawers. The Malm comes in a few different iterations, and they’re all excellent for stowing things: One with built-in storage drawers on one side and a hidden compartment beneath the mattress on the other (you have to flip up the bed base to access it). I opted for the drawers so that I could store things that didn’t fit in my closet, but the second choice would be perfect for stowing away blankets and pillows.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

It’s quite convenient that I can order it online and have it shipped directly to my house, and then pick it up later at no extra cost. The bed’s setup was about as straightforward as one would expect from IKEA. Even though I’m not great at reading directions, putting together the IKEA table was doable.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

An unmade bed can still look nice with this. I didn’t give much thought to the bed frame’s construction, so the fact that it’s made of wood veneer wasn’t a dealbreaker for me.

Using a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

Generally speaking, I would rate it a 9 or 10, as I never experienced any durability issues.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Yes, I acquired this bed because a friend recommended it, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking for a simple, low-cost bed frame with some hidden storage space.

Ikea Tarva

Constituent: untreated pine wood

Reviewer of bed frames: Elaheh Nozari, director of food and home goods at the trade

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

My previous apartment had a full-size bed (on a Malm bed frame), but I was able to move up to a larger apartment with a queen-size bed. However, my new bedroom was a little too small for a standard queen-size bed frame. I spent a lot of time looking into bed frames that wouldn’t completely take over the room; the best one didn’t protrude too much (the room also has two dressers, both Tarva) and allowed for enough of a walkway on each side so that my partner and I wouldn’t have to climb over each other to get into bed. I wanted the Floyd badly, but it, like my favorite Malm, was too wide for me. The Tarva was the simplest solution that met our needs, and at less than $200, it was a no-brainer.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

Great! One of the simplest IKEA furniture builds I’ve ever done, thanks to the delivery staff who carried everything up two flights of stairs.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

Yes, the size is ideal, and it helps me forget that my bedroom is actually quite cramped. Our room could have been taken from a Scandinavian hotel, what with our two dressers having the identical bare wood finish.

Using a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

My rating is 7. As a vacuum cleaner owner, I like how lightweight it is, but this may be an indication that the bed itself is not particularly well-made.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Yes, this is a fantastic low-cost choice for a compact room! As an extra bonus, if you’re handy around the house, you can give the bed frame a new coat of paint or give the headboard a new upholstered look with a few simple DIY hacks you can find on Pinterest.

Zinus Shawn 14-inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Material: Steel

Review of a bed frame by associate editor Zo Sessums

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

You can get this bed frame with nearly 80,000 positive reviews for less than $100 and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. Yes, I’m intrigued. When I first moved into my current apartment a few years ago, I slept on the floor for far longer than was healthy. I was unable to settle on a high-quality bed frame (and lacked the nerve to invest in myself), so I opted for the most expedient and affordable solution.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

Not difficult at all. It came in a box that was hefty but not impossible to carry inside. It’s great that there wasn’t a mountain of wasteful packaging to dispose of. I dug out the two sections of the frame and the wing nuts and had it together in under 10 minutes.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The bed’s frame isn’t particularly pretty, but it’s lightweight, provides plenty of head and footboard space for storage, and can be easily concealed by a bed skirt. It didn’t make any noise when I moved it, and it hasn’t moved an inch since I first set it up. If you’re concerned about your mattress moving around, there are adhesive strips (basically huge pieces of nonstick tape) that come with the mattress to keep it in place, but I haven’t used them. All things considered, it’s a respectable bedstead.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy would you evaluate this bed’s frame? 7. It is difficult to predict the longevity of such a substantial piece of furniture.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Due to its low cost, simple assembly, and high level of comfort, I would suggest this bed frame to anyone in a hurry. You could put it away in a closet until you need it for visitors or if you’re just staying in one place for a short time and don’t want to invest in a permanent bed frame.

Sundays Lean On Me Bed

Fabric is a blend of linen and polyester that resists stains; frame is made of solid pine and MDF

AD PRO’s Lila Allen conducted an assessment of a bed frame.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

All my life I’ve slept in secondhand (or “old as the hills”) four-poster beds. Noisy, unsteady, and perhaps haunted. This bed, on the other hand, is upholstered, low to the ground, and aimed squarely at adults. In the past, I had second thoughts about purchasing a low bed because, as a New Yorker, I require as much storage space as possible. Thankfully, I can fit a few bins of sweaters and craft supplies under the bed in this one. Simple and uncomplicated.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

I didn’t even have to move a muscle when I ordered this bed because it was delivered to my door with white-glove service. All I had to do was make room for it and find a new home for my old box spring. The bed was shipped to me in three separate boxes, all of which could be carried into the freight elevator of my building with one trip. To keep in good standing with the co-op board, however, I was required to obtain a certificate of insurance prior to making the delivery. Within 30 minutes, the movers had unpacked all the boxes in my hallway, brought the necessary pieces into my bedroom, and assembled the bed. As a bonus, I didn’t have to deal with the boxes because the delivery service magically removed them. In the unlikely event that I need to move the bed, I can take apart the headboard, side rails, and end rails with a standard Allen key. The wooden slats can either be left in place or removed before the relocation.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The cushioned style of the bed is both visually and sonically soothing, and it’s a breeze to get ready for the day in the morning. The upholstery is likewise of high quality, with no snags or sagging to be seen (at least not yet), and with some subtle color variation that adds depth (my bed is covered in the Stone fabric; bouclé is also an option).

Using a scale from 1 to 10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

The foundation is rock-solid, so a perfect score of 10 is possible. I’d rate it a 9 because the headboard sways ever so slightly.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

The answer is yes. The price tag is higher than more basic, unupholstered models from other manufacturers, so if you’re looking for a “starter” unit, you might be better off with something more inexpensive or pre-owned. However, if you’re ready to splurge a little, this is a very comfortable bed. It improved the elegance of my space by roughly a third. The price tag appears reasonable when taking into account the high standard of construction and the VIP treatment during delivery.

Living Spaces Leighton Queen Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Both real wood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are used.

Review of bed sheets by Kristi Kellogg, contributing writer.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

I wanted a solution that was classy without being stuffy, and this did the trick. Sometimes upholstered bed frames, especially tufted ones, might look excessively decorative, but not this one. A completely modern vibe is maintained.

The Leighton bed may be ordered in two distinct configurations, which is something to keep in mind. The model without the footboard performed the best in my tests, although there is also a footboard option.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

I also bought a sofa, an ottoman, and a dining set, and paid extra for white glove delivery. Everything in my package was assembled for $99, which I felt was a great price. The installation took less than an hour thanks to the speed of the delivery crew. There were no bumps in the road.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

Yes! This is the first upholstered bed frame I’ve had, and I couldn’t be happier with how relaxed you can get while reading in it. The warmth and comfort it provides is incredible.

On a scale from 1-10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is?

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Yes! It’s stunning in both appearance and quality. I find it to be excellent and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Zinus Linda Wood Platform Bed Frame

Material: Wood

Senior business editor Rachel Fletcher evaluates a bed frame.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

The Linda’s design initially appealed to me since it reminded me of simple, modern Scandinavian furniture. As I read the reviews, I noticed that some people noted the price being less than $450.00; yet, it looked and felt much more costly than that.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

Although the package containing the bed frame was bulky and awkward to handle, assembling the bed itself was a breeze because the wood used was of such superior quality. I won’t lie and say putting it together was a breeze; my dad and I put in an afternoon doing it, and that was after we made some mistakes and learned the ropes of the Zinus system (more on that later). Despite Zinus’s promise that installation should only take an hour, we spent much more time on it. The company also does not offer any on-site assembly or white glove options (there are limits to what a $350 price tag can cover).

The directions were straightforward (again, after a few false starts), and the numerous pieces were labeled and numbered in a rather systematic fashion (piece two connects to piece three and so on). For your convenience, Zinus includes all the hardware (such as screws, nuts, and washers) required for assembly.

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The quality of the frame is even better than I had hoped. It is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly solid.

If you had to grade the durability of this bed frame from 1-10, what would it be? The bed’s sturdy wooden construction conceals a metal skeleton. There were no squeaky or wobbly parts to worry with, and after we worked out how to put everything together, everything went together like Legos from the 1980s. The way Zinus builds everything to fit into position is pretty amazing.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Definitely. I don’t think you can find better value than this. And the Linda’s style is really neutral—a it’s little midcentury, a little Scandinavian—so I can picture it fitting into a wide variety of home decor styles, from a rustic lodge to something more minimalist or beachy or bohemian! The Linda is a blank canvas for your interior design ideas.

Copper Grove Virrat Wood Platform Bed

The material is real wood.

Review of bed sheets by Kristi Kellogg, contributing writer.

Why did you choose this particular bed frame?

I was searching for a modern, minimalist wood bed frame. Some of the wooden picture frames I found while browsing the web were too elaborate for my taste. But when I saw this one, I knew it was the one I’d been looking for on Overstock.

While it’s true that buying furniture online often feels like a bit of a gamble, I felt very confident about this bed after seeing that it was one of Overstock’s most highly rated products and reading review after review of satisfied customers. In addition, Overstock provides a 30-day return period and a 90-day manufacturer guarantee.

The bed got here without a hitch, and I’m pleased to say it looks much better in person than it does in the images. Those panels on the headboard and the sides are a nice touch. A footboard is great for tucking your duvet under, which is something I really appreciate. That’s the only way a bed can look clean and fresh to me.

The bed comes in queen size as well, but I opted for the more luxurious California king. You can choose between antique gray, antique white, antique black, or oak for your furniture. I went with antique gray and am really happy with my decision. There is no such thing as too much or too little gray; this shade is just right. It’s a great neutral that works with a wide variety of color schemes.

How did the shipping and set-up go?

There are five huge boxes required to transport the bed’s components. When I unboxed everything, it looked great and had been packed securely. Putting everything together just took around 2.5 hours and was really easy to do (with two people working on it).
The 9 Best Modern Bed Frames of 2022 | Reviews by Wirecutter

The bed frame met or exceeded your expectations?

The result was better than expected.

On a scale from 1-10, how sturdy do you think this bed frame is? It’s well-made, solid, and substantial.

How confident are you in recommending this bed to a friend?

Yes! This bed is an excellent choice.

Article Lenia Panel White Oak Bed (Queen)

Article’s all-wood platform frame, also offered in walnut in addition to the white oak (seen above), is our top pick for the best bed frame in general due to its mid-century modern inspired design that nonetheless looks timeless. It is a touch more stately than the more minimal wood designs on this list due to its towering headboard and American white oak construction. (A cloth or spindle headboard is also available.) Le Whit partner and interior designer Liza Curtiss recommends it because “simple lines and warm color suit practically any style.” The bed’s narrow legs are another intelligent design feature.

Union Rustic Aideliz Solid Wood Low Profile Platform Bed (Queen)

This wood platform base comes highly recommended by Decorilla’s head designer, Devin Shaffer, for its affordability and durability. The fact that it is built to last because to its sturdy poplar wood construction and Athens, Georgia manufacturing is a major selling point for Shaffer. The “price point for any budget” plus the fact that it folds in half make this frame a good choice for him. Additionally, the frame’s rounded sides make it look more welcoming than a conventionally squared-off platform bed. Also, you can complete it yourself by painting or staining it, as it is unfinished.

Nomad Plus Platform Bed

The only difference between this platform bed and our top recommendation for the best value is that this one doesn’t fold up for storage. The founder of Uprise Art, Tze Chun, has one in the guest room of her upstate home, so it comes highly recommended. She likes that the frame is unpainted and has rounded corners and that the poplar wood is sturdy but not heavy. When it comes to supporting foam or spring mattresses, Chun notes, “for a super-affordable bed frame, the slat spacing is fairly tight.” To paraphrase the author, “It looks like something out of Ikea, but with a more simple, Scandinavian twist.”

CB2 Drommen Acacia Wood Bed (Queen)

The headboard on this bed takes an otherwise boring wooden platform and gives it some visual flair. Megan Hersch from RoomLift says it’s a must-have because of its “contemporary look and bold lines,” which she calls “a macho touch.” Its low acacia frame is supported by angular legs and slanted braces, both of which help to keep the padded upholstered headboard in place. The leather-upholstered version of this frame is more expensive than the one shown here, which is upholstered in a polyester-linen combination.

Crate & Barrel Ava Emerald Green Bed (Queen)

Molly Schoneveld, a spokesperson for the interior design industry, suggests the Ava, a platform frame with a pop of color and an unusual shape. This stunning emerald green velvet is such a wonderful break from so much gray over the past few years,” she says, “and it can easily be embellished in so many various ways that would make it work in a modern or classic home.” The rounded headboard is accented with fitted channeling and wraps ever-so-slightly around the head of the bed to make a snug nook that seems especially sumptuous when used for reading in bed. Lisa Spicer, a designer at Modsy, agrees that this frame is a must-have, praising its “glam” quality and stating that it “can truly elevate your bedroom hideaway while still being transitional enough to switch up throughout the years.” It’s an investment that stays relevant regardless of fashion trends. The “luxury velvet upholstery” and “tiny brass feet” are two things she finds most endearing about the bed frame.

Modway Furniture Modern Loryn Bed Frame (Queen)

If you like the concept of a simple platform structure but would prefer something a little heavier, Shaffer also recommends this upholstered option. It is likewise crafted from wood in a midcentury modern design and has tapering, splayed legs so that it “fits any room and nearly all styles,” as he puts it. In addition, you can easily toss any kind of mattress, including foam, on top of the frame thanks to its hardwood slats.

Blu Dot Lid Platform Bed (Queen)

This extremely low platform bed frame is advised by Curtiss for those who would rather fall than crawl into bed. Curtiss guarantees the durability of the frame, which may cost as much as the mattress itself. When it comes to structure and quality, “Blu Dot offers an excellent assortment of sturdy textiles,” as Curtiss puts it. The marine blue complements the numerous other neutral tones that may be seen on the sturdy mahogany frame’s plush, padded rails (shown above).

CB2 Alchemy Matte Black Bed (Queen)

To add some flair to your bedroom at a reasonable cost, consider an iron bed frame. Spicer recommended this box-spring-free iron platform frame, saying, “the low platform height offers the sense of greater open space” when decorating a smaller bedroom. The “sleek metal lines lend itself to an industrial vibe,” she says of the frame, and she likes that you can easily warm it up by placing wood nightstands on each side of it.

Anthropologie Deco Bed

This Art Deco-inspired model has a beautiful arching footboard and headboard that combine oval designs, so you can enjoy all the drama an iron frame has to offer. It’s suggested by Modsy’s own Aimee Martinelli, a designer, for being comfortable and stylish. It’s built of handcrafted, powder-coated iron and doesn’t need a box spring. She explains that it is ageless because of the black iron’s rounded lines and current because of the era in which it was made. For me, however, the bed’s elegance lies in its understated gold accents.

Keetsa The Frame Gold Brushed-Steel Bed Frame (Queen)

Jean Lin, creator of the Colony design company, recommended this steel platform bed frame for those who enjoy the metal look but prefer something simpler. She has this frame and considers it her “price-conscious fave.” The steel pedestal has been gold brushed for a more subtle and adaptable appearance. Lin believes that because the Keetsa frame is so simple in design and construction, it can be paired with almost anything. The bronze patina “dresses up earthen neutrals and tones down brighter palettes.” In addition, she says, “it’s so affordable that it allows for a spend elsewhere in the room.”

Burke Decor Sydney Bed in Black (Queen)

The term “striking” is the only one Curtiss can think of to describe this platform frame. She describes the braided cane panels that make up the bed’s footboard and headboard as “a more modern take on caning.” Curtiss says the bed “adds a depth of color and texture to any space” because of the contrast between the “simple basket weave” of the caning and the “mango wood that has been blackwashed.”

CB2 Frame Canopy Bed (Queen)

As Modsy’s head designer Megan Huffman puts it, “the sleek look and matte black silhouette keep it from feeling overly weighty.” The box frame makes it look like the mattress is floating. Huffman also likes how the “plated brass corners that give a slight amount of intrigue” make it look a little bit fancy while still having that “industrial design” vibe. The value is unbeatable for something with such striking aesthetics.

AllModern Carey Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed (Queen)

This American-made pinewood wingback bed comes highly recommended by Schoneveld if you’re looking to up the dramatic ante in your bedroom. She gushes over its reasonable pricing and praises the high wingback headboard that gives the bed a sense of modern opulence. Yes, that’s what we thought. It comes in a number of colors, but the navy (shown above) is Schoneveld’s favorite, especially when contrasted with white bedding.

The Inside Modern Wingback Bed in Blush Aviary (Queen)

Casey DeBois, an expert in home decor, recommends this high-winged upholstered frame. Direct-to-consumer furniture brand It’s from the Inside crafts each piece from the ground up in the USA. DeBois adores the Inside because of the abundance of fabric choices—more than a hundred, many of which include quirky designs thanks to a partnership with the designer Scalamandré. The Blush Aviary fabric is her favorite; it is pink and features a floral and bird print and is made of 100 percent cotton. “Inside is where it’s at for me. Like getting a personalized bed without the price tag,” explains DeBois.

Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed Frame (Queen)

The Florence bed from Zinus has a timeless wrought-iron design that would complement a modern farmhouse aesthetic, so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a bed with a bit more personality. It is available in three different colors (white, gray, and black) and has received over three thousand five-star reviews on Amazon. One reviewer said, “This bed is a huge improvement over a regular bed frame, however the price is weirdly not that much higher.” Plus, they say things like, “It was easy to install, nicely crafted, and looks quite good in my bedroom.”

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