How To Fix A Squeaky Bed? Step-by-Step Tutorial Update 06/2024

The sound of an unidentified squeak when you shift around in bed is one of the most annoying things you can hear. Over time, this seemingly innocuous annoyance can grow into a lot more vexing nuisance than it was at first. If you don’t know how to fix the squeak in your bed, what do you do next?

Squeaky beds are annoying, but they may have a harmful impact on you that you aren’t aware of. A noisy bed may prevent you from getting a good night’s rest, resulting in a foggy and irritated morning due of a disrupted sleep cycle.

In order to cure your noisy bed and improve your night’s sleep, check out these 9 simple fixes below! In this article, we’ll show you how to figure out why your bed is squeaking and offer some fast fixes.

Why Does My Bed Squeak?

This wear and tear from bedtime activities can eventually cause squeaks in your mattress. Is it possible to figure out how to identify where the squeak is originating from?
How to Fix a Squeaky Bed in 5 Steps - Amerisleep

You can usually identify the source of the squeaking as your mattress, box spring, bed frame, or mattress springs. You may have to go through some trial-and-error to find the source of your bed’s squeaks.

Squeaky Mattress

Pushing onto various places of the bed and moving about the mattress will help you decide if you have a squeaky mattress. Is it under your regular sleeping place? No, I’m not sure where it is.

The innerspring of a hybrid spring mattress is a common source of squeaks. Because a mattress’ innerspring can’t be simply replaced, this means it’s time for a new one.

Squeaky Box Spring

The most common reason of a squeaky bed is the box spring. Your box spring can be a possible culprit if you can’t pinpoint the squeak in your mattress. In most cases, an at-home fix is all that is needed to get rid of squeaks in box springs.

Many individuals prefer a platform bed frame to a traditional one since they don’t have to deal with a squeaky box spring. Instead of using box springs, platforms use built-in supports that are usually made of wood, such as those used in platform beds.

Squeaky Bed Frame

In many cases, the source of squeaky bed frames can be fixed at home with a simple bolt or piece of bent wood. An unfastened bed frame may wobble, while a water stain or humidity change may cause the wood to distort slightly and squeak. Both of these situations can be caused by loose bolts.

Your bed frame is the most likely source of squeaking if you can’t discover a squeak in your mattress or box spring. If your bed is squeaking, you can try some of the following solutions to remedy it.

How to Fix A Squeaky Mattress?

To remedy a squeaky mattress, you first need to locate the source of the noise. Here are some tips to assist you get rid of the squeak in your mattress.

1. Rotate Your Mattress

In the event that your mattress is squeaky, you might try turning or flipping it to see if it helps. As with your car’s tires, turning your mattress on its side to disperse the filling evenly is a good idea.

Squeaky mattresses should still be rotated every three months anyway, but turning the mattress under your typical sleeping area can help lessen the traction on the squeak in the meanwhile.

2. Cushion With Plywood

Place a small piece of plywood under your mattress if your mattress still squeaks after you’ve rotated the mattress. Using a box spring to stiffen up the foundation and reduce squeaks is extremely beneficial in this situation.

3. Look Into Getting a New Mattress

A mattress with squeaky bed springs is probably in need of a new one. Because all-foam mattresses don’t have the problem of squeaky springs, you may want to explore a hybrid mattress instead of a foam one.

If you decide to buy a new mattress, make careful to dispose of your old one in an environmentally friendly manner.

A squeaky bed can be fixed at home if the mattress isn’t the problem. If your bed is squeaky, you’ll want to read on for some helpful advice.

4. Check the Joints

If your bed frame is making noises, loose bolts are the most likely culprit. Take a brief glance at your frame’s joints and tighten any loose bolts before taking more serious actions. As a precautionary measure, you might grease the joints with some WD-40.

5. Cushion the Slats

Another common cause of a squeaky bed frame is slats rubbing against the frame or against one another. Old socks or towels can be used to fill the gap between the mattress and its frame to reduce any slat-related noise that may be present.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bunkie Board - Step by Step Guide

6. Oil the Frame

If your bed frame is made of metal, spray it with WD-40 to clean it up. In a pinch, beeswax or candle wax can be a wood-friendly alternative for those with wooden bed frames.

7. Use Cork

Instead of using lubricant, try inserting small pieces of cork between the noisy wood in your bed frame. For the time being, the cork will act as a sound buffer between the two pieces, minimizing the squeak.

8. Add Floor Padding

If you’re still stumped as to what’s causing your squeaky bed, consider the possibility that an uneven floor might be to blame. A towel, old t-shirt, or folded sheet can be used as padding under the frame’s required legs in order to reduce this irritating imbalance.

Wheels could be the culprit if your bed has them. Stop the squeak by applying WD-40 to the wheels and replacing the caster cups with new ones purchased from your local hardware shop.

9. Purchase a New Bed Frame

If you’ve tried everything and the squeak persists, you may need to invest in a new bed frame. Make sure that the bed frame you purchase is adaptable and well-built so that you don’t have to deal with another squeak issue.

For those who prefer the sensation of a box spring, you may want to go for a new mattress instead.

The Best Frame For Sleeping Without Squeaks

Squeaky beds can be fixed with our Amerisleep Platform Bed.. Solid wood construction gives this 13.5-inch-tall foundation a long life. A bed frame and mattress foundation all in one, this base provides excellent stability. Using this base, you don’t need to add any additional support layers or bunkie boards.

No matter what kind of mattress you have, this base will keep you secure and comfy while you sleep and prevent your mattress from sagging.

Our mattress foundation’s side panels are upholstered in a neutral gray fabric that goes well with just about any type of bedroom design you can think of. This base’s low-profile form lends itself to a stylish, minimalistic aesthetic.

Slats of solid wood are used to construct the support foundation and are fastened to the side panels. To prevent sagging, these slats have been made extra wide. The mattress is held in place by raised edges on the side of the frame.

Our platform bed is easy to put together and doesn’t require any special tools. A broad one-year warranty covers manufacturing and structural flaws as well as any other issues that may arise.


You can stop your wooden bed frame from squeaking by sprinkling talcum powder, oil, or wax on it.

How to Reduce Noise and Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame

The bed’s legs can be secured using velcro, fabric, or rubber placed under it, amongst other alternatives.

A new mattress should be purchased every 6-8 years at the latest. Whether or not you need to replace your mattress is directly related to how well you take care of it. Learn more about changing the mattress in our most recent blog post. ‘

Because wood friction isn’t as noisy as metal, a metal bed frame is more likely to generate a lot of noise. The screws and bolts in creaky metal bed frames tend to loosen over time, whereas in wooden frames, the screws and bolts are more resilient.

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