Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Best Backrest Pillow Update 06/2024

Husband pillows, or backrest pillows, have another name. Pillows that support your back are a common sight in college dorms. Pillows used as backrests often include armrests, giving the impression of a chair. These cushions are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials.

The back and neck are supported by a pillow that acts as a backrest. The pillow is made to help with comfort and back pain. Back support pillows are great for lounging in bed with a book or watching television. It’s not a good idea to use a backrest pillow to bed because it can aggravate existing back pain. The pillow’s design only makes it suitable for use as a seat while watching television in bed.
We’ve highlighted some of the finest back support pillows available.

  • Better Sleep with this Polyester Pillow from Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Ebern Inventories Cover and filler for the Lorna pillow.
  • Sleep Reading Pillow by ZOEMO.
  • Infinitely Relaxing Lumbar Pillow.
  • Wedged Pillow Support for the Back and Lumbar Area by Wowmax.
  • Large, Gray, and Designed for Husbands to Lean Back On Pillow for Lengthy Reading While You Sleep.
  • The Cover and Insert for the Alwyn Home Grasmere 24″ Backrest Pillow
  • Homes & Gardens: The Better Living Magazine Sleeping Pillow Made of Polyester.
  • Milliard’s Reading Pillow.
  • Adventure with Animals Backrest.
  • Lumbar Pillow from Cushion Lab with Added Density.

1. Better Homes & Gardens Polyester Bed Rest Pillow

Better Homes & Gardens Polyester Bed Rest Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• High-backed wall • Can get warm
• Plush sherpa material
• Carrying handle included

Polyester is used in the construction of the Better Homes and Gardens Bed Rest pillow. This brushed two-tone surface is smooth and comfortable to the touch. You can rest your lower back, upper back, and neck against the wall’s high back. The double-sided arms of this bed rest pillow provide much-needed support for the shoulders and arms during in-bed lounging. Although soft and cozy against the skin, sherpa may be too hot to wear during the summer months. The pillow can be used to sit on while in bed, on the floor, or in any other uncomfortable position. The pillow includes a convenient handle for transport between spaces. There are four distinct hues available to accommodate various styles of bedroom furnishings. The lack of cooling properties in the material used for this pillow is a drawback. There is a Better Homes and Gardens neck and shoulder pillow for about $25.

2. Ebern Designs Lorna Pillow Cover & Insert

Lorna Pillow Cover & Insert
Advantages Disadvantages
• Piped edges • Not enough filling
• Comes with a pocket
• Carrying handle included
The cushion pad can be removed from the Ebern Designs Lorna Pillow Cover & Insert through a zipper on the bottom of the pillow case. The pillow case can be quickly removed for laundering thanks to the convenient zipper. The pillowcase can be washed in a washing machine, but only in cold water. The material can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low setting without shrinking. The polyester cover and polyfill filling are both soft and gentle on the skin, making them an excellent choice for those with skin sensitivities. This pillow from Ebern Designs is 17 by 20 by 18 inches in size. The pillow weighs a manageable four pounds, and its carrying handle makes it convenient to transport from one location to another. Soft, rounded piped edges won’t chafe your skin. The best part about this item is that the insert is sold separately so that the level of softness can be modified as needed. Some customers have complained that there isn’t enough filling to make it sufficiently firm. A pillow case and insert by Ebern Designs, named the Lorna, can be purchased for $42.99.

3. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• Neckroll included • Heavier
• Comes with a pocket
• Supports the lower and upper back
The material used to create the Zoemo Bed Rest Reading Pillow is cotton. If you like to read in bed, you’ll appreciate the pillow’s neck roll, which will keep your head and neck comfortably propped up. The armpits, lumbar region, and upper and lower back are all supported by this pillow. The bed is the natural habitat for the pillow, but its firmness should allow it to serve you well on the floor or sofa as well. Comfortable sitting up in bed is ensured by the velour cover and Pure Fabric filling. Dimensionally, the Zoemo Bed Rest Reading Pillow is 26.5 by 11.5 by 33 inches. Children, expectant mothers, the elderly, and those with special needs can all use this design without worry. There are six color options available to find the perfect fit for your bed and bedroom decor. The Zoemo pillow’s nearly six-pound weight is the only major drawback. You can purchase a Zoemo Bed Rest Reading Pillow from Amazon for $89.99.

4. Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• Breathable mesh cover • No armrests
• Fits most seats
• Ergonomic memory foam filling
The Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow is a memory foam pillow designed specifically for use in office chairs. The pillow adjusts to the body’s temperature and shape. The soft and supportive Everlasting Comfort pillow is perfect for those who need a place to rest their back. Even if you sit for long periods of time, the product is meant to improve your posture. The ergonomic layout is made to fit the contours of your body, so your back receives optimal support and comfort. The pillow has two straps that can be adjusted to fit your needs and keep it in place. If the back width of your chair is 32 inches or less, you can use this design. Thanks to its convenient portability, it can be used anywhere, including in the comfort of your own home, your car, or even in the air. In order to keep you cool and comfortable in the hottest of conditions, the surface is covered in a breathable mesh. The cover is easily removable for a gentle machine wash. Tumble drying at low temperatures is fine for the mesh material. The Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow isn’t perfect because it doesn’t have the usual husband pillow features like armrests. Priced at $43.95, the Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow can be purchased from Amazon.com.

5. Wowmax Bolster Triangular Positioning Support Backrest Wedge Pillow

Wowmax Bolster Triangular Positioning Support Backrest Wedge Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• 9 sizes available • Difficult to store away
• Eco-friendly filling
• Easy-to-use zipper closure
Triangular in shape, the Wowmax Bolster provides a comfortable backrest in any position. These wedge pillows are made in the USA from start to finish. When you’re lounging in bed, reading or watching TV, the Wowmax Bolster can help keep your spine in a neutral position. It can serve as a makeshift headboard. Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King Wowmax Bolsters are available. You can also choose from 39-inch, 59-inch, 71-inch, and 76-inch lengths. The Wowmax Bolster has many different uses, including as a bunk bed backrest pillow, an RV or trailer headboard, and a children’s bumper pillow. The cover is easily removable and washable thanks to the zippered design. The Wowmax Bolster can be machine-washed in hot water without the need for bleach. There are nine distinct cover colors to pick from, all of which should hold up well to repeated washings. The Wowmax Bolster’s inner cushion is made from recyclable polyester fiber. The dense stuffing helps the form to last and provides a pleasant feel. If you want it to be softer, just remove some of the stuffing. Unfortunately, the Wowmax Bolster’s bulk is its biggest drawback. This form is cumbersome and inconvenient to stow. The Wowmax Bolster can be purchased for $154.95 USD on Amazon.

6. Husband Pillow XXL Backrest with Arms

Husband Pillow Big Backrest Reading Bed Rest Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• Detachable neck roll • The filling may be lumpy
• Smooth zipper closure
• Extra filling is available
The XXL Husband Pillow Backrest is one of the largest options out there. The pillow provides excellent lumbar and cervical spine support. The pillow’s armrests make it comfy to read or watch TV. The Husband Pillow has a micro plush cover and is filled with shredded memory foam. The two pieces work together to make it easy and comfortable to sit up in bed. The Husband Pillow includes a convenient neck roll that can be removed when not in use. It is convenient to have a built-in side pocket for storing things like a phone or remote control. Keep your reading glasses, a magazine, or a book in the back pocket. The Husband Pillow is designed with a convenient zipper that allows you to remove the pillow’s inner filling for washing or replacement. If you want the backrest to be softer, you can remove some of the fillings. Additional foam to stuff the Husband Pillow with is available upon request. The pillow’s top features a convenient carry handle. There are 35 different hues available for the Husband Pillow’s back support. It measures at 8.25 inches wide, 15.75 inches deep, and 31.25 inches in height. The only potential drawback is that the shredded memory foam could be somewhat lumpy. In this case, simply give the pillow a good shake to redistribute the hair. The XXL Husband Pillow Back Support is currently selling on Amazon for $79.95.

7. Alwyn Home Grasmere 24″ Backrest Pillow Cover & Insert

Alwyn Home Grasmere 24" Backrest Pillow Cover & Insert
Advantages Disadvantages
• Machine-washable cover • Heavy and bulky
• Zipper closure
• Neckroll included
The polyester cover of the Alwyn Home Grasmere 24″ Backrest Pillow Cover & Insert is reminiscent of velour, and the pillow’s memory foam filling provides supportive comfort. There are ten different color options available to ensure a perfect fit with your bedroom decor. The zipper allows for simple removal of the cover for access to the stuffing. When it’s time to clean the cover, just take it off. You can clean the cover in the washing machine at low temperatures. Due to the potential for shrinkage, tumble drying is not advised. If you must tumble dry, do so at a low setting. The pillow by Alwyn Home features a removable neck roll, and its back measures 24 inches, 18 inches, and 16 inches. There’s a 12″ wide armrest on the inside, and the whole thing is 11″ deep. The product’s only flaw is that it’s seven pounds heavy. It costs about $109.99 to purchase the Alwyn Home Grasmere 24′′ Backrest Pillow Cover & Insert.

8. Milliard Reading Pillow

Milliard Reading Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• CertiPUR certified foam • Lumpy filling
• Built-in handle
• Easy to wash
An adaptable backrest pillow with arm support, the Milliard Reading Pillow is ideal for extended periods of reading comfort. Pillow can be used on bed, couch, floor, or anywhere else you like to relax. You can relax and enjoy your bedtime reading or television shows thanks to the supportive backrest. You can adjust the level of firmness of the Milliard Reading Pillow’s foam insert with ease. You can adjust the firmness by either adding or removing foam. The pillow is filled with shredded memory foam, so it can shape itself to your head and neck. The pillow’s handy carry handle makes it simple to move it to a different spot in the house. The cover is machine washable and is available in a variety of colors, from grey to navy. The cover may shrink if washed and dried at too high of a temperature.The Milliard Reading Pillow is a good option for those who suffer from acid reflux, nasal congestion, or a warm climate. CertiPUR testing and approval were performed on the memory foam used. You can customize the feel of the backrest by purchasing it empty and then adding your own filling using the zippered cover. It’s possible to choose between regular, jumbo, and small sizes for this pillow. It’s possible to purchase replacement covers. The filling, unfortunately, is lumpy. You can buy the Milliard Reading Pillow on Amazon. Depending on size, the cost can be anywhere from $29 to $70.

9. Animal Adventure Backrest

Animal Adventure Backrest Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• 8 animal designs • Some designs may be uncomfortable
• Built-in handle
• Stain-resistant
The recommended age for the Animal Adventure Backrest is 18 months. The dimensions of this pillow are 14 inches across and 26 inches long and 16 inches wide. The backrest is padded for maximum relaxation. A book, phone, or other similar item can be stored in the spacious back pocket of the Animal Adventure Backrest. There are a variety of cute animal-themed options to pick from, such as a dinosaur, dog, owl, and more. Clifford, Snoopy, and Curious George are just a few of the well-known children’s characters to appear on them.Both your lower and upper back will appreciate the backrest’s padding. The pillow is easily portable thanks to the top carry handle. The polyester cover can be cleaned with a damp cloth and is therefore very low-maintenance. The stain-resistant fabric means it can go without being washed. One potential flaw is that some of the animal models have a jutting nose. Depending on the kid, it could be an unpleasant leaning surface. Depending on the style you select, the Animal Adventure Backrest can cost anywhere from $35 to $55. Amazon sells them, so go there if you’re interested.

10. Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow

Cushion Lab Extra Dense Lumbar Pillow
Advantages Disadvantages
• Fits most chairs • May push you too far forward
• Good for spine alignment
• Breathable and washable cover
A physical therapist conceptualized the Cushion Lab Extra-Dense Lumbar Pillow. Because it molds to your lower back, this pillow should ease back pain. Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting, such as truck drivers, office workers, and students, can benefit from using the pillow. To maintain proper spinal alignment, the design should offer superior support for the upper, middle, and lower back. Your back shouldn’t be under as much stress as it otherwise would be while seated. The HyperfoamTM found in the pillows sold by Cushion Lab. The dense, proprietary memory foam provides a lot of cushioning. The pillowcase is removable, so you can wash it and keep it fresh. No wear or tear should be visible on the polyester rayon cover. The pillow’s straps can be adjusted to ensure a secure fit no matter where you choose to rest your head. The one and only drawback is that some users may feel the pillow forces them to lean forward an uncomfortable amount. You can get yourself a Cushion Lab Extra-Dense Lumbar Pillow on Amazon for only $75.

11. Milliard Reading Pillow


  • The fact that the backrest pillow is available in three different sizes is a huge perk, especially for those who need to buy pillows for multiple people (like a child or an entire family).
  • This backrest pillow has a soft velour cover and a shredded memory foam interior to provide the cozy comfort you desire.
  • Because the shredded memory foam is easily accessible, the level of firmness can be adjusted as needed.


  • While the pillow’s single neutral gray tone is nice, more color options would be welcome so that it can better complement the decor of a given space or set of sheets.

12. Springcoo Reading Pillow


  • For shared use or when the pillow is being used for lumbar support instead of a neck pillow, the included soft neck roll pillow can be detached or attached at different heights.
  • You can tuck your phone or remote control into one of the pillow’s handy arm pockets.
  • Good posture and relief from back pain are both supported by the shredded memory foam filling.


  • The neck roll pillow may not provide optimal support if the main backrest pillow’s height isn’t adjusted to the user’s specifications (since it attaches to predetermined positions on the main pillow).

13. Brentwood Home Therapeutic Foam Wedge Pillow


  • The CertiPUR-US certified, high density foam used in the construction of the wedge backrest pillow makes it ideal for those with latex allergies while still providing firm support.
  • The pillow’s removable and washable cover is made from soft, natural bamboo fiber.
  • In addition to providing support for sitting up in bed, the pillow can be used to prop up legs and the back and head while lying on the floor to watch TV.


  • It’s important to take into account your desired height when purchasing this pillow; it comes in three different inclines (seven, ten, and twelve inches) to accommodate different users.

What to Consider When Buying a Backrest Pillow

When shopping for a backrest pillow, keep the following in mind.

  • Durability
  • Shape
  • Price
  • Firmness
  • Ease of maintenance

How We Picked the Best Backrest Pillows

It’s good that there are different options for backrest pillows. The market for backrest pillows reflects the fact that people have different preferences when it comes to maintaining an upright position while sleeping. We looked at the following factors to determine which backrest pillows were the best for you:

  • A backrest pillow that allows you to adjust the level of firmness is just one of the many ways to tailor it to your needs. For this reason, we gave extra consideration to pillows stuffed with shredded memory foam, where the level of firmness could be adjusted by adding or removing foam.
  • Some of these backrest pillows even come with supplemental structures to prop up your neck, lower back, or arms! Extra padding is always welcome on a pillow, and it’s even better when it’s removable or adjustable.
  • Although it may seem trivial, being able to choose a pillow color for the backrest is helpful for harmonizing the chair with the rest of your decor. We appreciated the aesthetic customization options for the included pillows.

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Tips on Selecting the Right Backrest Pillow

A backrest pillow can serve many purposes, from providing extra comfort while reading in bed to enhancing relaxation while lounging or providing necessary support while playing a video game. But individual tastes and requirements mean that no two people will ever have the same ideal pillow. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a backrest pillow:

  • The size and height of the pillow you choose for your backrest are crucial considerations. Because it is important for backrest pillows to support your entire back, it is important to measure the height of the area in which the pillow will sit and compare it to the height of the pillow.
  • Does It Function Independently? Most commonly, a backrest pillow will be placed on a bed, sofa, or propped up against a wall. Check the weight of the pillows you’re considering if you want a backrest pillow that can stand on its own as a piece of furniture. If you’re looking for a pillow to use on its own, one with a substantial weight or a bottom grip option may be the best bet.

How to Clean a Backrest Pillow

Most covers for backrest pillows are removable and washable, making maintenance a breeze. Before attempting to clean or maintain your new purchase, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s care instructions. If you know how to properly care for your backrest pillows, you can use them for a very long time. If you choose to use detergent, use a gentle one so as not to deteriorate the material. Bleach is too powerful and will damage most surfaces. The best temperature for washing is warm water, while low heat for drying is recommended.

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