Ghostbed Pillow Review Update 05/2024

Did you know that Ghost Pillow, is a part of the GhostBed which is a venture of Nature’s Sleep and is 100 years old? Moreover, it is a family run business that has been serving for generations. That is correct and you will be surprised to know that 5 generations of this family have worked to perfect it! Point is, how can you miss on such a company that has been serving for so long? Today, we dedicate this post to the GhostBed Pillow Review and Sleepy Head Pillow will be talking about it in details. We request you to read till the end

A GhostBed Pillow Review

Before we start with this, we wanted to provide you with a sample of what they are like in this review.

GhostPillow Queen Pillow

This is a highly recommended product and is meant for people who like to get a good night’s sleep everyday without interruptions. The GhostPillow Queen Pillow strikes a perfect balance between comfort and support and the best part is you stay cool while you sleep. The pillow cover is washable and hands sewn. The fabric does not cause any allergic reactions on the skin. Btw, you may like a slim sleeper memory foam pillow, click here to visit


  • The pillow has a nice light fragrant and is packed really well
  • The company gives you a 100-day return policy
  • The pillow cover has a zipper so it can be removed and clean easily
  • The GhostPillow Queen Pillow is designed specially to make sure that your spine is aligned properly while you sleep
  • Very skin friendly, the fabric composition is 3% spandex and 97% soft polyester
  • The fabric on the pillow eliminates all the heat


  • Those that find polyester to be uncomfortable, can bid it goodbye

Benefits Of Ghostbed Pillow

The head turns hotter at night while you sleep and for this you must sleep on something that keeps you cool at night. These pillows can keep the temperature under control and make you feel comfortable. There is more to the beneficial effects of a GhostBedPillow and they are as follows:

  • Its cooling effect can reduce insomnia because you will be getting less of night sweats
  • Sleeping on a GhostBed Pillow aids in falling asleep faster
  • This means it makes your mental health with proper sleeping conditions
  • On the other hand, it helps you retain youth with a good night’s sleep that shows on your face
  • Saves you from falling prey to metabolic diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart diseases

Features Of A GhostBed Pillow

Ghost pillows come in a varied range and most of them have one thing in common, and that is they are durable. There is more on this and we have recorded all that in this section. You will soon understand what makes them so popular.

  • Build – Yes, it is their construction that makes them sturdy and more. These pillows are made from aerated gel memory foam of a solid piece that allows proper ventilation. It is needless to say, that makes them breathable and that helps you sleep in comfort.
  • Cooling effects – The gel layering of these pillows result into a cooling effect that definitely could be a starter for you. You sleep in a cool environment and without having to wake up at night feeling hot. The outcome is you wake up invigorated and that keeps you happy. A happy mind is a blessing that most people envy because of its strength.
  • Real-Time Cooling – Their patented Real-Time Phase Change Cooling is the reason they have become so much admired. The foam, gel and thermal sensitivity all together make you feel cool at night and that makes the difference. You must give these pillows a try if you do not get sleep at night. This is a must have for those that love to sleep and wake up charged up.
  • Cover – The cover is embroidered painstakingly and it is removable. Of course, you can wash it to keep it fresh. It is made up of 97% premium polyester and 3% spandex. The company has patented technology of thermo-sensitivity that implies it can adjust to your body heat and the cover material has this feature imbedded in it.
  • Low maintenance – All this indicates one thing and that is these pillows are easy to keep up. You can clean them with cold water and detergent. You can even spot clean these pillows.
  • Scented – It has been infused with lavender perfume because it has a calming effect that can lull you to sleep fast. This only makes the package pleasant and you will find a lot cozier to sleep on.
  • Warranty – All Ghostbed Pillows come with a 5 year warranty against workmanship and structural defects. This only makes it interesting and certainly trustworthy.


To be precise, if you want to sleep peacefully, then you must consider buying a Ghost Pillow. Hope, this discussion on Ghostbed Pillow Review must have explained you all that were required. The technological advancement that these pillows have is incredible. This surely is another reason that makes their pillows so famous. The cooling technology also adds to this and all this will improve the quality of your sleep for sure. They are convenient and super snug to sleep on that defines them as to what they are. The result would be you wake up without aches and pains because you get good support.

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