Bedgear Pillow Review Update 07/2024

If you are on the lookout for a super comfy pillow to sleep on then Bedgear Pillow is the right product for you without a doubt. The pillow gives the right amount of support to your neck and spine area. The pillow may be priced at approximately $179, but at the end of the day, it is worth it. The fabric of the pillow cover is very skin friendly so you even if you have sensitive skin you need not fear any allergies. This Bedgear Pillow Review will explain to you that the good thing about this pillow is that cleaning it is a breeze. The sturdy finish assures you that it will last for years together.

Sleepy Head Pillow has reviewed three Bedgear Pillows to help you understand how they different they are from the rest.

Bedgear Pillow Review


The BEDGEAR pillow has a cover that is made from a special fabric, this helps to keep away any moisture. It also has panels that improve the flow of air and prevent allergens. As a user, you can expect to get really good sleep every night while using this pillow. Wait a second, why don’t you click here to read Extra Soft Down Pillow Review


  • The Dual construction offers added comfort. You can expect good support to the neck and spinal areas while sleeping
  • The ventilation on the side allow maximum airflow and this helps to eliminate any excess heat
  • Using this pillow on a daily basis will give you sound sleep at night, so when you wake up in the morning you feel revitalized and ready for the new day
  • The quality of this pillow is unmatched and clearly, it will last for years together


  • It is medium firm and if you want a harder pillow, then clearly you look elsewhere


BEDGear Balance is the perfect pillow to give you the support you need while sleeping at night. The suspension cradle provides good cushioning to the shoulders, neck, and head. In other words, this pillow trains your body to sleep in a proper posture. The pillow is specially designed specially to eliminate pressure points and give you the deep sleep you need. Beside, you can read the article about best pillows for stomach sleepers


  • The dual construction will give you soft and responsive comfort. The crown layer will provide maximum support
  • Special panel that facilitates good airflow, thus eliminating build-up of heat
  • The pillow is so comfortable that the good sleep revitalizes you for the next day
  • The special fabric is just perfect for a peaceful sleep
  • Has a very good finish and it will last for a long time


  • The biggest con would be its price tag and nothing more

BEDGEAR BG-X All Position PERFORMANCE Pillow, Increased Air Flow, Conforms, Contours

The BEDGEAR BG-X All Position PERFORMANCE Pillow is designed specially to facilitate all sleeping positions without the slightest discomfort. As a user, you can be rest assured that your spine and neck area will get all the support. The pillow is made to induce deep sleep so that your body can repair and eliminate all stress.


  • The single chamber build of the pillow provides a fabulous cushioning to the shoulders and spine, so you will experience extreme comfort while sleeping on it
  • This pillow comes with good ventilation so it eliminates any heat build-up
  • The Dri Tec fabric does way with all the moisture thus giving the pillow a cool surface
  • In terms of performance, this pillow is the best in the market
  • It confirms and supports your head, shoulders, and neck


  • The pillow is not very hard

Features of a Bedgear Pillow

As mentioned, we would like to share a few aspects of Bedgear Pillows in general. We have researched a lot and used a few of these pillows to have reached this conclusion. Finally you can view Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow Review

  • Good construction: The pillow is made of multiple materials. This pillow has a special fabric that can control the level of heat. The vertex material can eliminate all the excess heat so you can sleep in a cool environment. The presence of the ventilated panels makes this pillow even more desirable. With these panels, you can expect a constant flow of air will do away with heat build-up near the shoulders, neck, and head.
  • Cooling effect: The core temperature of the pillow is quite low and since the panels facilitate air flow in one direction so no allergens are able to enter. Since the pillow has a blend of boost foam and silk fibers, you can expect the pillow to last for a very long time to come. The pillow allows you to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Cover: The cover of the pillow is made from polyethylene and polyester, these materials add to the cool temperature of the pillow. The cover can be cleaned by spot cleaning, never use a washing machine to clean this cover. The cover has a zipper that you can open and clean the pillow properly. There is a latex insert which can be removed.

Who should use this pillow?

If you really want an answer to this question, then you should read this section with care.

  • People who like sleeping on thicker and denser pillow should for this as it responds very well to movement
  • If you want to eliminate any unwanted heat buildup while you are sleeping, then buy this and get good sleep every night. The pillow is constructed to supply good ventilation and keep out allergens people with allergies should check this out
  • For those who are in the habit of sleeping on their stomach  should buy this pillow as it has a moderate loft and is very comfortable to use
  • If you like sleeping on your side then you could try this pillow as it provides you with the right kind of support so you do not feel uncomfortable sleeping in a fixed posture for long hours
  • Certain pillows cause allergies on the skin particularly for people with sensitive skin, but with this, the possibility of an allergy breaking out is non- existent


What this Bedgear Pillow Review clarifies is that these pillows are not ordinary ones.  If you really want a good night’s sleep this is just what you need. This is just perfect for people who experience disturbed sleeping patterns at night. Why not try one and feel the love? What say?

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