Layla Hybrid vs. Nest Bedding Sparrow Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 07/2024

In terms of hybrid mattresses, the Layla Hybrid from Layla Mattress and Nest Bedding Sparrow from Nest Bedding are two of the most popular on the market.

With a medium-soft and firm side, the Layla Hybrid provides sleepers with two options in one mattress. The Alexander Signature Hybrid, formerly known as the Nest Bedding Sparrow, is available in three hardness levels: soft, medium, and firm. Hybrid mattress customers who desire a variety of firmness levels may want to investigate these two high-quality products, especially if they’ve narrowed down their search.

In a hybrid mattress, innerspring coils are combined with a considerable comfort system comprised of layers of memory foam, polyfoam or latex. The outcome is a combination of pressure alleviation, motion isolation, firm support and ease of movement in the form of a hybrid cushion. Mattresses like the Nest Bedding Sparrow and Layla Hybrid both utilize pocketed coils to provide support and comfort layers of foam. The coil layers regulate temperature, while the comfort layers play a significant role in relieving pressure and preventing motion transfer.

This side-by-side comparison of the Layla Hybrid vs. the Sparrow from Nest Bedding can assist buyers in making a decision on which mattress to buy. For each mattress layer, we’ll take a look at its construction. Other elements that are essential to consumers, such as pricing and corporate practices, will also be examined. Based on extensive product research and comments from verified customers, we recommend these products.

Sizing and Weight Options

There are six standard mattress sizes: twin, king, California king and queen. Size is a crucial consideration when looking for a mattress because it tells you how long it is and how wide it is. Full-sized mattresses are often preferred by individuals who want to sleep on their own rather than share a bed with another person. Size of the mattress can also be determined by the bedroom’s size and arrangement, including the amount of space required for additional furniture and a safe path around the bed.

Customers should also take into account the mattress’s weight. Despite the fact that most internet retailers ship mattresses compressed in a box to make them easier to move, mattresses can still be fairly heavy when delivered. In a queen size, most beds weigh at least 100 pounds and need two people to lift or carry them. Those who are constantly on the move may benefit from a mattress that is lighter in weight.

When combined with a bed frame, the mattress’s height might affect how easy it is to get in and out of bed. Due to their coil support cores and thicker comfort systems, hybrid mattresses have a larger profile than foam mattresses. In this section, we’ll go over how the Layla Hybrid and Nest Sparrow compare in terms of size.

There are three firmness levels, six normal sizes, and split sizes available for the Sparrow from Nest Bedding, so customers have additional alternatives. As a result, the Layla Hybrid mattress offers a choice of two firmness levels in one mattress, allowing buyers to customize their sleep experience.

Individuals and families alike will find something to their liking among the many choices offered. Some couples prefer a split king or split California king to fit their various demands and tastes, while most people opt for a conventional size. With the Nest Sparrow, these couples will be able to choose between an internal split or two separate mattresses for their king and California king sizes. Customers can choose a different hardness level for each side of the same mattress thanks to the internal split.

Nest Bedding Sparrow and Layla Hybrid both feature high profiles, and deep-pocket fitted sheets may be required for both models. Both mattresses are comparable in weight, but those who need a lightweight mattress that is easy to transport may find them too hefty.

Construction and Materials Comparison

Latex, foam, innerspring, hybrid, and airbed mattresses are among the most common. Quality of materials and structure, as well as the type of mattress, might affect the mattress’s lifespan. Low-density foam, on the other hand, is prone to decomposition more quickly than other materials, such as natural latex.

They are sought after because of their sturdy build. Coils made of steel can be double or triple tempered to increase their strength and support. The lifespan of a hybrid mattress is also affected by the usage of comfort layers. It is common knowledge that most mattresses will last between six and eight years. How long the mattress will last for those who sleep on a flat, even surface with regular pressure relief is determined by this.

Customers should take note of the materials utilized and the complexity of the construction when evaluating a building’s quality. Comfort layers of foam are found in both Layla Hybrid and Nest Sparrow mattresses. In this section, we’ll dissect each mattress’s layers one by one.

Layla Hybrid

There are two sides to the Layla Hybrid: one that is medium-soft (four), the other that is hard (seven). Vinyl handles have been incorporated into the cover to make it easier to flip the mattress. An identification tag and a zipper make it simple to remove the polyester blend cover. However, even though the cover can be removed and washed by hand, it should never be machine washed. Instead, Layla suggests hiring a cleaning service if the situation warrants it.

Comfort is provided by 2.5 inches of copper-infused memory foam and 2 inches of Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam on the softer side of Layla Hybrid. By conforming to the shape of the body, memory foam relieves stress by relieving pressure points. It also helps to prevent sleep problems for individuals who share a bed by reducing the amount of movement in the room. Copper can assist this layer draw heat away from the body and prevent the formation of bacteria and smells by enhancing its ability to conduct heat. Deep channels in the polyfoam layer increase airflow and heat dissipation. Surface modification technology (SMT) is used in the Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam layer to provide tailored support.

One inch of copper-infused memory foam and 1.5 inches of Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam make up the Layla Hybrid’s firm side. For sleepers, this provides a firmer feeling while maintaining copper’s antimicrobial and temperature-regulating qualities. Despite the fact that this side does not conform as closely, it nonetheless provides pressure relief and targeted support.

This mattress’s support core is made up of six inches of pocketed coils and a reinforced perimeter for strong edge support. Because of the coils’ ability to distribute air throughout the bed, hot sleepers are kept cool.

In general, folks who sleep on their side and weigh less than 130 pounds are likely to prefer the softer side of the mattress. When it comes to sleeping positions, those who sleep on their back or stomach may prefer to use the firmer side. Having a two-in-one design, Layla Hybrid buyers can test both sides to see which is best suited to their sleeping positions, needs and preferences.

Nest Bedding Sparrow

As a result, there are three hardness levels available for the Nest Bedding Sparrow: Plush (3 out of 10); Medium (5); and Luxury Firm (7) for those who prefer a more firm experience. There’s an internal split hardness option available for king and California king customers, which is a two-sided construction with varying firmness levels on the left and right.

Temperature regulation is provided via the quilted cover’s use of thermo-phase change material. To help keep the body cool and relieve pressure spots, this pillow top is quilted with 0.4 inches of gel-infused memory foam.

3 inches of Energex foam, which varies in density depending on the model, are included in the comfort system. Firmness is determined by the density of the foam comfort layer, and customers can swap out the layer for a different firmness during the Nest Bedding sleep trial.

The cover of the sustainable design features a zipper, making it simple to swap out the comfort layer if necessary, whether during the trial or afterward. According to your comfort preferences, you should not return the product. Every six months, Nest Bedding recommends rotating or flipping the comfort layer.

SmartFlow support foam is sandwiched between the Energex foam layer and the SmartFlow layer. This layer helps to keep sleepers from sinking into the mattress’s pocketed coil support base, which is reinforced by this layer. There are no off-gasses released when the Sparrow mattress is delivered because it has been aired out at the factory before it was built.

Sparrow’s 6-inch support core of pocketed coils provides more edge support. As a result, it boosts the mattress’s overall resilience and reduces motion transfer. The coils are supported by a 1-inch piece of support foam.

There is a hardness level for practically every sleeping position and body type thanks to the three available options. For those who weigh less than 130 pounds, we recommend the Plush option. For stomach sleepers above 130 pounds, the Medium option is the best choice. If you weigh more than 130 pounds, the Luxury Firm mattress is best for you.

Average Customer Ratings

Buying a mattress online typically means making a purchase without first seeing or testing it out. Buyers may be able to test the mattress in the comfort of their own homes with a sleep trial, but they’ll want to know what to expect before making such a large investment.

Consumers who read product reviews are more confident in their purchases. Shipping and delivery times, customer service encounters, and how well the mattress functions are commonly included in reviews.

Consumers should keep in mind that what constitutes “comfort” is a matter of personal opinion while reading customer feedback. People who have purchased the mattress may score it lower because of their personal tastes, therefore it is vital to read the review to see if it is applicable to you. It’s possible that someone who sleeps on their stomach will prefer a mattress with a higher softness rating than someone who sleeps on their side. Customers can rank reviews based on the number of stars they give them or use specific keywords to narrow their search. Some sites may only show reviews with high ratings, while obscuring reviews with lower scores.

Two of the most popular mattresses on the market now are Nest Bedding’s Sparrow hybrid mattress and Layla Hybrid.


Model Average Rating
Layla Hybrid 4.5/5


Model Average Rating

In-Depth Ratings

Purchasing a new mattress necessitates careful consideration of the following factors and features. Mattresses vary in their ability to support and comfort various sleepers based on these criteria.

Consumers may have a better idea of how long a mattress will last, how much pressure it will relieve, and other critical aspects by looking at the materials and construction.

There may be some factors that matter more to some customers than others, because every buyer is different. Each of these categories will be explained in detail, as well as what to look for when making a mattress purchase and how the Layla Hybrid and Nest Sparrow compare.


Mattresses can last anything from six to eight years on average. A mattress’s durability dictates how long it will be supportive and prevent deep imprints or drooping, and how long it will last. The long-term worth of a mattress can also be attributed to its durability, as a mattress manufactured with higher-quality components will last longer before needing to be replaced. Low-density foam, for example, is prone to cracks, splits, and drooping. High-density foam, latex, and steel coils can all extend the life of a mattress by a significant amount of time. Mattress longevity depends on how frequently you use it. Customers who plan on sleeping on the mattress nightly should pay attention to this feature, but those who plan on using the mattress in a guest room may not care as much.

Motion Isolation

When it comes to getting in and out of bed, how well a mattress withstands these types of motions is determined by the mattress’s motion isolation capabilities. Using memory foam prevents motion from reverberating across the mattress since it responds to pressure and returns to its original shape slowly. Some mattresses, such as bouncy or buoyant mattresses, are more likely to convey movement than others, such as those that are individually wrapped in fabric. Couples, people who share a bed with a pet, and those who are easily disturbed by nighttime twitches are the most likely to benefit from motion isolation. Additionally, those who share a bed with a partner may want to keep this in mind in order to avoid disrupting their sleep.


Choosing a mattress for sex can be just as important as making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Latex and hybrid mattresses are typically praised for their bounce, which makes it simpler to change positions. Intimate activity can take place on a larger surface area when the bed’s sides are supported, thus this is an additional consideration. Temperature control and support are important for both sleep and sex, as well.

Temperature Neutrality

Ventilation and a well-ventilated construction are two ways in which mattresses keep the body at a comfortable temperature. Hybrid mattresses include coils that help distribute the mattress’s heat more evenly. Materials that do not adhere tightly to the body allow for more air to circulate around the body, which has an effect on a bed’s ability to regulate temperature. Thermally conductive materials like copper, graphite, or gel can also be used in comfort layers to help draw heat away from the wearer’s body. Hot sleepers, individuals who live in warm climates, and couples will all benefit from temperature neutrality.

Pressure Relief

How a mattress responds to pressure and distributes the weight of a person is determined by how responsive it is. When you sleep on a mattress that conforms to the curve of your body, pressure is relieved in key pressure points, such the hips and shoulders. Memory foam is noted for its ability to adapt to pressure in a proportional manner and alleviate stress in the body. In addition to providing cushioning, latex also conforms to the curves of the body to relieve pressure. Choosing a mattress type and firmness should take into account a person’s preferred sleeping position, as well as their personal preferences.


During the manufacturing process, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released, which are particularly prevalent in foam mattresses. Mattress-in-a-box packaging might compound the problem, as the mattress cannot air out until the purchaser unboxes it. A few days or more may pass before off-gassing ceases to be an issue, although people who are sensitive to odors can find it annoying. A mattress with certifications like CertiPUR-US, Greenguard, and OEKO-TEX is likely to have a lower level of VOCs and may be less prone to off-gassing. There is less chance of off-gassing with natural materials such as latex and wool.

Ease of Movement

The hardness and design of the mattress determines how easy it is to change positions, move around, or get in and out of bed. Sleepers are more inclined to sink into soft and conforming beds, which can make them feel constrained and hinder movement. As latex and coils both give buoyancy to a mattress, mattresses using both materials tend to be more conducive to movement than foam models. It is easier to get out of bed if you sleep on a firm mattress because it prevents you from sinking in. Beds that are easy to get in and out of are preferred by persons who sleep in multiple positions and those who have trouble getting in and out of bed.

Edge Support

The firmness of the mattress’s edges is determined by its edge support. Mattresses with reinforced coil perimeters or firm foam encasements can keep you from sinking into the mattress when you sleep close to or sit on the edge. Latex and hybrid mattresses typically provide superior edge support than foam mattresses.

Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid
Firmness Reversible: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5
Motion Isolation 4/5
Sex 3/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5
Pressure Relief 4/5
Off-Gassing 4/5
Ease of Movement 3/5
Edge Support 4/5

Nest Bedding Sparrow

Firmness Soft (3), Medium (5), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5
Motion Isolation 4/5
Sex 2/5
Sleeps Cool 2/5
Pressure Relief 4/5
Off-Gassing 3/5
Ease of Movement 3/5
Edge Support 2/5

Prices and Sizing

Mattress prices can be determined by a variety of things, including the brand and type of the mattress. You can often get an idea of price range by looking at how big the mattress is. The least expensive option is a twin mattress, while the most expensive options are a king or a California king. Mattresses with a high profile are more expensive than those with a low profile.

Price is also influenced by the mattress’s manufacture. The cost of a mattress might go up or down depending on how many layers it has and how complicated the manufacturing is. Mattresses created in the United States tend to be more expensive than those made elsewhere. Eco-friendly manufacturing processes are required for organic and sustainable certifications, which might raise the cost of a product.

Brands frequently offer seasonal and year-round discounts and promotions, making it rare for customers to pay the full retail price. The Layla Hybrid vs. Nest Sparrow price discrepancies, including current retail costs, are detailed below.

Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid
Twin $1,299
Twin XL $1,399
Full $1,599
Queen $1,699
King $1,899
California King $1,899
Split California King

Nest Bedding Sparrow

Twin $949
Twin XL $1,149
Full $1,349
Queen $1,699
King $1,999
California King $1,999
Split California King $2,398

When sizing is taken into consideration, the Layla Hybrid is the more expensive option. Two different firmness levels are included in the design of this mattress. However, the price difference between the Layla Hybrid and the Nest Sparrow isn’t huge. High-quality hybrids can be found at a reasonable price from both.

It’s an excellent alternative for people who wish to try out two different firmness levels in one mattress, or for people whose sleeping habits change over time. Although Nest Bedding offers comfort swaps throughout the sleep trial, the comfort layer may be easily replaced out to vary the firmness of the Sparrow as desired.

As two mattresses side by side, Nest Bedding’s split king and split California king size mattresses are the most expensive alternative. For couples who have differing preferences, including those with split adjustable bases, the additional cost is typically worth it.

Both companies provide promotions and discounts throughout the year, allowing the above-mentioned retail costs to be reduced even further.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Both of these beds are available in a variety of densities. Layla can be flipped and the Sparrow can be ordered in either Plush, Medium, or Firm. All-foam and hybrid foams are only being compared here because of their similarity in the medium-soft and medium-firm categories.

On a scale of one to ten, a ten is considered the firmest. Compared to the Sparrow, Layla’s Medium-Soft firmness is rated at a 4.

People who sleep on their stomachs or backs prefer a firmer mattress because it provides more support for their shoulders and hips. In terms of firmness, the Firm Sparrow or the Firm side of the Layla should be able to satisfy those who like a more firm mattress.

For side sleepers, both of these beds are extremely conforming and copper-infused to enhance their materials. The Soft version of the Sparrow is a good alternative for side sleepers looking for additional pressure reduction, although Layla’s all-foam design could work just as well.

When it comes to responsiveness, Sparrow is the clear winner. The inclusion of springs should result in a more responsive bed overall.”

Layla vs. Sparrow Signature Hybrid Compared Side-by-Side

Features Layla Sparrow
Height 10” 12”
Cover Polyester blended with viscose, lycra, and ThermoGel® Thermic Phase Change fabric quilted to gel-infused memory foam
Materials Copper-infused memory foam, high-density polyfoam, convoluted support foam TitanChil Endurance Foam®, SmartFlow Support Foam, Quantum® Edge Pocketed Support Coils
Cooling Copper wicks away memory foam heat, and the convoluted layer promotes airflow. Thermic Phase Change Cooling fabric, gel memory foam, pocket coils to support air flow
Firmness 4 or 7/10 5.5/10
Support Great Great
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Edge Support Good Exceptional
Sinkage Deep Hug Deep Hug
Bounce Minimal Moderate
Warranty Lifetime Forever
Trial Period 120 nights 365 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping Ships to U.S. and Canada Ships to the U.S. and Canada, free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Arrange with the manufacturer for White Glove delivery
Made in the USA Yes Yes

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery


Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and other places outside the continental United States must pay for standard shipping. The time it takes for delivery varies on where the mattress is built, whether or not it is made to order, and where the final shipping destination is.

mattress in a box shipping is preferred by many online mattress retailers since it reduces packaging and shipping costs while still allowing customers to get their new mattress quickly and easily. Another alternative is White Glove delivery, where the mattress is delivered and set up by a delivery team. Some firms also offer the removal of old mattresses.

Layla Shipping Policies

The Layla Hybrid is a 100% American-made product that you can trust. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii costs an additional $125 and is not included in Layla’s free shipping offer inside the mainland United States. The cost of shipping to Canada is $225. There is no White Glove delivery service available at this time.

Compressed and supplied as a mattress-in-a-box, the Layla Hybrid is built to order, compressed, and despatched. In most cases, orders are shipped within three to five days. In most cases, shipments arrive within three to five business days of being despatched.

Nest Bedding Shipping Policies

Made to order in the United States, the Nest Bedding Sparrow For the continental United States, Nest provides free shipping; for Alaska, Hawaii, and foreign destinations, additional fees apply. Shoppers can request White Glove delivery by calling Nest customer support.

Customers can anticipate to get their Sparrow mattress 4 to 8 business days after placing their order. Mattresses are compressed and packed in a box.


Free trials and free returns are common perks offered by online mattress retailers. According to the firm, a sleep trial allows customers to test out a mattress for anywhere from three months to a year at home. Shoppers should be aware that some companies demand a fee for returning items or for refilling them, so it’s important to read the fine print. In most cases, returned mattresses are given or recycled, with the mattress manufacturer assisting in the collection process.

Layla Return Policy

During Layla’s 120-night sleep trial, a two-week minimum is required before a return can be commenced. Returns are free, however original shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada are not refunded. ” In the event of a return, Layla arranges for the mattress to be donated to a local charity or non-profit group. Once the mattress is given away, a full refund is given.

Nest Bedding Return Policy

You may try Nest Bedding for 365 nights with a 30-night break-in period. In the event that a customer wishes to return an unopened mattress prior to the 30-night break-in period, a 25% restocking fee applies. Instead of returning the mattress, buyers can choose to exchange the mattress’s comfort layer during the sleep trial. Nest Bedding also offers a 30-percent discount on a new mattress if a customer is dissatisfied with their current purchase.

Returning a mattress to Nest results in a complete refund as well as assistance with donating, discarding, or picking up the old mattress.


In the event that a mattress fails to live up to expectations, a warranty will replace or repair the mattress. Material and manufacturing flaws are covered under warranties, but normal wear and tear and inappropriate use are not.

A guarantee is provided to demonstrate the company’s confidence in the product’s quality and to give customers an indication of the mattress’s expected durability and longevity. When shopping for a warranty, it’s important to think about how long the warranty will last, what it covers, and what it will cost if something goes wrong.

Layla Warranty

Ten years of material and workmanship defects are covered by the Layla Hybrid’s non-prorated guarantee. In order to qualify for insurance, the mattress must be used on a solid surface that is stable.

Seams falling apart, imprints larger than 1 inch, and loss of shape bigger than 1 inch are covered flaws. Layla will either repair or replace the mattress or the faulty component, if necessary. When a warranty claim is made, the company may assess a shipping fee of $50.

Nest Bedding Warranty

With a limited lifetime warranty, Nest Bedding Sparrow covers flaws in materials and manufacturing. Physical faults, such as tearing or unraveling in the stitching, that are not the product of poor use, are also included in this category. Typical wear and tear and damage caused by inappropriate use are not covered by the guarantee. Nest will either repair or replace the mattress if there is a problem with it.

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