Alexander Signature Hybrid vs. Winkbed Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 07/2024

This contrast between Sparrow and WinkBed is a fight of the hybrids.

When it comes to customer care, Nest Bedding goes above and beyond. WinkBed sees their firm as more than just a place to sleep. It is possible to get a luxurious feel at a reasonable price with both manufacturers’ lifetime warranties.

Here, you’ll find comparisons and contrasts between these two products. We’ll also tell you which mattress is best suited for your specific needs.

Afterward, read our in-depth product reviews for a more in-depth assessment of each item:

Quick Comparison: Sparrow and WinkBed


  • Enhancements in cooling capacity.
  • Exhilarating smothering sensation.
  • Foam and coils of the highest quality are used.


  • Support that is well spread.
  • Reduces the amount of heat that is retained.
  • Suitable for heavier people.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Sparrow Signature Hybrid Construction

Foam and coils are combined in this model. For shipping, it is packaged in a box and compressed.

In order to create a 1-inch cover that encourages sinkage and cooling, this 12-inch bed’s cover is made of Thermic Phase Change fabric with Gel-Infused Memory Foam stitched into it.

  • An EnergexTM Temperature Responsive Foam is included on the top layer. This state-of-the-art material ought to be responsive right away.
  • A 1-inch SmartFlow Support Foam fills the following layer. Prior to the coils, this is designed to be a transitional and supporting layer
  • A 6-inch Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coil system is used for the innerspring layer. There should be a strong foundation for the mattress, as well as excellent edge support, thanks to the use of coils.
  • A 1-inch thick layer of supportive foam is added to the bottom of the mattress.

WinkBed Construction

This is a rolled and compressed foam and coil hybrid that is packed in a box.

The Tencel used in this mattress is environmentally friendly and engineered to keep you cool and comfortable. For this bed, the Luxury Firm option is 13.5 inches high, and there is likely some fluctuation among the many firmness options that are offered. Focusing on the Luxury Firm construction, we’ll notice the variations between the company’s other items as necessary.

  • With a Eurotop that is medium-firm, 2 inches of gel foam fills out the top layer. As a result, this should alleviate pressure and cool the body.
  • The SupportCell foam used in the second layer, which is 2.5 inches thick, provides further cushioning and ease of transition to the coils below.
  • Pocketed 8-inch coils make up the innerspring layer. With this technique, there are five comfort zones that may be flexed or compressed depending on a person’s weight and position.
  • To stabilize the mattress, a 1-inch layer of support foam has been added to the bottom.

These measurements are based on the company’s basic mattresses. They also have the Plus, which should be more stable for people who are concerned about their weight.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We’ve used a scale of one to ten to compare the hardness and comfort of these two mattresses. One is the softest possible, while ten is the firmest. Both brands have varying levels of comfort.

You should feel like you’re wearing something in the middle of medium and medium-firm, with the Sparrow’s Medium rating of 5.5. The Plush has a 2.5 rating, whereas the Firm has an 8.5 rating.

It has been rated a 6.5, which is on the medium-firm side of the range for WinkBed Luxury Firm. There are Soft, Firm, and Plus versions of each.

Each bed should have a distinct look and feel to go along with its various degrees of comfort. The TitanChil Endurance Foam® and individually pocketed coils in the Sparrow should provide greater pressure relief and allow the mattress to move or compress with your body weight. Support and spinal alignment should be improved by the WinkBed’s 5 support zones, which feature a coil unit with 5 support zones

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Both brands have a mild bounce, but the way this attribute behaves is different for each. There should be a good amount of overall bounce from the Sparrow, but a deeper depth of bounce from the Winkbed.

The upper comfort fabrics of the Sparrow should cradle you like a teddy bear. The WinkBed should keep you closer to the top of the mattress by providing a comfortable cradle.

Both beds should work well for those who sleep in a variety of positions, thanks to the bounce they provide.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Co-sleepers who want to keep their spouses from waking them up in the middle of the night will be happy with either product. Individually insulated coils and thick materials in each product are designed to prevent movement. Motion transfer isn’t a big deal to most purchasers, but co-sleepers will appreciate it.

Comparing Edge Support

You should be able to sleep on the edge of your bed without sacrificing support thanks to the design of both the Sparrow and WinkBed’s coil units. This is a place where both goods shine.

Sparrow and WinkBed Compared Side-by-Side

Features Sparrow WinkBed
Height 12″ 13.5″
Cover Gel-Infused memory foam and Thermic Phase Change fabric Tencel
Materials Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam, SmartFlow Support Foam, Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils Gel-Infused Hypersoft Foam, SupportCell Foam, Pocketed Coils, Polyfoam
Cooling Thermic Phase Change fabric, Gel-Infused Memory Foam, Copper, SmartFlow for airflow, coils for airflow Tencel, cooling gels, pocketed coils
Firmness 5.5/10 6.5/10
Support Great Exceptional
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Edge Support Exceptional Exceptional
Sinkage Deep Hug Gentle Cradle
Bounce Exceptional Minimal, Moderate Deep Level Bounce
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Trial Period 365 nights 120 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1

Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping Ships to the U.S. and Canada, free within the contiguous United States, White Glove service can be arranged Free within the continental United States
Made in the USA Yes Yes
[/table] [table]
Size Sparrow Price (w/o discount) WinkBed Price (w/o discount)
Twin $949 $1,149
Twin XL $1,149 $1,249
Full $1,349 $1,499
Queen $1,699 $1,799
King $1,999 $1,999
Cali King $1,999 $2,049
Split Cali King (1 side only) $1,149 N/A

Should I Buy the Sparrow or WinkBed?

Similarities between the two devices include a hybrid nature and a variety of comfort options as well as better edge support.

Your personal preferences are likely to be the reason why you choose one over the other. Consider sinkage and bounce as well as zones and cooling properties before making a purchase.

We Would Recommend Buying Sparrow Signature Hybrid if You are Looking for:

  • All-foam comfort with enhanced cooling technologies. Phase-changing technology and cooling gels ensure a cool night’s sleep despite the foam’s deep hug.
  • Personalized comfort options. For those who want the best of both worlds, split King and Cali goods are available. If your needs change, this company will work with you to swap out beds for a discount and ensure comfort for the life of the product.
  • A deep hug. If you want to “sleep in” your mattress rather than “on top of” it, this product is for you.

We Would Recommend Buying WinkBed if You are Looking for:

  • Customized support. In order to alleviate aches and pains in the shoulders and hips, a zoned design provides extra compression to these places, while pressing back on lighter areas to maintain a neutral spine.
  • Extra bounce. This bed’s coils should be able to give you a better bounce so that you can get around more readily.
  • A gentle cradle. With this product, you should feel reduced sinkage, resulting in a softer cradle. If you prefer to float at the top of the bed, this may be the best solution for you.

Final Thoughts

You may rest easy knowing that whatever product you choose, you’ll have a wide range of customization possibilities at your disposal. You can choose from a variety of comfort options, such a bed that is more stable or one that has cooling properties.

More information about these two excellent goods can be found by reading our in-depth reviews, which we strongly recommend.

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