How To Keep Sheets On Bed? Comprehensive Guide Update 07/2024

What could be better than a peaceful night’s sleep on your favorite bed linens? Unless, of course, you wake up in the middle of a breakfast burrito made from a bedsheet. Even if you didn’t realize it, you’ve ended up as the main filling for a textile tortilla that’s been stuffed too tightly. There are a number of reasons why your linen sheets may be slipping about as you sleep, including a lack of right equipment to keep them in place.

Whatever the case may be, you are entitled to a path to the coffee maker that is free of tangles when you wake up in the morning. Make sure your bed linens stay put by following these simple tips, which you can learn more about by reading on.

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Why Your Sheets Are Falling Off

Even if you make your bed every day, your flat sheet or fitted sheet may still find a way to slip around your ankles while you sleep. A look at the possible causes of this sleep-disrupting mess.

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Too Much Slip and Not Enough Grip

What are the materials used to make your bed linens? When you slip into bed at night, you may enjoy the feel of satin sheets, but your mattress may not.

If you don’t have a mattress topper, this might be a good time to get one. In addition to providing additional relaxation, the friction between your mattress and your silky fitted sheet could assist keep the fabric in place.

Improper Size and Placement

Your fitted bed sheet’s pocket depth is something you should check at least once a year. Check out the depth of the fitted sheet’s pockets if you’re unsure of how to keep it in place.

Start at one of the corners that lies flat on the mattress and measure down to the elastic band that hugs around it, whether you have a Tencel or cotton sheet. A mattress that doesn’t fit properly can cause the corners to pop off as you move around at night, if it’s too small. Mattress-sheet synergy can be underestimated. Consider the thickness of your mattress before purchasing a fitted sheet.

One Size Does Not Fit All

To get the best night’s sleep, you should pay attention to the depth of the corners of your mattress’s sheet pockets. Standard, deep, and extra-deep sheet pockets are all available. The thickness of your mattress will dictate the depth of your pockets. If you’re unsure about the thickness of your mattress, grab a tape measure and start to work figuring out the proportions of your bed. Standard pockets have a depth ranging from 7 to 14 inches, deep pockets cover 11 to 17 inches, and extra-deep pockets cover 15 to 22 inches in depth.

8 Ways to Keep Bed Sheets Tight

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to prevent your bed sheets from slipping with the eight methods described here.

Use an Under-Sheet Beneath Fitted Sheet

A lack of friction can cause bedding to slide, especially if it is made of softer fabrics like Egyptian Cotton or Silk. Place a rougher-textured under-sheet beneath the fitted sheet to counteract this. Because of the increased friction, your sheets should not slide off. Choosing warmer linens like Flannel or Fleece will reduce friction because of their higher heat content. But if you have sensitive skin or a tendency to overheat, you may want to try something else.
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Try Putting the Top Corners on First

When making your bed, it’s a good idea to start with the top corners first. Begin by tucking the cover into the corners of the mattress at the head and foot of the bed. After that, work your way down to the corners. Once you’ve stretched the covers over the top corners, it should be easier for you to get to the bottom corners of the bed and secure the mattress.

Use Rug Corners

Rug corners can be used to keep your bedding in place as well. The four corners of a rug are held in place by rug corners. Choose rug corners that may be utilized on any surface from a hardware store’s selection of useful non-slip rug corners. To ensure a snug fit, place these under your sheets at each corner. If you’re looking for a way to keep your sheets in place, you’ll want to use these.

Use Sheet Suspenders

These suspenders, like their pants counterpart, are designed to keep your bed sheets in place. You’ll clip the suspenders to your sheets and the mattress, box spring, or slats with the help of a safety pin. These should keep your sheets in place once they’ve been put in place. In order to secure your covers even more, you can get suspenders that crisscross underneath and do the same.

Try Stretchy Bands

Another helpful method for keeping your linens in place is to use elastic bands. It’s safe to assume that if you’ve never seen or used these before, your mental image of them will be one of huge rubber bands. You can have one with locking mechanisms or just a band that you wrap around the sheet to keep it in place, depending on what you choose to buy.

Attach Safety Pins

Instead of letting your linens slide around, try fastening them down if that doesn’t work. Safety pins can be used for a variety of things, including keeping sheets in place on a mattress. Pin them correctly if you’re going to use this strategy. To prevent the pin from bending or weakening, pin them while the sheet is being tugged, not against it.

Zip the Sheets

You can also try a zippered sheet set if all else fails; this type of bedding is highly recognized for its ability to keep everything in place, particularly for children’s beds. It has a zipped top and bottom that wraps around your mattress and should keep everything in place firmly and safely. A lot of people prefer these if they wish to make changing their sheets more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of sheets do not slip as much?

If you’re on the market for new sheets, you might want to start at the source of the problem: the product itself. It’s a great time to experiment with a different material if you’re always dealing with linens that fall over. Fleece or flannel, as previously stated, is more warm and less likely to move around. If you reside in a colder climate, this material is a must-have. Satin, Bamboo, and Silk, despite being quite comfortable, tend to be more slippery. Instead, linen or cotton sheets are excellent options.

Why won’t my fitted sheets stay on my bed?

Fitted sheets might fling off your bed for a variety of reasons. Your mattress may not be able to accommodate the depth of the elastic. Due to their lack of friction, silk and satin sheets frequently fall off the bed. The first step in finding a remedy to your sheets flying off the bed is to figure out why they do so.

How do I keep my sheets from coming off my bed?

There’s a solution to the problem of slick sheets, though. They can be held in place in a variety of ways. Mattress suspenders, for example, are devices that attach to the mattress and hold the fitted sheet in place while the user is sleeping. No time to go out and buy something? Binder clips and safety pins are good options for securing your sheets.

How do you keep sheets on an air mattress?

This makes it difficult to attach sheets to most air mattresses because of their slippery feel. Purchase a stretchy band to fix this issue. This rubber band-like product is designed to keep the sheets in place around the perimeter of the mattress.

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How do you keep sheets on an adjustable bed?

Invest on fitted sheets with deep pockets if you want the finest outcomes. This will keep them attached to the mattress, even as you modify the mattress’s height. Adjustable beds benefit from the use of mattress suspenders, which keep fitted sheets in place.


These eight pointers will make it much easier to keep your bedding in place while you sleep. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or wait for someone else to do the work because these solutions are low-cost and easy to DIY. You may not know why your sheets aren’t staying place, but if you measure your bed and buy things that are specifically made for that mattress’s dimensions, you’ll know why. As a bonus, it’s a terrific opportunity to get a new set of sheets. It’s never been easier to get your sheets to fit properly, no matter what method you use.

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