How to Make The Pillow Fort? Awesome Ideas To Try! Update 07/2024

The best way to unwind on a rainy day is to cozy up on the couch with a good book. That is, unless you have a few boisterous children who are fed up with being cooped up indoors. You can only enjoy coloring and board games for so long before you get bored of them.

Making a pillow fort at home is a great way to keep youngsters entertained and involved in an adventure without ever having to leave the house. In addition, a warm and inviting design can encourage your children to believe that bedtime can be enjoyable.

You and your children can have hours of fun with just a few sheets, blankets, solid chairs, and your coziest cushions. Everything from sleepovers to ghost stories can be told in a cozy blanket fort. Bring a movie and some snacks into your blanket fort for some added fun. For people who want to save money and spend time together, this activity is ideal for stormy, freezing, or just any day.
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It’s fun to construct a fortress out of cushions at a get-together. For a sleepover party, you may either prepare our DIY pillow fort kit ahead of time or bring it as a gift. To begin your construction of the ultimate pillow fortress, gather the following materials:

Pillow fort ideas

The choices are unlimited when it comes to building forts. If you need some ideas for your pillow fort, have a look at some of these interesting fort designs.

The tunnel fort

This is the simplest fort style, requiring only a couch, sheet, and a few cushions to get started. Using a substantial object like books, fasten one end of the sheet to the couch’s back and the other end to the floor. Only children can fit in a tunnel fort, therefore it’s the ideal place to escape the prying eyes of the adults.

You’ll need the following:

  • Couch.
  • Sheet.
  • Pillows.
  • a significant amount of weight (heavy books, shoes, etc.).

The camping tent fort

You may bring the outdoors into your home with the classic camping tent fort style. Those who want to feel like they’re on a wilderness expedition might get a true sense of adventure by setting up their living room in the style of a tent.

You’ll need the following:

  • Clothes bar or broomstick, two chairs
  • Sheet.
  • Pillows.
  • Clothes pins.
  • a significant amount of weight (heavy books, shoes, etc.).

The house fort

Constructing a fort in your house has never been easier. The underside of the table is made comfy by the sheets that cover all four corners. You have a lot of room to decorate and indulge in a variety of activities and adventures because this fort is much larger.

You’ll need the following:

  • Table
  • 2 Pieces of Paper
  • Pillows
  • Pins for clothes
  • a significant amount of weight (heavy books, shoes, etc.)

The castle fort

The castle fort is the most regal of all pillow forts, and would be appropriate for a prince or princess. While a castle fort necessitates more space and resources, it provides a plethora of possibilities for fun with family, pets, and younger siblings. Use a coat stand to hold the sheet up in the center to complete the castle look.

You’ll need the following:

  • There are four chairs available (or 2 chairs and couch).
  • Sheet.
  • Pillows.
  • Clothes pins.
  • Stand for your coats.

How to Build a Pillow Fort

It’s time to start construction once you have everything you require on hand. In order to build the ultimate blanket fort, it may take some trial and error, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

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Choose a Location

Everyone who plans on entering the structure will need a lot of room to move around in. Keep in mind other aspects, such as entertainment. There is no harm in setting up camp near a television, if you plan on watching the film. Ventilation is another factor to keep in mind. It’s important to have a window or a fan handy if your building gets hot rapidly.

Set Up Sturdy Furniture

A couch or chair is an excellent place to start when furnishing your home. Furniture can be used in two ways for your castle. Either place two seats side by side, with a distance between them no greater than the width of the sheet you intend to use, or locate yourself near a couch. Try to arrange your furniture in a circle if you have a lot of it.

Construct Your Roof

Use the lightest blanket or sheet you have for the roof so that it can support its own weight. It’s a good idea to tie a rope between two chairs and drape the sheet over it. While maintaining its tent-like look, this technique keeps it from sagging too far in any direction. Clothespins can be used to keep your blanket or sheet in place if it’s prone to slipping.

Build the Walls

There are probably a number of holes and openings in your current construction. Make use of extra sheets, blankets, or couch cushions to fill in the gaps in your bedding arrangement. Using sheets or blankets instead of pillows may be preferable because they can cover a bigger surface area.

Fill With Pillows

When seen from the outside, the ultimate pillow fort appears intimidating. However, once inside, it is a cozy haven. Make the floor of your refuge more comfortable by using your remaining pillows and blankets. Pillows can be strategically placed to provide a place to sit or lean, if desired.


Let your youngster personalize their blanket fort now that you’ve made a fantastic structure. You are only limited by your creativity when it comes to adding finishing touches to your work of art. You’ll find a few decorating tips here:

How to Decorate Your Fort

To help your child express themselves and discover their uniqueness, consider building a blanket fort. Encourage them to personalize this space to their liking. The inside of the chair can be decorated with adorable or decorative cushions, or lights can be hung from the chair’s rope. To keep your children occupied for several hours, feel free to bring plush animals, games, or other items into the soft sanctuary.

Print off a few placards with your child’s name on them to let everyone know who is responsible for the construction. You could also give the fort a name and put it on display for everyone to see.. You can either have your youngster cut out the signs yourself or use the ones included in our package. Extra fabric scraps can be turned into interesting banners and flags, and ribbons can be used to decorate your home.

How to Make A Pillow Fort Kit

For each event, you may put together a kit that will allow you to easily create a pleasant castle. Every child appreciates making something unique, whether it’s for a rainy day or a birthday party. If you’re looking for a last-minute, budget-friendly gift, this is it.

To store the products, you’ll only need a bag and a few other essentials. A sheet, rope, and clothespins are all that is needed. Any pillows and furnishings you have at home, or the recipient’s, can be used to break out the pre-made package.

To make the gift even more special, make a sign with your child’s name or the recipient’s name and place it in the package as a decoration. To complete your kit, simply add a gift tag and a few steps to the directions. These are available to you down the page. To obtain the gift tags, directions, and other materials you’ll need to create the perfect pillow fort, simply click the download button below.

10 fort activities

Make the most of your new fort with these entertaining fort activities once you’ve finished building it.

1. Play a game

Breaking out the games in your pillow fort is one of the best things you can do. You may use a gaming console or a mobile device to play video games, depending on where you built your fort. They can play for hours on end with classic board games like Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble, and Monopoly.

2. Have a tea party

Host a spectacular tea party in your newly erected fort. Make some finger sandwiches and cookies and serve them with a cup of tea as an opportunity to get dressed up. Invite your child’s friends and family members to their tea party with these printable invites and tea and snack tags that match the invitations.

3. Read something you enjoy

You might consider having your youngster read a book they like while you rest in the pillow fort. Consider luring them into a fantasy world with a well-written book or comic. If you choose a fort that is dark and mysterious, audiobooks work just as well.

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4. Craft is up

Make your child’s pillow fort a place where they can unleash their imagination and inventiveness. Cut out these free printable dog and unicorn masks and display them proudly on the fridge as a memento of your child’s creativity.

5. Journal what’s on your mind

Journaling in your pillow fort is a great way to get started. In a fort, your child can write down their thoughts in peace and quiet. You can use a pillow fort as a safe haven to scribble down your thoughts and feelings, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.

6. Watch a movie

Prepare your favorite munchies and popcorn for the ultimate pillow fort movie marathon. If you’ve set up camp near a television or incorporated it into your pillow fort, this is a great pastime that’s both simple and fun. Your fort might even be transformed into your own personal movie theater by installing a projector and screen.

7. Have a spa day

Create a spa-like sanctuary in your own home. Relax and treat yourself with a day of manicures and cucumber slices. To avoid inhaling the strong fumes that come with nail polish and remover, make sure your fort has adequate ventilation before letting your kids try this at home.

8. Do your homework

In a pillow fort, homework can be done in a calm and comfortable environment. Ample light and room are essential for your child’s ability to accomplish their assignments. They can use the fort as a learning area by participating in Zoom sessions and meetings.

9. Take a nap

There’s nothing better than taking a well-earned siesta in your newly constructed fort after a long day of construction. Use a dark sheet for your roof to block out any unwanted light, and pile the floor with pillows, cushions, and blankets for optimal napping comfort.

10. Play pretend

Whether it’s a kingdom in another land, a secret tunnel in a forbidden forest, or a pirate ship sailing off to locate the lost gold, your fort may be anything your child wishes it to be. It’s all about letting your kids use their imaginations and having fun. Check out these free printables to decorate their castle and alter their fun new location and help them create the vibe they choose.

Pillow fort fun

In a pillow fort, you and your children should be able to spend valuable time together and have a good time. It stimulates the mind and provides hours of entertainment. Build one if you’re bored in your apartment or if you’re looking for a fun activity for a sleepover party. Regardless of the reason, have fun with it!

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