Sleep Number vs. Purple Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 06/2024

Purple and Sleep Number are frequently compared by clients looking for a new mattress.

As one of the earliest airbed-only mattress companies, Sleep Number is known for its changeable firmness settings that can be managed via remote or smartphone app. To keep cool and create a responsive sleep surface, Purple’s Purple Grid material is comprised of buckling column gel.

It’s difficult to choose between the mattresses offered by these two companies, each of which caters to a different set of needs.

We’ll compare the Sleep Number and Purple mattress lines in terms of their construction, materials, cost, performance, and overall feel. To assist you select the finest mattress for your needs, we’ll also look at each company’s policies on sleep trials, returns, and warranties.

What They’re All About

Sleep Number

The adjustable air beds made by Sleep Number are perhaps most recognized for its remote-controlled firmness and support adjustments.

Starting with the Classic Series and concluding with the 360 Smart Beds, there are four distinct types of beds to choose from. Within each series, there are a plethora of models with varying degrees of comfort.

Dual air chambers allow each individual to tailor the bed to their own preferences without having to compromise. This makes the beds popular with couples.

According to the series and model, the price is different. In comparison, the i-10 360 SmartBed costs $5099.00 for a Queen, while the c-2 costs $999.00 for a Queen.

There is a 100-night sleep trial on Sleep Number mattresses (read the fine print for exclusions).


It’s safe to say that Purple is a household name in the world of boxed mattresses. This has a lot to do with the unusual materials they utilize and the clever marketing and successful Kickstarter campaign they’ve put together.

The mattress’s top layer is extremely distinct from other foam mattresses. Hyper-elastic polymer material in Smart Comfort Grid design is used to make the 2″ thick mattress. Unlike anything else we’ve tried, it’s both supportive and highly pressure-relieving.

The measurements of the mattress are 59.5′′ x 79.5′′ x 9.5′′ and the Queen size retails for $1299.00. In addition, the Purple mattress is manufactured in the United States and comes with a 100-night “no-risk” guarantee.

Sleep Number vs Purple: Which is Better for You?

The Sleep Number i8 has a “eye” for innovation, with temperature-balancing technology and a cozy 6-inch layer of foam for added comfort. Incorporating Purple’s patented GelFlex Grid technology, the original Purple mattress is a conventional medium-firm mattress. How are you supposed to choose between them when they all have such impressive features? Let’s dive right in, right here!

Who Should Buy Sleep Number

  • You’re looking for customization. You can always change the firmness or softness of your mattress by adjusting the amount of air in the air chambers.
  • You’re sharing a bed with someone else. In the event that you sleep with someone who prefers their mattress softer or firmer than you, Sleep Number’s DualAir technology can be a godsend.
  • As a result, you’d like to see smart integration implemented. ResponsiveAir technology (which allows your mattress to respond to your motions while you sleep) and the SleepIQ app are standard features on all Sleep Number beds, making them truly smart beds.

Who Should Buy Purple

  • You’re under a lot of stress. As a result of the pressure-relieving materials in the comfort layers, Purple may be one of its most popular products.
  • You sleep in a variety of positions on a regular basis. While Purple only has a few mattress options, it is meant to support a wide range of body shapes and positions, making it an excellent option for those who frequently change positions.
  • You have a tendency to overheat your bed. This mattress is known for its ability to keep the sleeper cool, based on the many positive comments it has received from customers and reviewers alike.

Sleep Number vs Purple: Similarities and Differences

In spite of their superficial similarities, each of these beds is unique. The Purple or Sleep Number may or may not be a good fit for you based on one of these features. Let me know what you think of my perspective.

Main Similarities 

  • Regulating the temperature. This is something that many sleepers will want to celebrate. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep cool and fresh, the Purple mattress’s PurpleTM Grid is a great place to start. As you cool down, the Sleep Number’s temperature-regulating technology releases the heat, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night.
  • Recognization of a company’s brand. Purple’s Grid and Sleep Number’s SleepIQ® technology are two of their most distinctive characteristics, and as a result, their brands are well-known and trusted.
  • A sleep test is available. A 100-night sleep trial is available from both brands.

Main Differences 

  • Price. While the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is more expensive, the Purple mattress is a fraction of the price.
  • Technology. All Sleep Number beds are equipped with SleepIQ® technology, which monitors your sleep patterns and identifies your individual sleep preferences. Your SleepIQ® score informs you how well you slept and what you can do to improve it each day. A Purple mattress does not require Wifi, however a Sleep Number bed must.

Sizing Options

The first and most crucial decision you must make is what size mattress you want. If you sleep with a partner or want to spread out, you may want to look into purchasing a larger bed. The mattress should not take up too much room in a compact bedroom, however.

Weight is especially crucial when your mattress box comes, or when you’re rearranging your bedroom or moving. When you sleep, the weight of the mattress should have no effect.

In addition to the mattress’s height, you’ll also need to consider the base and/or the box spring. Sleepers with joint problems may choose a bed that isn’t as high, while those who are shorter may prefer a bed that is. It’s possible that you’ll require fitted sheets with deeper pockets if your mattress is particularly tall. With a high-profile mattress, adding a mattress topper may be more difficult.

Sleep Number


  • Height: 8″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 9″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 11″
  • Size Options: Twin XL, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, Split California King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, Split California King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 13″
  • Size Options: Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, Split California King, FlexTop California King


  • Height: 11″
  • Size Options: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, FlexTop King, Split California King, FlexTop California King


Purple Mattress

  • Height: 9.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King

Purple Hybrid

  • Height: 11″
  • Size Options: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King

Purple Hybrid Premier

  • Height: 12″, 13″
  • Size Options: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King

Purple Kid Mattress

  • Height: 7″
  • Size Options: Twin

For those who prefer a divided king-size bed, the Purple Mattress is available. The only difference between the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier is the absence of a twin size. Purple Kid Mattress is only offered in twin size, which is understandable.

Ten mattress sizes are available, including split and FlexTop options for the king and California king models. The FlexTop option joins the bases, but allows you to manipulate the top half of each side separately.

Sleep Number models come in a variety of sizes, however not all sizes are offered in every model. Aside from its size, the 360 i10 Smart Bed is the most limited in terms of availability.

In terms of height, every Sleep Number and Purple mattress is standard. Compared to the 360 C4 Smart Bed, the 360 C2 Smart Bed is 8 inches tall. They are all between 10 and 13 inches thick because of their thicker layers of comfort. Purple’s 9.5-inch Purple Mattress is the lowest-profile variant. They both have an average height of between 11 and 13 inches.

To put it simply, the hybrid Purple Mattresses are heavier than the all-foam Purple Mattress. Foam and steel coils are heavier together than they are separately.

Because both Sleep Number and Purple have a wide range of alternatives, size is not likely to be a deciding factor. Sleep Number beds, on the other hand, offer larger split beds with the ability to move the heads of both sides of the bed.

Construction and Materials Comparison

A mattress’s performance, comfort, and longevity are all influenced by the materials used in its construction. Finding the right mattress for your needs might be made easier if you have a thorough understanding of mattress design.

Throughout your research of mattresses, you’ll come across a number of crucial terminology that describe the construction of mattresses. The mattress’s comfort system includes the mattress’s top layer or layers, which directly affect the mattress’s feel. There is a thicker part beneath the comfort system, known as the support core, that serves as the mattress’s foundation.

Memory foam, polyfoam, or other pressure-relieving ingredients are common in all-foam mattresses, as is a polyfoam support layer. Latex, foam, or fibers can be used in the comfort layer, whereas steel coils are used in the support layer. There are air-filled chambers in the support core and extra comfort layers on top of airbeds, which are distinct from temporary air mattresses.

Sleep Number

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds are all airbeds, with foam comfort layers and adjustable air chambers on each side of the mattress. Using a remote control or a smartphone app, sleepers can vary the hardness by allowing more or less air into the chambers. In terms of firmness, the Sleep Number firmness scale ranges from 3 (soft) to 100 (hard) (8).

Additionally, each of the 360 Smart Beds features sensors that can automatically modify the firmness of your mattress based on your movements, and sleep monitoring technology. The SleepIQ Technology provides you with a monthly report that includes recommendations for enhancing your sleep quality.

However, each 360 Sleep Number mattress is constructed with a unique combination of comfort layers based on its individual sequence of air chambers.

Sleep Number Classic Series

The 360 C2 Smart Bed and the 360 C4 Smart Bed are part of the Classic Series. Sleep Number’s lowest-priced beds are here. In order to prevent heat retention, both mattresses contain polyfoam comfort layers with gel infusions.

Thickness of the comfort layer makes a big difference in the overall feel of these two mattresses. The 360 C2 Smart Bed’s polyfoam layer is 2 inches thick, whereas the 360 C4 Smart Bed’s layer is 3 inches thick. Supposed to alleviate pressure and support, the thicker comfort layer is designed to be thicker.

Sleep Number Performance Series

A 4-inch comfort layer of gel-infused foam is included in the 360 P5 Smart Bed and 360 pSE Special Edition Smart Bed. With a 5-inch foam comfort layer infused with gel and graphite, the 360 P6 Smart Bed is designed to regulate temperature better. In comparison to the Classic Series mattresses, these newer models feature thicker layers intended to provide a greater level of pressure relief.

Sleep Number Innovation Series

Two smart beds are included in the Innovation Series: the 360 i8 and 360 i10. The Sleep Number mattresses with the thickest comfort layers are these. The 360 i8 Smart Bed’s comfort area is six inches thick, while the 360 i10 Smart Bed’s comfort section is seven inches thick. In order to keep the surface of the mattress cool, these mattresses feature a permeable cover.

Sleep Number Memory Foam

Comfort is provided by a 5-inch layer of foam with an air chamber support core. Memory foam has been incorporated into the comfort portion to provide pressure relief that is as close to custom as possible.


Purple has two foam mattresses and two hybrid mattresses to choose from. Purple Grid is a sort of buckling column gel organized in square columns in all of the mattresses, and it is designed to absorb impact. The columns of the grid allow heat to dissipate, allowing the temperature to be controlled.

All three Purple Hybrid mattresses contain a viscose, polyester, and lycra combination on the top cover. Polyester, polyethylene, and spandex make up the Purple Kid Mattress cover. Removable and machine washable.

The Purple Mattress and Purple Kid Mattress

A medium-firm foam bed, both the Purple Mattress and Purple Kid Mattress are available from Purple Mattress Company. Purple Kid Mattresses are made to fit youngsters up to 14 years old and 115 pounds in weight.

The Purple Mattress has two layers of Purple Grid and three layers of polyfoam. The four-inch polyfoam support core helps keep the spine aligned as these layers conform to the body.

Additional edge support is provided by Purple Grid, which is 2 inches thick and wrapped in polyfoam side rails on the Purple Kid Mattress. A 2.5-inch polyfoam transitional layer follows the Purple Grid, and then a 2.5-inch high-density polyfoam layer follows that.

The Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier

It has 2 inches of Purple Grid and 1 inch of polyfoam in its medium-firmness Purple Hybrid. Three and four inches of Purple Grid and.5 inch polyfoam are the thicker comfort layers available for the Purple Hybrid Premier. In terms of stiffness, the 3-inch and 4-inch options have a medium grade of six and five, respectively.

In all hybrid models, the base is a.5-inch layer of polyfoam, which is sandwiched between two 7.5-inch pocketed coils. There is no heat retention with the use of pocketed coils. As a result, the springs isolate motion better than ordinary innersprings.

Adjustable Firmness vs. Fixed Firmness

Most mattress manufactures don’t allow consumers to alter the firmness of their mattress using a remote control. The bed is made firmer by adding air to the air chambers, and plusher by withdrawing air from the chambers. These mattresses are perfect for those who have varying sleep preferences. Couples with differing hardness preferences can benefit from these mattresses, which allow for independent firmness adjustment on either side.

The Purple mattresses, on the other hand, are all built with a medium or medium-firm feel that should be comfortable for most people. A consistent firmness preference when sleeping may be ideal for those who use these mattresses.

Pricing Information

Mattress prices vary widely due to the huge variety of mattress models available. The cost of a mattress is determined by a variety of variables:

  • Components and design.
  • The thickness and number of mattress layers.
  • Additional benefits for keeping cool.
  • Foams, for example, that have been developed by a certain company.
  • Certification as environmentally friendly or organic
  • A mattress’s manufacturing location.

Purple and Sleep Number both have mattress brands with a wide range of price points. Seasonal reductions may reduce these prices, but these are the going rates for each mattress.

Sleep Number

c2 c4 p5 p6 pSE i8 i10 m7
Twin $699 $1,499 $2,049 $2,299
Twin XL $799 $1,599 $2,099 $2,499 $2,399 $3,249 $3,249
Full $899 $1,649 $2,374 $2,699 $3,524 $3,524
Queen $1,099 $1,799 $2,499 $2,999 $2,899 $3,699 $5,199 $3,699
King $1,599 $2,299 $2,999 $3,599 $3,399 $4,399 $5,899 $4,399
California King $1,599 $2,299 $2,999 $3,599 $3,499 $4,399 $5,899 $4,399
Split King $3,898 $4,598 N/A $6,098 $5,998 $7,298 $8,798 $7,298
FlexTop King $3,898 $4,598 $5,498 $6,098 :$5,998 $7,298 $8,798 $7,298
FlexTop California King $3,898 $4,598 :$5,998 $7,298
Split California King $5,498 $6,098 N/A $7,298 $8,798 $7,298
Flextop California King $8,798 $7,298


Purple Mattress Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier Purple Kid Mattress
Twin $599 N/A N/A $499
Twin XL $849 $1,499 $2,099 or $2,599
Full $1,049 $1,699 $2,299 or $2,799
Queen $1,199 $1,799 $2,399 or $3,099
King $1,499 $2,199 $2,999 or $3,699
California King $1,499 $2,199 $2,999 or $3,699
Split King $1,698 $2,998 $4,198 or $5,198
FlexTop King
FlexTop California King
Split California King
Flextop California King

In general, the Purple mattress lineup is less expensive than the Sleep Number mattress lineup, save for the Sleep Number 360 C2. Due to its more complicated structure and technological components, airbeds are often among the most expensive mattress kinds.

Due to the Purple Grid and thick comfort sections, Purple mattresses are more expensive than other hybrid mattresses, even if they are less expensive than Sleep Number mattresses. Compared to comparable foam mattresses, the Purple Mattress is a good deal.

If you’re searching for a high-tech bed that adjusts over time and provides statistics about your sleep quality, the Sleep Number mattresses may be worth the price. It’s possible that Purple mattresses will appeal to customers who don’t need a mattress with built-in sensory technology.

Mattress Performance Ratings

Individual preferences and sleeping habits dictate the process of selecting a mattress. Mattresses, on the other hand, are mostly dependent on a few important characteristics. To locate a mattress that provides you with a good night’s sleep, you must first determine what aspects are most important to you.


To get a good night’s sleep, you need a mattress that retains its shape over time. Sagging and permanent indentations can occur on mattresses that aren’t built to last as long as they should. Investing in a mattress composed of high-quality materials and craftsmanship is a wise investment.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is critical if you’re sharing your bed with a pet or a spouse. It’s a term used to describe how much movement a person feels while their partner moves around in bed. Nighttime disturbances can be reduced with the use of materials that absorb motion and respond to pressure without spreading vibrations across the bed. Hybrid and latex beds have more bounce and may wake a bed mate, while memory foam isolates motion well.


Some bounce in the mattress might make it easier to move around and may be better for sex. It might be difficult for couples to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress that conforms to their bodies or makes them feel like they’re sinking in. Noise, edge support, traction, and temperature neutrality are also taken into account when designing a sex object.

Temperature Neutrality

The quality of your sleep may be harmed if you sleep on a hot mattress. Be on the lookout for a mattress that has breathable materials and an open design if you live in a hot environment or tend to sleep overheated. Memory foam, which conforms closely to the shape of the body, may cause heat to accumulate on the surface of the mattress, whereas mattresses with coil support cores or aerated comfort layers may be better at dispersing heat.

Pressure Relief

Cushioning and a firm base layer are necessary to avoid pressure accumulation at contact sites and to prevent stiffness caused by an incorrect spinal alignment. Cushioning materials such as memory foam or latex are commonly found in the comfort part of most mattresses. Based on the body type and desired sleeping position, the appropriate level of firmness and thickness of these layers can be determined for each individual.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a common cause of off-gassing in new mattresses (VOCs). Mattress production generates volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They aren’t thought to be harmful, on the whole. There may be a slight stench to these VOCs when the mattress is first opened, but this quickly goes away in a well-ventilated area. Customers who have an aversion to strong smells are more likely to be bothered by off-gassing.

Ease of Movement

People who often switch positions during the night may prefer a mattress with some give. There is greater bounce with hybrid and latex mattresses, making it simpler to get out of bed in the morning. Memory foam and similar materials, on the other hand, can make it tough to get around on top of the mattress.

Edge Support

People who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, as well as couples who share a smaller bed, benefit greatly from edge support. Using softer materials such as memory foam might lead to a feeling of instability around the perimeter when under strain. Mattresses with high-density polyfoam encasement or an innerspring support core provide the best edge support.

Sleep Number

c2 c4 p5 p6 pSE i8 i10 m7
Firmness Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8) Adjustable – Soft (3) to Firm (8)
Durability 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5
Sex 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Pressure Relief 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5
Off-Gassing 4/5 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Edge Support 3/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5 2/5


Purple Mattress Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier Purple Kid Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6) Medium (5), Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Durability 3/5 3/5 4/5 2/5
Motion Isolation 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Sex 4/5 4/5 4/5
Sleeps Cool 5/5 5/5 5/5 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 3/5 4/5 4/5
Off-Gassing 3/5 4/5 3/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 5/5 4/5 4/5
Edge Support 3/5 4/5 3/5 3/5

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

For the first time mattress purchasers, there are a few things to keep in mind before making an online purchase. If you’d want to learn more about the Sleep Number and Purple mattresses’ shipping, return, and warranty policies, we’ll walk you through them.


In terms of mattress shipping costs and policies, there is a wide range of options available to you. White Glove delivery or shrink-wrapped and compacted to fit in a box are two options when purchasing a mattress online.

Mattresses in a box are shipped compressed and shrink-wrapped as standard. Once the box arrives at your door, open it and carefully cut the plastic out of it. Almost immediately, the mattress returns to its original shape, but it can take up to a few days. Shipping a mattress-in-a-box is normally free, and setting it up is straightforward, though you may need help moving the box.

For an extra fee, several companies provide White Glove delivery. The mattress will be delivered to your home and set up in the room of your choice on the scheduled delivery date. Old mattresses can sometimes be removed by the technicians as well. If you’re looking for a company that offers White Glove delivery, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Sleep Number Shipping Policies

For Sleep Number beds, the type of mattress you order determines the shipping costs. There is a $199 White Glove delivery fee for all Sleep Number 360 smart beds. Your order will be shipped out within two weeks of when you place it. The installation of your new mattress, as well as the relocation or removal of your old mattress, are all included in the White Glove delivery service.

Depending on your location, you can get White Glove delivery in any of the 50 states. A delivery fee may be required if you live outside of the designated locations mentioned. Mattresses from Sleep Number are only available in the United States.

In addition to its online presence, Sleep Number has a number of physical locations. In-store mattress buyers can work out a time for delivery and setup with the retailer’s staff.

Purple Shipping Policies

In order to transport purple mattresses, they are compressed and placed in a vinyl tube before being delivered. Within the contiguous United States, mattress shipping is free via FedEx. After the mattress leaves the warehouse, shipping usually takes 3 to 5 business days, however rural regions may take longer.

The cost of standard shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will be added at checkout. In these states, however, there is no White Glove delivery service. Purple’s Canadian website is where Canadians may purchase Purple mattresses.

Purple’s Hybrid Premier models come with free White Glove delivery. For a small additional fee, other models may provide White Glove delivery and removal of your old mattress.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Most online mattress vendors provide a lengthy sleep trial because customers who buy a mattress online can’t test it out first. If you don’t like your new mattress, you can return it during the sleep trial period.

Most of the time, a customer must spend some time on the bed before they may return or exchange it. Any product that is returned will be picked up and donated or recycled by the company. In most cases, buyers are given a complete refund after that. However, some companies may charge customers for return postage or a restocking fee if they want to return a product they purchased.

Sleep Number Sleep Trial and Return Policy

There is a 100-day money-back guarantee on all Sleep Number 360 mattresses, regardless of brand. A 30-day break-in period is required before customers can request a return at Sleep Number. If the mattress is returned in excellent condition, the company will issue a complete refund minus the return shipping fees.

Purple Sleep Trial and Return Policy

All Purple mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial, however a 21-night break-in period is required. Customers who choose to return their Purple mattress can have their mattress picked up for free and donated to a local charity or recycling facility by Purple. The consumer then receives a complete refund for the mattress, minus any delivery fees that were already incurred. Alternatively, customers can choose to replace their Purple mattress for a different model.


Protect your investment with a warranty that guarantees the quality of the goods. At no additional charge, these should be included in your order. Mattress warranties often only cover defective materials and workmanship, but not normal wear and tear or accidental damage.

If a product is found to be defective, the manufacturer often has the last say on whether it will be repaired or replaced. There are several manufacturers who provide prorated warranties, whereby the consumer bears a greater share of repair costs over time. Consider both the length of the guarantee and the charges you will incur if you file a warranty claim when comparing warranties from different mattress vendors.

Sleep Number Mattress Warranty

A 15-year prorated warranty is available through Sleep Numberwebsite. .’s The business will refund or reimburse all repair and replacement costs if a problem is identified within the first year of ownership. 30 percent of the product’s current cost is due from year 1 to year 11, plus 5 percent for each full year since the date of purchase. You are responsible for 85% of the expenditures incurred during the warranty period. Shipment or pick-up charges are also borne by customers after the first year.

Using the mattress without a sufficient foundation or removing the Firmness Control System will void the warranty. For the remote control, the manufacturer provides a 1-year limited guarantee.

Purple Mattress Warranty

Guarantee replacement or repair for manufacturing faults is covered by the Purple 10-year limited warranty. This includes permanent indentations of at least 1 inch. Only the original purchaser of the mattress is entitled to a warranty, and the warranty is only valid if the mattress has been used properly. The cost of shipping and handling is the responsibility of the customer. The zipped cover is covered by a two-year warranty from Purple.

Sleep Number and Purple Mattress Feel Comparison

These mattresses differ in terms of firmness, pressure alleviation, and bounce in this section. As part of my review, I’ll also discuss how these beds function for a wide range of sleepers and positions.

Sleep Number

The adjustable air chambers of the Sleep Number i8 allow you to fine-tune the hardness of the mattress to suit your personal preferences.

The level of comfort and support provided by each Sleep Number bed varies. The model number of each Sleep Number bed might steer you in the right path if you know what level of comfort you prefer. I10’s “10” is the most cushioned of the series’s numbers, and it’s also the most significant. The i7 or i8 bed may be a better choice if you like a firmer feel but don’t need seven inches of cushioning. You may be better off with Sleep Number’s c2 or c4 mattresses if you like a firmer bed.


On the hardness scale, I gave the Purple a score of 6.5 out of 10. According to the industry’s conventional definition of “medium firmness,” this is a legitimate medium-firm mattress.

With a focus on targeted pressure relief and cooling technology, this bed-in-a-box mattress has excellent edge support. The heavier sections of your body will sink in more than the lighter ones because of the bed’s shape. As a result of this, the polymer is able to alleviate pressure while yet maintaining a high degree of stability.

As opposed to feeling “stuck-in,” you’ll be able to move freely on the Purple’s surface, making it ideal for combo sleepers.

Comparing Sleep Number and Purple Mattress Materials

Once we’ve determined a budget, the next step is to start building. We’ll dissect each mattress layer by layer to see how they compare and contrast. One of these two mattresses might be the greatest fit for you. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Sleep Number

  • Cover – With a zipper, you can access the hoses needed to pump air into the air chamber from the mattress cover, which is composed of Rayon and polypropylene fabrics. The cover can be removed, but washing it is not suggested. Your cover will be irreparably damaged as a result of shrinkage. As an alternative, you might use a mild detergent to treat any stains on the spot.
  • Comfort Layer – Six inches of two distinct types of foam make up the comfort layer of the 360® I8 and help to curve and support the body while reducing pressure. This is where heat absorption takes place, keeping the mattress cool for the sofa..
  • Contour/Transition Layer – On top of the air chambers, we place a 1-inch foundation pad. With a remote or app, these mattresses may be inflated or deflated to vary the firmness of the bed. An outer cotton fabric is heat-treated to cling to the 24 gauge vulcanized rubber air chambers. It’s common for couples to prefer a double-sized bed because it allows each person to adjust their own side of the bed independently, a feature that most Sleep Number models include.
  • Base – There is an extra price for Sleep Number bases. You can choose between the FlexFit Base, FlexFit 3 Smart Base, Integrated Base, and Frame, or just the Integrated Base.. All the bells and whistles are included in the FlexFit bases at a luxury price, with a variety of functions and adjustments to help you get the best night’s sleep. For those who prefer their feet to be warmed while they sleep, FlexFitTM 3 is a better option because it heats the mattress to keep them toasty while they sleep. The cheaper and simpler Integrated alternatives merely provide a sturdy foundation for any 360® Smart Bed.


There are three layers to the Purple mattress, which measures 9.5 inches high.

  • Cover – Grid technology can be immediately felt thanks to the Purple’s SoftFlex knit cover.
  • Cooling and Comfort Layer– Hyper-elastic polymer is used in the top layer, which is 2 inches thick, to relieve pressure and bounce.
  • Support Layer – The mattress’s middle layer is 3.5 inches of poly foam, which serves as the mattress’s foundation.
  • Base Layer – The final layer of poly foam is 4 inches thick and serves as the mattress’s foundation.

Sleep Number vs Purple: Best Qualities

You’ve learned a lot about these mattresses, but can you think of the best features? Well, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you! Let’s have a look at some of the best features of each model we examined today.

Sleep Number Best Features

  • I’m a big fan of the Sleep Number’s built-in technology, which I believe is ideal for those who enjoy using smart technologies to make their lives easier.
  • The cooling properties of this mattress are another something I appreciate. It has Smart 3D fabric, which is both very insulating and highly permeable, making it ideal for hot climates.
  • The 6 inches” of foams in this mattress target pressure spots like the shoulders, knees, and back feet, making it an excellent pressure relief bed.

Purple Best Features

  • Pain patients all throughout the world will appreciate the Purple. With its GelFlex Grid technology, this mattress provides the ultimate in pressure-relieving comfort.
  • The Purple’s Grid, like the Sleep Number, is excellent at keeping you cool. You’re all in for a treat, hot sleepers. For a cool night’s sleep, everyone can benefit from this temperature-controlled room.
  • Additionally, I found this mattress to have a nice amount of bounce, which we know is crucial for any combination sleeper to quickly switch positions in bed.

Comparing Sleep Number and Purple Customer Service 

Sleepopolis uses a unique measure to rate the customer service experience of various mattress brands. There are four grades on our scale: Excellent, Excellent, Good, and Poor service. Keep in mind that this rating is based on my own experience.

Sleep Number Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

  • Satisfactory: I spotted the chat option at the bottom right of the Sleep Number website when I first arrived. Finally, I was asked to enter my name, how they might assist me, my order number, and my zip code into a box. To further assist me, I was then connected to a virtual assistant bot. Because “agent” wasn’t listed in the drop-down, I typed in the word. The wait was longer than usual at this time, and after a few minutes, I was informed as such. It just took 5 minutes for me to make a connection with a new acquaintance.

Purple Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating 

  • Stellar: I was able to find the Live Chat option in the lower right corner of the Purple website as soon as I logged in. Sales or Support were the options I was given by a bot when I was asked how they might assist. They also provide a phone number where you can reach a sleep expert. I clicked on the Support option and entered my name and email. In less than one minute, I was able to speak to a real person who was ready to help me.

Bottom Line

The most important thing to remember from this review is that Sleep Number offers a wide range of firmness and softness settings. Purple, on the other hand, may be the way to go if you’re interested in a bed-in-a-box that offers complete pressure relief.

Thanks to the 100-day trial periods provided by both companies, it’s easy to test the waters before making a final decision. Our review of Sleep Number beds and Purple’s mattress can be found here.

You should also check out our mattress comparisons page for other popular Sleep Number and Purple comparisons, such as Sleep Number vs GhostBed and Purple vs Bear, before making a final buying decision.” I sincerely hope this was beneficial!

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