Dreamcloud vs. Winkbed Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 05/2024

New Luxury Hybrid type of DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid mattress that blends the comfort of memory foam with the support of coils. Meanwhile, the WinkBed has become one of the most popular online mattresses.

Which one of these colossi is best suited to your personality type? Check out our in-depth comparison of DreamCloud vs WinkBed to learn all the details! Here, we’ll compare the new DreamCloud and the WinkBed’s Luxury Firm model in terms of their firmness, feel, construction, and performance. You should be able to tell which of these mattresses is best for you by the end of this review. Let’s get started right away!

DreamCloud vs. WinkBed Overview

Mattresses such as the DreamCloud and the WinkBed are designed for a variety of sleepers. This table lists the people who are most likely to enjoy each mattress type.

Who Should Get The DreamCloud?

  • Aspiring budget-conscious individuals
  • Those who sleep on their stomachs.
  • Those who prefer a firm mattress.

Who Should Get The WinkBed?

  • Those in search of a more delicate scent.
  • A mattress that is built to last.
  • People who seek a variety of hardness levels.

DreamCloud vs. WinkBed Mattress Video Review

Take a test drive of these mattresses in our video review! There are many parallels and variations between these two products, thus our reviewer, Marten, will give an outline of these points.

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Similarities Between The DreamCloud And WinkBed?

Even though DreamCloud and WinkBed are two distinct mattress brands, there are some noteworthy similarities between them.

  • Underneath the luxurious comfort layers of both mattresses are coil support layers.
  • Both of these mattresses are quite well-built in terms of support.
  • DreamCloud and WinkBed should both be quite breathable, according to this information.
  • With regards to service, both beds are covered by reasonable warranties.

Key Differences Between The DreamCloud And WinkBed?

Despite the fact that these beds share many similarities, they also have a few major differences.

  • In comparison to the DreamCloud, the WinkBed has four firmness options.
  • The WinkBed costs more than the DreamCloud at full pricing.
  • The DreamCloud Luxury Firm is firmer than the WinkBed Luxury Firm.

Firmness And Feel Differences

In the search for a new mattress, pay attention to the firmness and feel. A mattress’s ability to accommodate your chosen sleeping position and other preferences depends on a combination of these elements. Let’s begin this comparison by comparing the firmness and feel of the DreamCloud and WinkBed mattresses!

How Firm Are The DreamCloud And WinkBed Mattresses?

We gave the DreamCloud a firmness rating of 7.5 out of 10 and the WinkBed a rating of 7/10. In terms of firmness, the DreamCloud mattress has a rating of 6.5/10, whereas the WinkBed mattress is slightly firmer than normal.

Consider that hardness is a matter of personal preference. Your weight and personal preferences may cause you to rate these mattresses a little more or less firm than we do.

Sleeping On The DreamCloud And WinkBed Mattresses

Now, let’s speak about the DreamCloud and WinkBed mattresses in terms of how they sleep:


When it comes to back sleepers, we found the DreamCloud mattress to be ideal. Overall, we were well-supported, although our lumbar area received the most attention.

When it comes to side sleeping, we found the DreamCloud to be a little too firm for us. We felt a little squeezed in our shoulders and hips while in this position.

The DreamCloud is a good option for stomach sleepers who are light or medium in weight. That being said, the mattress was too soft for our heavier-weight reviewer. His hips dipped, causing his spine to be out of place.


We found the WinkBed to be a comfortable and supportive option for back sleepers. We found that the foam comfort layers molded to our bodies, and the lumbar support was wonderful.

The WinkBed provided excellent pressure relief while we slept on our sides. Those who sleep on their side or as a combination of the two positions should be at ease here.

For stomach sleeping, the WinkBed Luxury Firm model is a little too soft. Firm mattresses may be better suited to stomach sleepers.

What Do The DreamCloud And WinkBed Mattresses Feel Like?

DreamCloud features an innerspring mattress sensation even though it has a memory foam layer on top. This mattress is responsive and springy, making it easy to get in and out of bed.

Like the DreamCloud, the WinkBed includes an innerspring base with a pillow top for a classic look. This combination of soft comfort and adequate spinal support produces a comfortable balance. Changing positions is simple thanks to the springiness provided by the coils.

Average-Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

If you’re a heavier back sleeper, you may choose a softer mattress like the Casper, but if you’re closer to 130 pounds, you may prefer the firmness of the DreamCloud. The DreamCloud is likely to be overly firm for side sleepers of ordinary weight. The DreamCloud is a good choice for stomach sleepers because of its firmness.

Average-weight back sleepers are likely to love the WinkBed Luxury Firm model’s combination of comfort and support. Average-weight side sleepers may also benefit from the WinkBed, which provides enough pressure reduction across the shoulders and hips for these sleepers. When it comes to stomach sleepers, the WinkBed Luxury Firm may be adequate for some, but if you like extra support, you may want to check out the WinkBed Firm model.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

The DreamCloud is a good option for back sleepers who weigh less than 300 pounds, but if you’re over that weight, you’ll need a more supportive mattress. For heavyweight side sleepers who want a firmer feeling, the DreamCloud may be a good option, but in general, side sleepers should go for a more luxurious mattress (and again, folks who weigh more than 300 pounds will probably prefer a dedicated mattress for heavy people). As a stomach sleeper, you may notice your hips sinking into the DreamCloud and causing your spine to get out of alignment.

Back sleepers who weigh less than 300 pounds may like the WinkBed Luxury Firm model, while bigger individuals may wish to try the WinkBed Plus. The WinkBed may be able to provide some assistance to side sleepers weighing less than 300 pounds, but heavier individuals would need a more supportive bed. Heavyweight stomach sleepers may find the WinkBed Luxury Firm model too soft, however the WinkBed Plus may be a better option.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

Lightweight back and side sleepers may find the DreamCloud a little too firm for their tastes in this position. Lightweight stomach sleepers may benefit from the DreamCloud’s firmer structure, which provides plenty of spinal support.

With its combination of comfort and spinal support, the WinkBed Luxury Firm is a good choice for back sleepers who weigh less than 150 pounds. Lightweight side sleepers, on the other hand, should feel no discomfort in the shoulders or hips. Lightweight stomach sleepers should be able to rest comfortably on the WinkBed.

Mattress Construction Differences

A mattress’ firmness and feel are important indicators of its quality. You can tell whether a mattress is right for you by removing the cover and inspecting the bed’s construction. Layer by layer, we’ll dissect DreamCloud and WinkBed to see how various components affect their overall performance.


Soft, breathable cashmere is tufted and quilted into the DreamCloud’s cover.

Unlike the WinkBed, the Tencel-based cover of the Tencel-based WinkBed is both soft and breathable.

Comfort Layers

The DreamCloud’s primary comfort layer is gel memory foam, hidden beneath its quilted top. Infused with gel, this material provides some mild pressure relief and helps to keep the wearer cool. To prevent sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress, there is a transition layer of harder foam beneath the gel memory foam.

WinkBed is a twin Euro-style pillow top that is quilted with Hypersoft foam to provide a comfortable layer of support for the sleeper. This substance is softer and more pressure-relieving than traditional memory foam, and it’s also believed to be better at regulating body temperature.

Support Layer

There is a layer of individually-wrapped coils in the DreamCloud’s support layer, which is more durable and lessens motion transmission than standard coils.

Support for the WinkBed mattress is provided by a layer of zoned coils that are organized in seven zones to assist you sleep in a variety of positions. Dedicated lumbar support is provided by the lumbar layer.

Mattress Height

The WinkBed is slightly taller at 15″ than the DreamCloud’s 14″.

Comparing DreamCloud and WinkBed Mattress Materials

Look inside each of these beds to see what makes them feel so distinct. Despite the fact that they are both hybrid mattresses, their construction is not same.


  • Cover — For added comfort, the DreamCloud mattress cover is crafted from a cashmere/foam blend.
  • Comfort Layer — A layer of gel memory foam sits directly beneath the soft cover. Sleepers will benefit from body-contouring from this material, which has a delayed response to pressure and provides relaxation in the shoulders and hips. For those who are concerned about memory foam’s tendency to absorb and retain heat, this layer is filled with cooling gel to assist alleviate this problem.
  • Transition Layer — For those who are concerned about sinking into the memory foam layer, there’s a transition layer of poly foam that can aid.
  • Support Layer — This pocketed coil system, which makes up the majority of the mattress, provides a ton of bounce, firmness, and lift. People who like to sleep on top of their bed rather than inside it may enjoy these firm coils. It is possible that back pain sufferers may also benefit from the coils’ ability to align the hips with the shoulders.
  • Base Layer — A tiny layer of poly foam is placed beneath the coils to provide the springs with a surface to bounce off of.


  • Cover — Tencel, an eco-friendly and breathable fabric, is used to make the cover.
  • Pillow Top — Two sections of gel-infused hypersoft foam make up the Euro pillow top layer. This part is designed to provide immediate comfort to the sleeper. While the DreamCloud may be a little too hard for side sleepers, the Soft version of the WinkBed’s pillow top layer may be just right for them.
  • Support Layer — The bulk of the WinkBed mattress is made up of a tall system of pocketed coils, just like the DreamCloud mattress. As a result, the sleeper is placed more “on top” of the bed rather than “within” of it by this layer.

DreamCloud And WinkBed Mattress Size Options And Price

Check out the charts below to get the most up-to-date information on the DreamCloud and WinkBed mattresses’ sizes and prices!


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ $1198.00
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ $1298.00
Full 54″ x 75″ $1498.00
Queen 60″ x 80″ $1598.00
King 76″ x 80″ $1798.00
California King 72″ x 84″ $1798.00


Size Dimensions Price
Twin 38″ x 75″ $1149.00
Twin XL 38″ x 80″ $1249.00
Full 54″ x 75″ $1499.00
Queen 60″ x 80″ $1799.00
King 76″ x 80″ $1999.00
California King 72″ x 84″ $2049.00

Check out our DreamCloud mattress and WinkBed mattress coupons, too, for the greatest deals.

Shipping and Returns for WinkBeds & DreamCloud


For all of their mattress clients, the WinkBeds brand offers free shipping inside the United States. There is a 120-night trial period, and if you don’t like it, you can return or swap the mattress after day 30 of your trial term. A full refund will be issued and WinkBed will assist you in finding a way to recycle or donate the mattress to a good cause. Additional 60-night sleep trial is included in the $49 fee.

A lifetime warranty is also included. The original owner is eligible for one new mattress if the original mattress develops indentations above 1.5″ deep, or if the foam or coils disintegrate. “Any Reason” replacement warranty is also available, which allows you to buy a new mattress for half of the original price.


The DreamCloud mattress is sent for free and white glove delivery is available for an additional $149 from the company. Because many users complain that the DreamCloud is cumbersome to set up, it’s worth taking into account the additional assistance. Free returns after 30 days and a 365-night trial period are offered to customers. In the event that you return the mattress, a DreamCloud Sleep Concierge will assist with you to find a way to either donate or dispose of the old mattress.

Additionally, the mattress has a lifetime warranty. Indentations deeper than 1.5″ and serious faults in the mattress cover are covered by this warranty. You’ll get a free mattress replacement within the first 10 years of your warranty if your mattress is found to be defective. It’s possible that DreamCloud will choose to repair and recover your mattress rather than replace it once the warranty has expired in year 10.

DreamCloud And WinkBed Performance Differences

Now that you’ve read up on the DreamCloud and WinkBed, you’ve learned a lot. However, this comparison isn’t ended yet! Let’s take a look at a couple more important performance measures before we wrap things off. When it comes to temperature control, edge support, motion transfer, etc., we compared these mattresses head-to-head. The results are in.

Take a look at our mattress comparisons page to see how DreamCloud and WinkBed match up against other mattresses like DreamCloud versus Amerisleep and Saatva vs WinkBed, respectively.

Sleeping Hot Or Cold

This was a toss-up for us. It is because to their coil layers that both of these hybrid mattresses are extremely breathable.

Motion Transfer

Both mattresses do a poor job of absorbing movement. Both are springy mattresses with coils, thus movement is not greatly absorbed. However, because of the DreamCloud’s memory foam comfort layer, it may outperform the WInkBed.

Edge Support

Clearly, the WinkBed has the upper hand in this comparison. While sitting or lying down towards the mattress’s edges, we felt more safe. Just a tad, the DreamCloud compresses when you compress it.


The WinkBed once again takes the cake. You can expect this mattress to endure at least ten years (assuming proper care).


DreamCloud’s off-gassing is expected to dissipate within 48 hours of use. The WInkBed did not emit any noticeable odors.


Both of these mattresses did not make any noticeable noise.


Partners can simply switch positions on the greatest sex mattress. The DreamCloud and the WinkBed could be good options based on this criterion. These mattresses are responsive and bouncy, so you and your companion won’t feel confined in either bed.

DreamCloud vs WinkBed: Best Qualities

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this tutorial. That means it’s time to figure out which of these mattresses is most suited to your personal sleeping preferences. Here, I’ll sum up my ideas and give a few advantages and cons for each model.

Despite the fact that both mattresses provide excellent back support, I believe the DreamCloud is a better option for a pair. The WinkBed’s micro-coil design isolates motion just a tad better than this bed’s gel memory foam. The DreamCloud mattress, in my opinion, sleeps cooler than the WinkBed mattress.

People who need a little extra support in the shoulders, hips, and lower back may find the WinkBed mattress most comfortable on it. If you sleep on your side and then switch to a different position during the night, this mattress might be a good fit for you. The WinkBed is bouncy, supportive, and firm in a way that is reminiscent of traditional innerspring mattresses.

If you’d like to be even more particular, I’d like to highlight a couple of my favorite things about each mattress.

DreamCloud Best Features

  • People who sleep on their backs may find the DreamCloud mattress to be ideal. I love how the mattress lifts and aligns my spine in a healthy way.
  • Additionally, those who sleep hot may benefit from the mattress’s ability to dissipate heat. The top layer of gel-infused memory foam provides a pleasant cooling sensation thanks to its high airflow.

WinkBed Best Features

  • Because the WinkBed has a more classic feel, it could be a good option for individuals who like a more traditional mattress.
  • I’d add remark that the cushion top layer provides some wonderful pressure relief, especially for individuals who sleep on their backs and sides at least once a night.

Comparing DreamCloud and WinkBed Customer Service 

DreamCloud Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

  • Satisfactory: A link was delivered in lieu of an answer when I contacted DreamCloud via their chat feature, earning them a Satisfactory rating. My question was answered, but I would have preferred a direct response.

WinkBeds Sleepopolis Customer Service Rating

  • Great: When I used the chat feature to ask a question, I received a thoughtful, thorough response, thus I awarded WinkBed a Great rating. However, there was a lag between when I asked a query and when I received a response.

Comparing Other Models from DreamCloud and WinkBeds

Both DreamCloud and WinkBed offer a variety of additional mattresses, so this comparison isn’t limited to the two original models. Some of these are seen below!

DreamCloud Premier

  • Like the original DreamCloud, the DreamCloud Premier is a luxurious hybrid mattress. A thick euro pillow top layer comprised of hypersoft foam gives it a velvety feel.
  • This medium-firm hybrid mattress is suitable for a wide spectrum of sleepers, but I prefer it for side sleepers because it provides excellent pressure relief and support.
  • In addition, I’d say that the Premier is rather bouncy, making it an excellent choice for those who need to shift positions during the night.
  • Read my entire DreamCloud Premier mattress review for more information.

WinkBed GravityLux

  • The WinkBed GravityLux mattress is an all-foam mattress created with soft memory foam, unlike the original WinkBeds mattress.
  • Comfortable memory foam layers provide a lot of room for a person to sink into for a deep pressure alleviation at the shoulders, hips, and lower back.
  • People with joint discomfort or arthritis may find the soft version of the GravityLux most comfortable.
  • Take a look at my entire review of the WinkBed GravityLux mattress for more information.

WinkBed EcoCloud

  • Latex foam and springy coils are combined in the WinkBed EcoCloud mattress to create a mattress that is bouncy, supportive, and firm.
  • If you’re looking for a bed that’s easy to move, this could be a great alternative.
  • Eco-conscious sleepers may also be interested in the materials used in the building of the bed.
  • Interested? To learn more about the WinkBed EcoCloud mattress, please visit my full review.

DreamCloud vs WinkBed: Which is Better for You?

That said, which hybrid mattress is the most suitable for you personally. To discover out, check out my list.

Who Should Buy DreamCloud

  • In the event that you share a bed with someone, the DreamCloud mattress may be the greatest option for you. You should not be disturbed by your partner’s restlessness, and the mattress provides strong edge support.
  • The DreamCloud mattress is ideal for back sleepers because it provides a good balance of comfort and support.
  • In the event that you’re a hot sleeper, this mattress provides excellent ventilation and sleeps comfortably.

Who Should Buy WinkBed

  • The WinkBed mattress is more responsive than the DreamCloud mattress if you sleep in a variety of positions.
  • If you’re a side sleeper, the WinkBed is best for you.
  • The WinkBed is a good option if you prefer a typical innerspring sensation. It’s a favorite among the elderly and those with back discomfort because of its comforting, traditional design.

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