Tuft And Needle vs. Saatva Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 06/2024

Buying a mattress online is often more convenient than going to a brick-and-mortar shop. Customers may now browse for mattresses from the convenience of their own homes thanks to online mattress shops. Shoppers may be unsure where to begin with so many alternatives to pick from. Tuft & Needle and Saatva are two of the most popular mattress brands.

The mattress market has been shaken up by both companies in their own unique ways. An Adaptive foam blend was developed by Tuft and Needle to provide a mattress that conforms and is long-lasting. T&N has expanded its reach by teaming up with Simmons Bedding in 2018. In addition to bedding and furniture, the T&N product line now comprises three mattress models: the T&N Original, the T&N Mint, and the T&N Hybrid.

Luxurious hybrid and innerspring variants are manufactured by Saatva at an attractive price point. Rather of putting mattresses in a box, the firm provides complimentary White Glove delivery with every order. A reversible innerspring built for children ages 3 and up is also manufactured in addition to the Saatva HD, the Saatva Latex Hybrid, and the Saatva Youth. The Loom & Leaf Memory Foam Mattress, Zenhaven Latex Mattress, and Solaire Adjustable Mattress are all available from the brand. However, models bearing the Saatva name will be the focus of our investigation.

Our comparison of Saatva vs. Tuft & Needle will include pricing and sizing information for their most popular models. A breakdown of each model’s firmness and construction helps consumers choose the mattress that best meets their preferences. The process of purchasing a mattress online might be complicated, so we’ll provide an outline of each company’s rules and other crucial concerns.

Key Similarities

  • In terms of edge support, the T&N Original mattress and the Saatva Classic hybrid mattress are both fantastic options.
  • As a result, their spines remained in a straight line when they slept on their sides in our Mattress Advisor lab assessment.
  • The responsiveness of these mattresses is excellent for those who switch positions frequently during the night.

Key Differences

  • An all-foam mattress is T&N Original. Memory foam, pocket coils, and an innerspring base make up the Saatva Classic’s hybrid technology.
  • Only a medium-firmness option is available for the T&N. A variety of firmness levels are available to Saatva clients, including plush soft and luxury firm.
  • Compared to T&N, Saatva’s costs are a lot more expensive. Saatva is a luxury brand, whereas T&N is a low-cost one, thus this is to be expected.
  • Pressure alleviation was the most noticeable difference between these two mattresses throughout testing. In this category, T&N earned an impressive 8.5/10, whereas Saatva earned only 6.5/10.
  • Only the T&N Hybrid mattress from Tuft & Needle is offered by Saatva, while the Mint mattress from Saatva HD is offered by Tuft & Needle as an option.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review Highlights

  • Budget-Friendly Prices: It was a goal of the T&N founders to create a mattress that was both economical and good quality. Because they make all of their beds right here in the United States, they can pass on those savings to you, the customer.
  • Pressure Relief: Pressure reduction was the T&N mattress’s strongest suit. Side sleepers who prefer to have their pressure points cushioned should consider this mattress.
  • Spinal Alignment: In order to lessen or avoid back pain, it’s critical that you pay attention to this area. The original T&N mattress is designed to keep your spine upright as you sleep, supporting healthy posture.
  • Goldilocks Firmness: Surely you’ve heard of Goldilocks and the three bears and their “just right” bed? In terms of hardness, I’d say it was about a 6 on a 10-point scale. This amount of firmness is neither too soft nor too hard. You can get a good night’s sleep no matter what position you’re in.
  • Adaptive Foam: A chemist assisted T&N in the development of this patented foam. Memory foam and latex are both responsive. It also has an open cell breathable design, which helps the foam to release heat.
  • Edge Support: Because the T&N mattress received an 8.5/10 rating in this category, you are free to use the entire mattress.

Saatva Mattress Review Highlights

  • “Best of” Mattress: Mattress Advisor’s “best of” rankings are a reliable indicator of a mattress’ quality. If you’re looking for an all-around mattress, this one is a great option.
  • Spinal Alignment: At 9.5/10, this was one of Saatva’s best reviews. Back pain can be avoided by sleeping on a bed that maintains the natural curvature of your back. The Saatva is a master at this.
  • Cooling: Its permeable mattress cover and two coil layers significantly increase airflow. Hot sleepers who want the comfort and support of a memory foam layer without the heat retention will benefit from this mattress.
  • Durability: Due to its multiple steel coil systems, we gave Saatva a perfect 10/10 rating for durability.
  • Eco-Friendly: Organic cotton and recycled steel are used in the construction of Saatva mattresses. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, these have no off-gassing odours and are free of harmful chemicals.
  • White Glove Delivery: Saatva offers a free, high-end delivery service. Additionally, they set up your new mattress for you so you don’t have to lift a hand.

Sizing and Weight Options

There is a lot more to consider when deciding on the proper mattress size than meets the eye. The size and arrangement of a room should be taken into consideration when shopping for furniture. When two people are sharing a bed, it’s common for them to choose for a queen-sized mattress or even larger. Mattresses for children’s bedrooms can be purchased in twin or full sizes. The height and weight of the mattress should also be taken into consideration while shopping for a mattress.

Getting in and out of bed can be made easier or more difficult depending on the mattress height, especially for people with joint problems. In addition to the mattress’s height, buyers should take into account the height of the bed’s frame. The usual mattress height is regarded as 12 inches. Fitted sheets with deeper pockets are often required for people in higher positions. The smaller the mattress, the easier it is to fit into bunk beds and smaller places, such RVs.

The lighter the mattress, the better it will be for those who plan on transporting it around with them. In a queen size, it’s not uncommon for mattresses to weigh over 100 pounds, making it difficult to move or modify them on your own. The heavier the mattress, the more secure it is in its position on the frame.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle

T&N Original Mattress

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Mint Mattress

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Tuft & Needle Hybrid

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King



Saatva Classic

  • Height: 11.5″, 14.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

Saatva HD

  • Height: 15.5″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Saatva Youth

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full

Saatva Latex Hybrid

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King

Tuft & Needle’s three versions are available in all six typical mattress sizes. A split king and a split California king are available for couples with adjustable beds from Saatva, which have two height options and six conventional sizes. Split California kings are available for the Saatva HD and Saatva Latex Hybrid, but not for the former two models. The Saatva Youth, designed for children, is the Saatva model with the fewest size options.

There are a variety of solutions available from both companies rather than a one size fits all approach. Making a variety of mattress sizes and heights means there is one for everyone. The materials and structure of each model are also unique to that particular model. A greater profile is achieved by using thicker layers.

Individuals in particular demographics will be drawn to the Saatva HD and Saatva Youth. Sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds will benefit most from the Saatva HD. These sleepers will be well supported because to the mattress’s elevated profile and thick layers. The Saatva Youth is only available in lower mattress sizes because it is designed for youngsters 3 and older.

Mattresses from Tuft & Needle come in a variety of foam and hybrid options. Lighter weight T&N versions are made of foam. Shopping for a queen-sized mattress can be a daunting task for those who aren’t familiar with the weights of the various mattresses on the market.

Construction and Materials Comparison

Understanding the architecture of each mattress and the materials used is critical when comparing mattresses. In this way, buyers can get an idea of how long the mattress will last and whether or not it will be comfortable and supportive.

Four mattress types are the most common. Foam, latex, hybrid, and airbed types are also available. The materials used in the mattress’s comfort and support layers and core determine the type of mattress.

Memory foam and polyfoam are used in the construction of foam mattresses. Because high-density foam resists sagging and deep impressions, it is considered more durable than low-density foam.

Natural or synthetic latex, or a combination of the two, can be used to make latex mattresses. Rubber tree sap is gathered and processed using the Dunlop or Talalay methods to produce natural latex. Latex made from natural latex is regarded as extremely long-lasting.

Foam and/or latex are used in the comfort layers of hybrid and airbed mattresses. There is a core of pocketed coils in hybrid mattresses. Airbeds are supported by air chambers. Additionally, the construction of the mattress’s support core plays a role in determining the mattress’s longevity.

Foam and hybrid models are made by Tuft & Needle. In addition to its all-foam, latex, and airbed mattresses, Saatva sells innerspring and hybrid variants.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle’s mattresses are made with a special type of foam developed exclusively for the company. Foam from T&N Adaptive conforms to the shape of the body, yet quickly returns to its original shape when pressure is removed. Having a mattress that is easy to get around on is an added benefit.

In order to improve airflow and temperature regulation, the foam has an open-cell design. Other than that, it is injected with graphite and ceramic gel particles. This aids in the foam’s ability to wick away moisture and reduce heat retention.

There are three Tuft & Needle models: the Original, the Hybrid, and the Mint.

The T&N Original

The Tuft & Needle Original is a ten-inch foam mattress with two layers of foam construction. Soft and breathable, the micro polyamide and polyester blend cover is.

T&N Adaptive foam measures three inches thick for the first layer. The mattress’ firmness rating is listed as “medium” (6). This layer has a medium amount of body-conforming ability. By providing cushioning and relaxation, ceramic gel beads are a great alternative to traditional massage techniques. Compared to a typical foam mattress, the T&N Original is more effective in keeping you cool.

The Original mattress has a 7-inch polyfoam support core. By utilizing open-cell support foam, the mattress is able to better circulate air. In addition, it offers sleepers even, steady support.

The T&N Hybrid

T&N’s 12-inch hybrid mattress has six layers. With a medium (5) softness rating, it’s more forgiving than the T&N Original It has a micro polyamide and polyester cover that is breathable.

One inch of carbon fiber and graphite infused polyfoam quilted with the cover forms the initial layer of the T&N Hybrid. The body is cradled by this pillow-top mattress.

Two inches of T&N Adaptive foam are sandwiched between the quilted pillow-top and the mattress base. Steel micro-coils of 1 inch in diameter form the third layer. The micro-coils and pocketed coil base are separated by a layer of T&N Adaptive foam.

Edge support is provided by tempered steel coils in the 6-inch core of pocketed coils. This layer aids in the dissipation of heat by allowing more air to move through the structure. The coils are reinforced by a 1-inch layer of polyfoam.

The T&N Mint

Tuft & Needle’s premium foam mattress is called the Mint. Three layers of foam are used to create the 12-inch profile. It also has a medium firm (6) rating, just like the T&N Original. Antimicrobial protection is built right into the fabric of the charcoal gray cover.

Enhanced T&N Adaptive foam is used in the Mint’s comfort system, which consists of two layers totaling eight inches thick. A 30 percent increase in graphite in the first layer aids in temperature regulation. To help the foam cradle the body, 30% additional ceramic gel beads are included in the second layer of foam. Shoulders and hips benefit from the thicker comfort system’s improved pressure reduction.

Polyfoam’s 7-inch support core is reinforced at the edges. Four inches of extra-firm foam surrounds the perimeters of the mattress.


Cushioning and support for the spine are the primary goals of the Saatva mattress. A wide range of models are available: the Saatva Latex Hybrid and the Saatva Youth are among them. A Euro-top is used in the Saatva Classic and Saatva HD for increased softness.

The Saatva Classic

There are two height options available for the Saatva Classic innerspring mattress: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. Differences in core coil height are the only difference between these two designs. It comes in three stiffness levels: mild, medium-firm, and firm (8).

Increased airflow and wicking away moisture are the primary goals of the Saatva Classic’s knit organic cotton cover. The Euro-top has material sewed into it. This includes 1.25 inches of soft polyfoam and.75 inches of fiberfill in the soft and moderately firm choices. It has 1.5 inches of polyfoam and 0.75 of polyfoam in the firm option. Antimicrobial treatment has been applied to the Euro-top.

A.625-inch layer of polyfoam and a.375-inch memory foam cushion provide lumbar support beneath the Euro-top. It is a coil-on-coil configuration with 4 inches of foam-encased, pocketed coils on top of either 4 or 7 inches of hourglass coils.. An additional layer of edge support is provided by a foam border surrounding a fiber pad that supports the coils.

The Saatva HD

To accommodate heavier sleepers, the Saatva HD is built with a thicker foam core. The mattress has a 15.5-inch profile and a firmness rating of seven out of ten

The Saatva HD’s organic cotton cover has been treated with an antibacterial solution. Cushioning is provided by the Euro-quilted top’s design, which resists deep impressions.

The Saatva HD’s comfort system incorporates five zones of focused support in 1.5 inches of Talalay latex. This layer is breathable and buoyant. It molds to the body’s contours. Additional contouring and pressure relief are provided by 1.5 inches of memory foam underneath the latex layer.

In between the comfort system and the support core of offset coils, a polyfoam transition layer is used. Increased edge support is provided by the polyfoam encasement of the coils.

Saatva Latex Hybrid

The Talalay latex comfort layer and pocketed coil support core make up the Saatva Latex Hybrid. The mattress has a (6) medium firmness rating and a remarkably responsive and bouncy surface.

The mattress is also quite comfortable to sleep on. Coils move air throughout the interior to maintain a reasonable core temperature while the latex is vented by small pores. In addition, an organic cotton cover keeps the mattress cool and comfortable to sleep on.

The support center of the mattress is divided into zones. People who sit or sleep towards the edges will experience less sinkage because to the inclusion of thicker coils around the perimeter. The sleeper’s body is more comfortably cradled by thinner coils beneath the sleep surface.

GOTS, the foremost authority in the certification of organic textiles, has certified both the organic cotton cover and the organic wool fire barrier.

Saatva Youth

The Saatva Youth is a reversible innerspring mattress. It’s made for kids who will outgrow it. The mattress has a medium (5) and a firm (7) side. Three layers make up the 10-inch profile.

It is zoned polyfoam that is found on the mattress’ medium side. This layer is stronger in the middle and softer at the top and bottom to aid in spinal alignment. Convoluted high-density polyfoam makes up the stiff side.

The Saatva Youth’s support core is located in the middle of the mattress. Reversible Bonnell coils make up the construction of this device’s exterior. The coils help keep the air moving and give good support for the edges.

Average Customer Ratings

Reviews written by customers are a good source of information about the mattress. This gives customers an idea of what to expect. It is not uncommon for customers to provide specific details about the mattress’s comfort and support in terms of their particular sleeping habits and body types. Customers can see where the mattress is highly regarded and where it may fall short.

Customers can feel more confident about purchasing a high-quality goods if they see positive reviews. It is important for consumers to keep in mind that everyone’s needs are unique, and that comfort is very subjective. As a result, the more reviews a mattress has, the better it will be for potential buyers. The dearth of reviews may indicate that the product is new.

A product’s total star rating does not necessarily convey all of a product’s qualities. Reading reviews from actual customers provides a deeper understanding of why a product received a certain grade. Customers may find certain reviews more relevant than others.

Customers give both Tuft & Needle and Saatva good marks.

Tuft & Needle

Model Average Rating
T&N Original Mattress 4.6/5
T&N Mint Mattress 4.6/5
T&N Hybrid 4.6/5


Model Average Rating
Saatva Classic 4.9/5
Saatva HD 4.9/5
Saatva Latex Hybrid
Saatva Youth

In-Depth Ratings

When searching for a mattress, it’s easy to get swayed by features or marketing. Shoppers can focus their search and discover the perfect fit by taking note of the following characteristics and attributes.

When looking for a mattress, buyers should think about what they most want to get out of it. Temperature control may be an issue for certain people. Motion isolation or pressure reduction may be more important to some people. As a result of these elements, a mattress’s comfort and suitability for a specific shopper’s demands are directly affected.


The lifespan of a mattress is the amount of time it takes for it to maintain its level of comfort. This is based on the mattress’s durability. It’s important to know which materials are most enduring. Mattresses made of natural latex and high-density polyfoam tend to last longer.

It’s more likely that low-density foam will get indentations over time. Tempered steel tends to be more durable if the mattress includes a coil support core. Sagging around the margins can be prevented with a strengthened border. Most buyers choose long-term value over immediate gratification, which is why durability is such a crucial issue.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the ability of a mattress to absorb movement and keep it from spreading to other parts of the mattress. When looking for a new mattress, those who sleep with a partner may emphasize motion isolation because it minimizes the likelihood of sleep problems.

Because memory foam is sluggish to return to its normal shape when pressure is removed, this type of foam is often rated well for motion isolation. However, fabric encasing and foam layers can reduce movement transfer from coils.


There are several mattress types that are better for having a good time with a partner. When it comes to facilitating movement, a springy mattress can be beneficial. As a result, it’s easy to switch positions during sexy activities. In this category, hybrid mattresses are frequently highly regarded since the coils provide bounce and support.

If the foam is too near to your body, you may not be able to change positions easily. Couples should also think about the mattress’s edge support and whether or not it generates noise when it is loaded.

Temperature Neutrality

Sleepers may benefit from a mattress with a temperature neutral feel. Hot sleepers may find certain fabrics particularly uncomfortably absorbent and heat-retardant. Other materials are more breathable and allow heat to disperse more effectively. Those who sleep hot may wish to consider a mattress with a cooling effect. Thermal conductive gel and/or aerated and coil layers are common in these mattresses, which also use phase change materials.

Pressure Relief

Stress can be alleviated and pressure points avoided by using a mattress. There are a number of factors that influence the amount of pressure alleviation a mattress can provide. Latex and memory foam are commonly utilized in comfort layers for their ability to mold to the body and alleviate pressure points. Those who suffer from arthritis or joint pain may be particularly worried about the mattress’s ability to alleviate pressure points.


VOCs (volatile organic compounds) generate an initial odor when off-gassing occurs (VOCs). The materials and manufacturing procedures employed are often to blame. Foam mattresses are the most common place to find it. Those who are sensitive to scents may be bothered by this scent, which is not considered toxic. There is little or no residual odor after a few days. Mattresses constructed with natural ingredients and CertiPUR-US certified foams are less likely to have this issue.

Ease of Movement

The materials used in the mattress’s construction affect how simple it is to get around on it. A mattress with buoyant layers and coil cores is frequently praised for its ease of mobility. In order to change positions, these mattresses feature a lot of bounce. Combination sleepers, who frequently switch positions during the night, must take this into account. Sex can also be negatively affected by the mattress’ firmness.

Edge Support

Edge support is the ability of the mattress’s perimeter to withstand pressure. In general, mattresses with sturdy borders have a larger useful area. Since the edges do not compress as quickly with proper edge support, getting in and out of bed is made easier. This also helps to keep the skin from sagging down the road. The strengthened perimeter of a hybrid mattress provides superior edge support.

Tuft & Needle

T&N Original Mattress T&N Mint Mattress T&N Hybrid
Firmness Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6) Medium (5)
Durability 3/5 4/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 3/5 4/5 3/5
Sex 3/5 3/5 4/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5 4/5 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 4/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 3/5 3/5 4/5
Ease of Movement 4/5 3/5 4/5
Edge Support 2/5 3/5 4/5


Saatva Classic Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Youth
Firmness Soft (3), Medium Firm (6), Firm (8) Firm (7) Medium Firm (6) Medium (5), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5 4/5 3/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 3/5 2/5 3/5 3/5
Sex 3/5 4/5 4/5 N/A/5
Sleeps Cool 4/5 5/5 4/5 3/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 5/5 4/5 4/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Edge Support 4/5 4/5 4/5 3/5

Prices and Sizing

Mattress prices are often influenced by the quality of the materials and craftsmanship employed. The place where the mattress is made has an impact on this as well. Even though each category contains budget and luxury options, there are some types of mattresses that are more reasonable than others.

Mattresses with many layers and unique materials tend to be more expensive because of the complexity of their production. The price of a mattress can be affected by the size of the mattress, as larger mattresses are more expensive to make.

By shipping directly to the customer, many online mattress providers are able to keep their pricing low. This decreases the company’s overhead costs by eliminating the need for middlemen. Shoppers are encouraged to take advantage of frequent discounts and special offers.

When comparing mattress pricing, it is also important to take into account the shipping costs. The majority of online retailers offer free shipping for normal orders, although some charge additional fees for White Glove delivery or shipping outside the contiguous United States.

Tuft & Needle

T&N Original Mattress T&N Mint Mattress T&N Hybrid
Twin $645 $745 $995
Twin XL $695 $845 $1,095
Full $795 $995 $1,395
Queen $895 $1,195 $1,695
King $1,095 $1,395 $1,895
California King $1,095 $1,395 $1,895
Split King
Split California King


Saatva Classic Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Youth
Twin $887 $1,574 $1,149 $699
Twin XL $1,087 $1,687 $1,274 $799
Full $1,474 $2,074 $1,649 $899
Queen $1,574 $2,674 $1,849
King $1,974 $2,974 $2,249
California King $1,974 $2,974 $2,249
Split King $2,174 $3,374 $2,548
Split California King $2,174

Tuft & Needle’s Original and Mint mattresses are the most cheap options when comparing Saatva vs. Tuft & Needle costs. As foam versions, these two mattresses are less expensive to create than the hybrid alternatives now available.

There is a little difference in price between the T&N Hybrid and the Saatva Classic. The T&N Hybrid’s comfort system is made up of a unique foam blend. The Euro-top of the Saatva Classic is plush. Overall, the Saatva Classic is cheaper than other luxury hybrid automobiles.

In terms of cost, Saatva HD is the priciest. Out of all the Saatva and T&N mattresses on the market, this one has the most noticeable profile. It’s made of sturdy materials and provides enough support for people who weigh more than 230 pounds to sleep comfortably on it. As a decent mid-range alternative, the Saatva Latex Hybrid falls between between the Saatva HD and the Saatva Classic. Families will appreciate the low price of the Saatva Youth.

Mattresses manufactured by both companies are of great quality and are available at reasonable prices. Saatva and Tuft & Needle both provide complimentary White Glove delivery and removal of the old mattress for customers, so keep them in mind.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

The fine print varies from one mattress company to the next. When comparing mattresses, it’s crucial to know how the shipping, returns, and warranty claims procedure works.


Mattress-in-a-box is a common shipping technique for several mattress manufacturers. The mattress is compressed, vacuum-sealed, and rolled up in a standard-sized box before being sent to its new home. A shipping company can then transport the mattress directly to the customer’s home. Unpacking the mattress and allowing it to fully expand in the bedroom is the next step. Oftentimes, standard delivery is free.

White Glove delivery is another shipping option. Mattresses are delivered and set up for the customer by a delivery team in this technique. Often, this service comes with the option of removing an old mattress. For an extra fee, you may usually get your package delivered by a white-gloved team. Depending on where you want the package delivered, the shipping options you have may be limited.

Saatva Shipping Policy

Within the contiguous United States, Saatva offers complimentary White Glove delivery. The removal of an old mattress is included in this service. Saatva does not yet offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, but in some cases it can link consumers to logistics businesses for transit.

They’re all created to order for Saatva mattresses. Reconsigning a previously cancelled or changed order can sometimes speed up the processing of an order at Saatva.

Tuft & Needle Shipping Policy

If you live in the contiguous United States, Tuft & Needle provides free standard shipping. Additional fees apply for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. For an extra $50 fee, same-day delivery is available in Phoenix, Austin, and Los Angeles. T&N ships each mattress compressed in a box after being shrink-wrapped. In most cases, orders are shipped within three to seven business days of being placed.

Delivery in the contiguous United States is offered for $150 with White Glove Delivery. The removal of an old mattress is included in this service.


Online mattress retailers typically take into account the fact that customers can’t actually test out the mattress before making a final purchase. A sleep trial, which can last anywhere from a few months to a year, is commonly included with online mattress purchases, allowing buyers to put the mattress to the test at home. A sleep experiment may require a period of adjustment before a return is possible.

Depending on the company, free returns may or may not be available. It is common for companies to assist in coordinating the pickup and donation or recycling of mattresses that are delivered via mattress-in-a-box shipment.

Saatva Return Policy

A 180-night sleep trial is included with all Saatva mattresses. There isn’t a set time frame for a break-in. Saatva arranges for pickup and donation of the mattress in the event of a return by the consumer during the sleep trial. Once the $99 return transportation price is deducted from the refund, the buyer receives her money back.

Tuft & Needle Return Policy

A 100-night sleep trial is offered by Tuft & Needle. There isn’t a set time frame for a break-in. Returned mattresses are picked up and donated by Tuft & Needle, and a full refund is issued in the event of a return. A restocking fee is not charged.


Customers can feel more secure with a warranty. It demonstrates that the mattress company is willing to fix or replace a mattress that is defective. Five- to ten-year warranties are not uncommon. Lifetime coverage is available from some providers.

Customers should also take into account what constitutes a defect when deciding on a warranty policy. Most warranties cover material and manufacturing problems, but do not cover typical wear and tear. In some cases, customers may have to pay for shipping.

Saatva Warranty 

Non-prorated warranties of 15 years are offered by Saatva for the Saatva Classic and Saatva Youth. Saatva will replace a faulty mattress for free throughout the first two years of the guarantee. Saatva will fix a mattress that is defective in years 3 through 15. The customer is charged a $99 transportation cost for each leg of the journey.

There is also a 12-year warranty for the Saatva Youth and a 20-year warranty for the HD. The 15-year plan is the same for these warranties. Repair or replacement of any Saatva Youth or HD model is covered by the company for the first two years at no additional cost to the owner. A $99 roundtrip transportation fee is assessed in the third year, but all other repairs and replacements are free.

Saatva provides the Fairness Replacement Option for all three warranties. During the first three years of the guarantee, customers can replace their mattress by paying a set percentage of the initial purchase price; this proportion will steadily increase until the warranty expires. Owners can maintain their original mattress under this plan at no additional expense.

Tuft & Needle Warranty

Tuft & Needle offers a ten-year warranty on all of their mattresses. Materials and manufacturing flaws are included in this. A defective mattress will be repaired or replaced by Tuft & Needle. In the event of a warranty claim, there are no fees to pay.

Who Should Go For The Saatva?

When picking between the two companies, it may be rather simple to come to a decision. The Saatva mattress is an excellent alternative to the well-known innerspring mattresses. If you prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress but have never tried a foam mattress, this is a good alternative for you.

Who Should Go For The Tuft & Needle?

The Tuft & Needle mattress may be the best in its price range. Aside from that, “price point” is the essential word. The Saatva is a little more robust, but the T&N is the best value on the market right now. Tuft And Needle is a better option for those who prefer foam mattresses than Saatva. Those who are on a budget or don’t plan on keeping their mattress for more than 12-15 years should go with the Tuft and Needle mattress.

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