Zenhaven vs. Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 04/2024

If you’re in the market for an environmentally friendly mattress constructed with natural materials, then there’s a high chance you’ve heard of the Zenhaven and the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss.

The Zenhaven by Saatva is an all-latex mattress produced from Talalay latex, which has a reputation for delivering buoyant pressure alleviation. The mattress is flippable, providing a variable firmness level on each side. As with other Saatva-made mattresses, the Zenhaven comes with complimentary White Glove delivery and old mattress removal.

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is similarly an all-latex mattress, but it’s produced with Dunlop latex instead of Talalay latex. Dunlop latex tends to be denser and more durable than Talalay latex. The Botanical Bliss is available in three different profiles and two different firmness degrees. The top two layers can also be replaced with each other to adjust the feel of the mattress.

Zenhaven and Plushbeds are both good selections for buyers who prefer responsibly created products at cheap pricing. We’ll go deeper in detail about the design of each mattress, comparing typical metrics like temperature regulation, motion isolation, and pressure relief. We’ll also explore practical information on pricing, shipping, and other policies to help you decide between the two.

How Do PlushBeds Botanical Bliss and Zenhaven Compare?


  • Botanical bliss and Zenhaven are two brands that use natural latex in their products. Aside from that, they’re both made with organic cotton and stuffed with organic wool.
  • All-latex mattresses include Botanical Bliss and Zenhaven. They don’t have foam or pocket coils, therefore they’re a better option.
  • There are two firmness options for each mattress.
  • If you are a hot sleeper, Botanical Bliss and Zenhaven mattresses are wonderful options. The organic cotton and wool cover provides excellent ventilation, cooling, and moisture-wicking properties, as well as excellent support.
  • There is a significant price difference between PlushBeds and Zenhaven when compared to other online mattress options, such as foam and hybrid models. However, they are far less expensive than mattresses made of natural latex that can be purchased at a store.
  • Returns are not free with any company. If you wish to return your Zenhaven mattress, you will be charged $149 by PlushBeds and $99 by Saatva. The companies claim that the fees are for shipping, however this is not the case.
  • Both mattresses have been constructed to last a long time. Either one should survive for several decades or more. PlushBeds offers a 25-year warranty, whereas Zenhaven offers a 20-year warranty.

Key Differences

  • Latex from certified organic sources is used in PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattresses. The latex used by Zenhaven does not have an organic certification. As for the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification,
  • It is a one-sided mattress, while Zenhaven is a two-sided mattress that can be flipped over and has a distinct firmness level for each side.
  • A conventional 100-night trial term is offered by PlushBeds, however Zenhaven allows you to test the mattress for 180 nights.
  • The Botanical Bliss mattress comes with free shipping, but the firm does not provide in-home setup. You may get your Zenhaven Mattress for $99 flat shipping, which includes in-home setup and removal of your old mattress.

Sizing and Weight Options

It is imperative that you take these factors into account when purchasing a mattress.

A normal mattress size ranges from a Twin to a King to a California King to an Extra Long Queen to an Extra Long Twin XL. Split king sizes are also available from some manufacturers, allowing customers to customize the firmness of each side of the bed. It’s a good idea to double-check the specifications of your old foundation or bed frame to make sure they match up with your new mattress.

Regardless of the size of the room you’re working in, the height of the mattress should be acceptable. To make getting in and out of bed easier, consider purchasing a mattress and foundation that are both at a comfortable height. Deep-pocket fitted sheets may be required for mattresses that are significantly taller than the average.

For those who have difficulty lifting large goods or who plan to move the mattress once it is put up, a hefty mattress can be unpleasant. A mattress’s weight has a significant impact on how easily it can be flipped whether it is a flippable mattress. In order to save on weight, flippable latex mattresses frequently feature thin to average profiles.


Zenhaven Mattress

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Plushbeds Botcanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss

  • Height: 9″, 10″, 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Construction and Materials Comparison

When it comes to a mattress’s comfort and long-term durability, the design and materials utilized in its construction play a role.

Polyfoam, memory foam, latex, micro-coils, and padding materials like cotton or wool are common in the upper layers of a mattress. In order to offer a comfortable sleeping surface, these are the layers that come into direct contact with the sleeper.

Firm latex, high-density polyfoam, or pocketed coils are common materials used in the mattress’ bottommost layers, which serve as the mattress’ support core. The bed’s structure is bolstered by the use of these materials, which preserve the spine in a straight line.

Mattresses fall into one of the following five major groups based on its basic design: innerspring, hybrid, all-foam, airbed, and latex. Both the Zenhaven and the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss are latex mattresses, which means they include latex in both their support cores and their comfort layers. Latex, a long-lasting material, is noted for its reactivity and temperature control.


The four layers of latex in the Zenhaven mattress can be flipped over. Organic cotton covers both sides of the pillow. Organic New Zealand wool is used to make a 1-inch fire barrier. With the help of these materials, you may sleep on a surface that is both breathable and moisture-wicking.

Talalay latex, which is lighter and more buoyant than Dunlop latex, is used in all four layers. The thickness of the layers varies from side to side.

The medium soft side has 1.5 inches of soft Talalay latex, which is most popular among side sleepers. This layer has pincore holes of varying sizes, which improve airflow and split the surface of the mattress into five zones for specific pressure relief and lumbar support. A 3-inch transitional layer of slightly tougher Talalay latex lies beneath this layer.

The firm side of the mattress includes a 1.5-inch layer of zoned, slightly firmer Talalay latex on top. After that, there is a transitional layer of Talalay latex that is 3 inches thick. For both sides of the mattress, the two transitional layers serve as a solid foundation.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

You can choose between the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss in three sizes: 9″, 10″ or 12″. In addition to the 1-inch organic cotton cover, all Botanical Bliss mattresses are padded with as much as 10 pounds of organic New Zealand wool.

In comparison to Talalay latex, Dunlop latex has a reputation for being a little denser. Talalay latex cannot be converted to organically certified Dunlop latex due to the manufacturing process. The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifies the Botanical Bliss mattress, while the Global Organic Textile Standard certifies the cotton and wool (GOTS).

There are two firmness options available to PlushBeds clients, namely medium-firm and firm. Two inches of soft Dunlop latex are sandwiched between three inches of medium Dunlop latex in the Medium 9-inch and 12-inch models and two inches of medium Dunlop latex in the Firm 9-inch and 12-inch variants. There is a 3 inch thickness to the 10-inch mattress’s top layer.

It’s preferable for most sleepers, especially those who prefer to sleep on their side, to get a Medium model. Sleeping on your stomach or weighing more over 230 pounds is more popular with the Firm models. The top two layers of all Botanical Bliss mattresses can be swapped out to offer a slightly firmer surface for sleepers.

Dunlop latex is used in the support core of the 9-inch and 10-inch mattresses. In the Medium versions, this layer is medium-firm, while in the Firm models, it is extra-firm. There are two layers of support in the 12-inch mattress’ core. This mattress is made up of three layers: three layers of medium latex, three layers of medium firm latex, and three layers of extra firm latex.

Average Customer Ratings

Comparing user reviews can help you decide between two mattresses that are otherwise identical. An increase in positive ratings may imply that a mattress is of greater quality and more comfy. Additionally, a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can reveal whether or not it has a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

A mattress’s performance in the real world can be determined by reading customer reviews. It’s also a good idea to check customer reviews to see if others with comparable body types and sleeping habits have had positive experiences with the mattress.

To be sure, these opinions should be tempered with caution. A person’s level of comfort may differ from another’s. Non-verified buyers and those who got pay for their evaluation can also be found on review websites. If you’re reading customer reviews, keep these caveats in mind and remember that they are only a supplement to your own research, not a substitute for it.


Model Average Rating
Zenhaven Mattress 4.9/5

Plushbeds Botcanical Bliss

Model Average Rating
Botanical Bliss 4.9/5

In-Depth Ratings

Temperature control, motion isolation, and ease of mobility all have a big impact on the feel of a mattress. It all depends on your body type, sleeping habit, the atmosphere, personal preference, whether or not you share a bed with a spouse, and other variables. When it comes time to buy a mattress, knowing what features are most important to you might help you make an informed decision.


Before it begins to sag or acquire apparent body indentations, the average mattress lasts about 6 or 7 years. This is the moment at which your body’s natural support system no longer works and must be replaced. It is mostly the quality and type of materials that determine how long a mattress can last. If properly cared for, natural latex mattresses can endure for several years longer than other types of mattresses.

Motion Isolation

It’s critical for couples who sleep together to find a mattress that’s both comfortable and effective at absorbing movement. For the most part, materials that hug and contour to a person’s body while they sleep work best in absorbing movement without transferring it across the bed. Talalay latex generally surpasses Dunlop latex in terms of motion isolation due to its plusher and less thick composition.


It is easier to get in and out of bed on bouncy mattresses like latex or hybrid types. For these reasons, most people agree that the best mattress for sex is one with a lot of bounce. When it comes to selecting a mattress for sex, some couples may also think about things like edge support, temperature regulation, and noise.

Temperature Neutrality

Those who are prone to overheating, such as those who reside in hot areas, should look for a mattress that can regulate their body temperature. There are many ways to achieve this, including the use of permeable fabrics, the use of cooling technology, or the design of the mattress itself.

Most synthetic foams are not as breathable as Talalay latex, which is naturally breathable and resists heat retention better. Additionally, many latex mattresses have pincore holes to improve airflow.

Pressure Relief

Many mattresses are designed to alleviate pressure points in the body. If you sleep on your hips or shoulders, you may experience pain because the mattress is too firm. As a result of their plushness, some mattresses cause pressure points in the spine, particularly the hips. To get the best of both worlds, you need to pick a mattress that is both supportive and comfortable for you.


Unboxing memory foam or polyfoam mattresses can cause off-gassing aromas, which can be unpleasant. These are a result of the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Natural latex mattresses, on the other hand, should be virtually odorless because they include no synthetic foams, flame retardants, or adhesives. In fact, a new latex mattress may give off a mild rubbery odor to some clients.

Ease of Movement

Mattresses that are hard to move around in can make you feel as though you’re stuck in sand. Although latex can be molded, it is naturally elastic and returns to its original shape quickly when pressure is removed. In contrast to memory foam, it doesn’t inhibit mobility, making it an excellent alternative for those who sleep on their backs and sides.

Edge Support

When sitting or sleeping near the edge of a mattress, you may feel as though you’re about to roll off the edge. The firmness of a mattress is directly related to the amount of sinkage that can be accommodated by the mattress’s edges.

If the mattress has special perimeter reinforcement, such as a higher density polyfoam border, this also affects how well it holds up. To ensure that both partners can use the bed at the same time, it is important to choose a mattress with firm edges.


Zenhaven Mattress
Firmness Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5
Motion Isolation 3/5
Sex 3/5
Sleeps Cool 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5
Off-Gassing 4/5
Ease of Movement 4/5
Edge Support 3/5

Plushbeds Botcanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss
Firmness Medium Firm (6), Firm (7)
Durability 4/5
Motion Isolation 3/5
Sex 4/5
Sleeps Cool 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5
Off-Gassing 4/5
Ease of Movement 4/5
Edge Support 3/5

Prices and Sizing

Mattress pricing can vary greatly, and the reasons for this may not be obvious at first look. Mattress prices are influenced by a variety of factors, including not only what kind of mattress you buy, but also how many layers there are and how tall it is. These are less obvious elements, but they can nevertheless have a significant impact on how much you pay. Additional characteristics such as shipping and sleep trial policies may also affect the price of a mattress.

Many people believe that investing a little extra for a mattress that will last longer is a good investment, and they’re correct. That being said, it’s always a good idea to do some research before making a purchase.

Mattress firms are known for running so many specials that paying full price for a mattress is becoming increasingly rare. Manufacturers’ overhead expenses have been dramatically reduced because to the invention of mattress-in-a-box delivery technology. Consumers have benefited from these discounts. As a result, today’s mattress industry is able to provide outstanding value for money, no matter what your budget may be.


Zenhaven Mattress
Twin $1,449
Twin XL $1,637
Full $2,074
Queen $2,474
King $3,074
California King $3,074
Split King $3,273

Plushbeds Botcanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss
Twin $1,349-$1,949
Twin XL $1,349-$1,949
Full $1,749-$2,549
Queen $1,849-$2,549
King $2,149-$2,849
California King $2,149-$2,849
Split King

As a result of the lengthy production process and numerous certifications that go along with natural latex mattresses, these mattresses tend to be among the most expensive on the market. The Zenhaven and the Botanical Bliss also comprise organic cotton and wool, which adds to the price. Both the Zenhaven and the Botanical Bliss use long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials, yet their prices are still competitive with those of other natural latex mattresses.

The price of the Botanical Bliss varies according to its height, but Zenhaven is the same price regardless of height. For the same size, the Zenhaven costs a little more because Talalay latex costs more to create than Dunlop latex, but the difference isn’t significant. The Zenhaven’s price includes White Glove delivery.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery


Mattress-in-a-box delivery is a reasonably inexpensive way of shipping that has helped enterprises to significantly reduce their overhead costs. Typically, mattress-in-a-box shipping is free in the mainland United States. When ordering from beyond the continental United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada), customers should expect to pay a fee for delivery.

FedEx Ground or UPS Ground are the most common shipping options for mattresses, and they typically reach at the customer’s house within a few days. For custom-made mattresses, the shipping time may be longer.

There are certain companies that offer White Glove delivery services, which include the installation of the mattress in the room of your choice, as well as the removal of your previous mattress. In most cases, this is an additional cost, and it may not be offered in all places.

Zenhaven Shipping Policy

Zenhaven’s White Glove delivery and old mattress removal are included throughout the contiguous United States. To inquire about shipping alternatives in Hawaii and Alaska, customers can contact Saatva.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Shipping Policy

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress ships for free inside the contiguous United States as a mattress in a box. For an additional cost, customers can work with PlushBeds to arrange for the installation of new mattresses or the removal of their old ones. Contact the firm for a shipping price if you live outside the United States.


It might be nerve-wracking to buy a mattress online without seeing it in person. A sleep trial is offered by most organizations in order to minimize the danger to their clients. A sleep trial can last anywhere from a few months to a year, allowing customers to test the mattress in their own home before making a final decision.

Customers can call the firm if they don’t like the mattress and they’ll arrange for a pickup and a full refund from the company. Mattresses that are returned are usually given away or recycled. Return fees may be imposed by some companies.

Zenhaven Sleep Trial

Customers can test out the Zenhaven mattress for 120 nights at Saatva. Customers can return the mattress for a complete refund minus the $99 handling fee throughout this period.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Sleep Trial

You can sleep on a PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress for 100 nights if you live in the contiguous United States of America. Before requesting a return, clients at PlushBeds are required to sleep on the mattress for a total of 30 nights. Mattresses can be returned for a cost of $99 if they are returned before 30 nights have passed, or if buyers want to keep the free accessories that included with the purchase. Customer’s can choose to receive a comfort swap rather than return the mattress within the sleep trial period. As a result, PlushBeds will send out a softer or a firmer latex layer that can be inserted into the mattress by consumers.


Customers are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty after the trial period has ended. During the guarantee period, if a mattress shows any faults, the firm will either repair or replace it. Customers may be responsible for a portion of the return or repair charges if a prorated warranty is in effect. Warranty claims may potentially be subject to a service cost.

Manufacturer and workmanship problems are covered by warranties, which usually include permanent body indentations, foam splits or cracks or cover issues. Mattresses that have been mistreated or don’t have a solid foundation are generally not eligible for a refund.

Zenhaven Warranty

A 20-year, non-prorated guarantee covers the Zenhaven against manufacturing faults, including body impressions of at least 0.75 inches in diameter. When a mattress is damaged for the first two years, buyers will receive a free replacement. Mattresses can be repaired and re-covered for $99 each way after the first two years. After the third year, consumers can choose to keep the damaged mattress and buy another one for a prorated discount and a handling fee.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Warranty

Additionally, PlushBeds offers a 25-year pro-rated guarantee for defects involving body impressions of at least 1.5 inches. During the first 10 years, PlushBeds will repair or replace any defective mattresses at its exclusive discretion. Any mattress that is not repaired or replaced within this time frame will be subject to a handling fee. Return shipping and handling expenses may be the responsibility of the customer.

Should I Buy Zenhaven or PlushBeds?

Even after narrowing your search to an all-foam latex mattress, you are still unsure which one is best for your needs. Get an idea of which product is best for you by checking out our recommendations below.

We Would Recommend Buying Zenhaven if You are Looking for:

  • Double-sided comfort. You’d want to be able to quickly and simply switch between a luxurious plush and a gentle firm feeling? Flip this mattress to get the perfect level of comfort for you.
  • Zoned support. Each side has five zones in the uppermost layers that can be configured to provide firm pushback or mild compression as desired. This should help alleviate pressure on the spine and keep it aligned.
  • Multiple sinkage options. On the softer side of the pillow, customers should feel a deep hug that molds to their bodies and fills their lower backs. Alternatively, they can turn the bed over and use it as a soothing cradle.

We Would Recommend Buying PlushBeds if You are Looking for:

  • Customizable support. This mattress has layers that may be rearranged to provide a medium or firm level of comfort, depending on the sleeper’s preference.
  • Split comfort. Split versions are available in queen, king, and Cali king sizes. To ensure that each sleeper receives the support and pressure relief they require, couples might do this on opposite side of their bed to produce contrasting sensations.
  • A gentle cradle. A gentle cradle that allows customers to “float” on rather than “in” the comfort foam should be featured in this product.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our discussion. Your home will benefit greatly from either brand if you’re searching for pressure relief, temperature regulation, and motion control all in one product!

Fans of Zenhaven should keep an eye out for different amounts of sinkage and comfort alternatives that can be used on both sides. In terms of comfort, PlushBeds are a good option for people looking for a soft cradle that also allows them to rearrange their layers as they see fit.

For a more in-depth look at each bed, make sure to check out our individual in-depth evaluations. Or, if you’re still shopping for a bed, have a look at our picks for the best beds to buy in 2021.

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