Brooklyn Aurora vs. Nolah Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 04/2024

It’s time to get a new mattress. The time has come. Let’s get started.

This comparison of Brooklyn Aurora vs Nolah will help you choose between a hybrid made by a family-owned firm that builds your new mattress just for you after you place your order, and an all-foam model given by a company that puts pressure relief at the forefront of design.

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Quick Comparison: Brooklyn Aurora and Nolah

Brooklyn Aurora

  • Increased ability to chill
  • Affordable luxury at a reasonable price.
  • There are three options for stiffness.


  • a moderate degree of elasticity
  • Good reprieve from the pressures of daily life
  • Temperature inert.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Brooklyn Aurora Construction

When it is packed in a box, this hybrid gets compressed. Coil springs and foam fill the mattress.

Phase-changing technology is incorporated into the 13-inch bed’s cotton cover to help keep the sleeper cool.

  • Designed to decrease overheating, the first layer is a 1.5-inch EnergexTM material containing TitanCoolTM gel. This material has been engineered to be flexible and to alleviate pain.
  • TitanFlexTM, a latex substitute that is springy and responsive, is used in the second layer.
  • Swirl Visco Elastic Memory Foam is used as a transitional layer between the comfort and support layers in the third layer, which is one inch thick.
  • Pocketed Coils, which are 8 inches tall, make up layer four. Each compartment is designed to collapse as needed for optimal support, relief from pressure and isolation from motion as needed.
  • Base foam is an inch thick and serves as a foundation for the bed, absorbing movement from the coils.
  • With the help of Quantum EdgeTM Coils, the outer perimeter is reinforced to ensure an uniform feel from edge to edge.

Nolah Construction

It’s a compressed and packed foam product that is shipped.

The TencelTM cover is designed to wick away moisture and maintain a constant body temperature.. The mattress is ten inches high. ‘

  • An AirFoamTM, a 2-inch-thick gel-infused foam developed by the business, is placed on top.
  • A 1-inch polyurethane support foam separates the sleeper from the foundation below in the second layer.
  • The bottom layer is a 7-inch thick polyurethane base with a high-density polyurethane core. This material serves as a sturdy base for the rest of the product and should provide the consumer with a deep level of comfort.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Using our comfort scale, we’ve rated the stiffness of each brand to help you evaluate if they meet your needs. If the score is lower than 1, it will seem softer than if it is higher than 1. Mattresses with a higher score are firmer, with a maximum score of 10.

In terms of quality, the hybrid is rated a 5. As a general rule, a medium level of comfort can be enjoyed by most people. The firm, gentle, and plus-sized variants are all available, and they’re all rated between a 3 and a 7. Pressure relief for side sleepers should come from the soft comfort materials, while back and stomach sleepers will benefit from the supportive coils.

There is a 4.5-5 out of 10 rating for the all-foam mattress, which is described as medium-soft or medium depending on how people feel about it. This foam-only mattress was created with side sleepers in mind and is intended to provide better pressure reduction.

When people shift their position, Aurora’s materials will instantly fill in any gaps left behind. However, Nolah’s materials are faster to respond than standard memory foams, but they are still slower to return to their original shape than those in the hybrid.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Shoppers won’t sink too far into either mattress. As an alternative, people will be able to float freely on top of their beds in a gentle cradle.

There is a moderate amount of bounce in the hybrid thanks to the coil arrangement and the upper materials. Even though the all-foam mattress has a low bounce, it nonetheless responds swiftly to help with nightly movement. The Aurora is a good option for those who are concerned about mobility because of its fast-response materials and higher amounts of bounce.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Due to the coil mechanism in the hybrid, some movement may be transmitted through the bed, allowing couples to feel the tossing and turning of the other. Individually pocketed springs are designed to isolate movement by allowing each spring to react separately to movement. The foams above and below these springs are intended to absorb some of this energy.

The vibrations will be absorbed by the all-foam bed, which is predicted to significantly reduce motion transfer. Both mattresses should provide a good night’s sleep for most people. Nolah may be a better option for those who are more sensitive and light sleepers who need more motion control.

Comparing Edge Support

Some couples want additional edge support since it allows them to sprawl out on their bed without fear of being evicted. To help these buyers, the Aurora hybrid has strengthened coils around the perimeter that are designed to prevent compression. Nolah’s edge-to-edge support may cause a slight compression, but this should not disturb your sleep. 

Brooklyn Aurora and Nolah Compared Side-by-Side

Features Brooklyn Aurora Nolah
Height 13” 10”
Cover Cotton with a phase change blend Tencel™ material
Materials Copper Gel Energex™ Foam, TitanFlex™, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge™ Pocketed Coils, Base Foam AirFoam™ and polyfoams
Cooling Phase change technology in the cover, cooling gel, copper gel, pocketed coils Tencel™ cover and AirFoam™
Firmness 5/10 4.5-5/10
Support Exceptional Great
Motion Transfer Medium Minimal
Edge Support Exceptional Good
Sinkage Gentle Cradle Gentle Cradle
Bounce Moderate Minimal
Warranty 10 years Lifetime
Trial Period 120 nights 120 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping Free in the contiguous United States, additional fee required to ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, free White Glove service may be available in showrooms Free in the continental United States
Made in the USA Yes Yes
[/table] [table]
Size Brooklyn Aurora Price (w/o discount) Nolah Price (w/o discount)
Twin $999 $699
Twin XL $1,249 $899
Full $1,599 $999
Queen $1,749 $1,249
King $2,199 $1,449
Cali King $2,199 $1,449
Split Cali King $1,249 N/A


Should I Buy Brooklyn Aurora or Nolah?

For the most part, there is a lot of overlap between the two brands, but there are distinct differences that allow for individual preferences. Check out our picks for each brand in the following section.

We Would Recommend Buying Brooklyn Aurora if You are Looking for:

  • Multiple comfort options. Soft, medium, and firm comfort levels are supplied so that customers can find the right fit for their body type.
  • A bouncy hybrid. Repositioning is made easy because to the coils’ minimal bounce and materials that respond fast.
  • Exceptional cooling. Cooling gels, copper, and phase-changing technology guarantee a cool and comfortable shopping experience that won’t leave customers feeling overheated and uncomfortable.

We Would Recommend Buying Nolah if You are Looking for:

  • A medium feel. The majority of people will find this mattress to be medium-soft or medium-firm.
  • A motion absorbing and cooling all-foam. The deep memory foam dampens the amounts of bounce and energy that go through the mattress, making it easier for customers to sleep on the mattress. It was also important to keep the foams cool throughout use.
  • Pressure Relief. Side sleepers should benefit from the mattress’ soft shape, which should reduce pressure and stress in usual problem areas like the hips and shoulders.

Final Thoughts

This combination is sure to be a hit with customers looking for extra support, a lot of bounce, and outstanding cooling. The all-foam type provides better motion control and greater relieve from pressure.

Learn more about each mattress’s top features and what they can do for you by reading our in-depth reviews.

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