Casper vs. Nolah Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 06/2024

Casper and Nolah are two of the most well-known companies selling foam mattresses online. Three mattress variations are available from Casper, but the company’s original product remains the most popular. An unknown but yet popular brand, Nolah offers only one type of mattress.

For your benefit, I’m going to outline the significant similarities and distinctions between each one. Our Nolah vs Casper mattress comparison will help you determine the best choice for you.

Nolah vs. Casper

Find out which of the two mattresses is best for you by comparing them below!

Key Similarities

  • Both mattresses have a thickness of 10 inches and are made of all-foam.
  • Both provide cooling options and are expected to be breathable.
  • A unique foam is used for both.
  • Approximately the same range of prices are involved.
  • Both companies provide free shipping and generous sleep trials.

Key Differences

  • Nolah is noticeably softer than the Casper.
  • Casper contains four layers of foam, compared to three in Nolah.
  • Nolah’s support layer is thicker.
  • It has a layer between the two comfort layers and the foundation layer, Casper’s transition layer.
  • For enhanced pressure reduction and body shaping, Casper contains a memory foam layer.
  • Nolah’s 120-day trial term is longer than Casper’s 100-day trial period.

Nolah Construction

The construction of the Nolah mattress can be seen in the image below. Listed below is a summary:

  • In terms of general feel, the cover is made of viscose, which is extremely soft and breathable.
  • AirFoam, a patented two-inch top layer, is believed to relieve pressure better than memory foam while also guaranteeing that individuals sleep cool. It is proprietary.
  • Avena foam, a latex-like foam that is exceptionally resilient and provides some bounce, is sandwiched between layers of AirFoam.
  • For a foam mattress, the base layer is 7 inches of 1.8 lb. density poly foam, which is standard.

Casper Construction

  • A elastic, breathable cover made of a lightweight quality fabric doesn’t significantly alter the mattress’s feel.
  • It’s a 1.5-inch thick layer of a latex-like polyfoam made by the corporation. Casper defines the material as “open-cell” because of its breathability and bounce.
  • 3.5 lb density memory foam is used in the mattress’s next layer, which is 1.5 inches thick. This layer aids the mattress in conforming to the specific contours of the body by relieving pressure points.
  • The third layer is 1.5 inches of polyfoam with a 2.5 lb. density, which serves as a “transition layer.” Even weight distribution and ease of transition from the comfort layers to firm support layers are the goals of this layer.
  • A 1.8-pound density polyfoam foundation layer is employed in many different bed-in-a-box models.

Construction Differences/Notes

  • In terms of durability, I would give Nolah a little edge over the other mattresses.
  • Nolah’s top layer is softer than Casper’s, and it is softer overall.
  • On top of Casper’s base layer, there’s an additional transition layer.
  • It is important that both mattresses are airy and allow you to sleep comfortably all night long.
  • In comparison to the Nolah, Casper will have more bounce.

Firmness/Feel Differences

As with the Nolah, you can push Casper as far as you can with the right amount of pressure. Casper, on the other hand, bounces back with greater speed and vigor. The videos below highlight the similarities and differences between the two. In general, the Nolah is softer than the Casper, in my opinion.

Motion Transfer Differences

As a result, they are able to withstand a lot of pressure without transferring motion. Each is an excellent choice for couples because of this. Because it sinks so much, Nolah has a slight advantage here because it doesn’t truly transfer motion. After bouncing around for a long period of time on Casper, your next-door neighbor will notice. See for yourself by checking out these videos.

Pick Nolah If:

  • Because you sleep on your side, Nolah’s softness makes it ideal for absorbing pressure.
  • As a result, you prefer to sleep “in” rather than “on” your mattress, which has a quicksand-like feel to it.

Pick Casper If:

  • In the event that you sleep on your stomach or back, Casper’s firmness and zonal support structure make it a superb choice.
  • You like well-known brands like Casper, which has been in business for a while and has gone through several iterations of its flagship mattress. Casper is the best option if you desire a brand with a better established track record.

Casper vs Nolah: Materials

Casper Materials

The Casper mattress is 12 inches thick and is made up of four layers of foam. Starting with the foam’s top layer. When using an open cell foam layer, the majority of the pressure-relieving comfort will come from this layer. As a result of open cell technology, airflow is created and heat is able to dissipate. Even additional pressure reduction comes from the second layer of foam.

After that, there is a layer of comfort zoned foam support. Targeted support and pressure alleviation are provided to the parts of the body that require them most. Adjusting the firmness of your mattress to suit your preferences and the needs of your body.

In the end, the bed is built on a foundation of high-density memory foam. The next layer is a zoned foam layer that provides additional structural support.

All of this is topped off with a plush polyester cover. While this cover can be washed, it should not be put in the dryer because it will shrink and no longer fit.

Nolah Materials

Three layers of foam make up the Nolah Original Mattress, which is 10″ thick and weighs 350 lbs. The Nolah’s initial layer is made up of two inches of their own AirFoam. For their bed, Nolah made this foam. Memory foam’s responsiveness, but without the heat retention, can be found in this material. This mattress relies heavily on this foam for its pressure-relieving properties.

Unlike latex, the second 1″ layer of foam is responsive and supportive. Makes it easier to get into and out of bed, as well as to move around while in the bed.

Finally, a substantial 7-inch layer of support foam is found at the bed’s foundation. Firm foam gives the mattress structure and allows the top layers to conform and support the sleeper. In order to keep its sleeper cool, this mattress’s cover is comprised of a natural viscose fiber.

Browse Casper Customer Reviews

Both my husband and I suffer from debilitating problems with our bones and muscles. My military service and my husband’s recent run-in with a truck have left us both scarred. As a family, we’ve been looking for ways to improve our quality of sleep for a long time now. We woke up stiff and distorted in pain, no matter how much money we spent on mattresses. Even though we weren’t convinced by Glen Beck’s claims about the Casper mattresses, I ultimately caved after hearing him rave about them time and time again. Accepting that pain was a part of our lives was all we could do. As promised, the pricing was considerably lower than anticipated, and the ordering process was a breeze. Much sooner than expected, the mattress and foundation were delivered. The foundation was a breeze to assemble, and once it was, we watched in wonder as the mattress box expanded to suit the frame. We were hesitant as we climbed into bed that night since it seemed so unfamiliar. For the first time in more than a decade, I woke up without any pain in my joints. My hubby went through the same thing! We’re so grateful to Casper, who has given us a new start on life with pain-free mornings and deep, uninterrupted sleep at night. We are in awe of your creativity and bow our heads in reverence. Brava!!!

Trial Period & Warranty

Casper’s mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. As opposed to Nolah, which gives a 120-night money-back guarantee and a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s important to keep in mind that these warranties cover natural wear and tear as well as defects.

Despite the lengthy trial periods, you should be able to figure out whether or not a mattress is good for you in 30 days or less on average. Once your body gets used to a new mattress, this is typically how long it takes. For Trial and Warranty, Nolah wins, but Casper’s are fine.

Casper vs Nolah Mattress – Our Verdict:

When it comes to finding an all-foam mattress that is ideal for side sleepers and provides excellent pressure relief, these mattresses are both excellent options. Their comfort, build, and materials are so comparable that it’s nearly impossible to choose one over the other.

Here are the options you have to make a decision on. The Casper mattress is two inches thicker than the Nolah mattress, therefore we recommend it if you prefer a firmer or higher mattress. The Nolah, on the other hand, is equipped with slightly more modern materials that may let you to sleep a little more comfortably and with less off-gassing. Both of these mattresses are really cozy and provide excellent pressure point alleviation. Isn’t that great?

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