Awara vs. Avocado Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 04/2024

Across all types of consumer products, there’s more emphasis than ever before on environmentally friendly options. An ever-growing number of shoppers are opting to buy from companies that demonstrate a commitment to organic and sustainable production.

In the mattress industry, two leading brands that have adopted this eco-conscious approach are Awara and Avocado. Their mattresses employ natural materials like latex, cotton, and wool that have received certifications for meeting elevated standards of green production. Taking things even further, Avocado’s product line includes a vegan option with no materials derived from animals, an all-latex mattress, and a luxury hybrid constructed with natural materials such as alpaca hair, silk, mohair, and organic wool.

But these brands don’t just succeed because of their eco-friendly materials. Their latex hybrid mattresses offer steady, solid performance that can properly support the body with a combination of responsiveness and pressure relief.

Shoppers looking for a green mattress frequently zero in on these two brands, but deciding between them is no easy task. To help guide you in the process, our head-to-head comparison puts Awara versus Avocado in all the essential categories so that you can more confidently decide which is the best bet for your home.

Quick Look

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Extra-thick comfort layer of natural Dunlop latex provides durability, bounce, and pressure relief.

Nine-inch innerspring support core contributes responsiveness and sturdiness.

Eco-conscious materials including latex certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

High-end materials that meet rigorous standards for organic production while generating support and responsiveness.

Zoned coils amplify tailored cushioning and edge support.

Multiple product options including two firmness choices and a Vegan model.

Awara Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Latex Mattress

Avocado Organic Luxury Plush Mattress

Company Information For Awara And Avocado

Awara and Avocado both have company policies designed to help you with the buying process:

Shipping: Both companies will ship your mattress for free. The mattresses arrive compressed in a box.

Free trial: Both Awara and Avocado offer a 365-day trial period. That’s more than the typical 100 days mattress companies offer.

Warranty: Avocado offers a 25-year warranty, which is more than double the typical 10-year warranty. Awara offers a “forever” warranty, which covers the bed as long as you own it.

You can check the websites for more details about these policies.

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Sizing and Weight Options

When shopping for a new mattress, deciding on the size that you’re looking for is a logical starting point. A bigger mattress provides considerably more surface area, which is important for couples and anyone who wants to stretch out as they see fit. The downside, though, is that a larger bed can be pricier and make your bedroom a tight squeeze.

Height and weight are also worthy of consideration. The total height of your mattress and bed frame can play a role in how easy it is to get in or out of bed, and extremely tall mattresses may require special fitted sheets that have an added pocket depth. Though it may not affect you on a day-to-day basis, mattress weight comes into play anytime you need to move the mattress, whether for cleaning, repositioning, or moving to a new home.


Both Avocado and Awara offer their mattresses in the six standard sizes, so there is no advantage to either brand for size availability. With mattress heights under 13 inches, there should be no issues in using standard fitted sheets.

Avocado provides customers with a few choices. The Avocado Green Mattress is available in standard and pillow-top designs, as well as a wool-free vegan option. The company also offers an all-latex mattress and the Luxury Plush Mattress, a latex hybrid with 21 individual layers.

The standard Awara and pillow-top Avocado Green have the same height and nearly identical weight. The Avocado without the pillow-top, though, is two inches shorter and weighs 32 pounds less than the Awara, making it a more appealing choice for people who want a more compact mattress.

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Construction and Materials Comparison

If you’re buying a car, you don’t just look at its paint job; you need to see under the hood. In the same way, when shopping for a mattress, it’s essential to see how it’s built. The materials that are used, their quality, how thick the layers are, and how the layers come together as a whole are the primary determinants of how well a mattress will perform and how long you can expect it to last.

In almost any mattress, you can break the construction down into two parts: the support core and the comfort system. The support core is the bottom section and is usually the thickest part, meant to generate sturdiness and dependability. The comfort system is one or more layers meant to most immediately impact the way the bed feels and how it reacts to the body’s weight.

The Awara and Avocado mattress offerings are latex hybrid mattresses. Hybrids have a support core made with metal innerspring coils and a thick comfort system. In a latex hybrid, the comfort system is made predominantly or exclusively with latex.

Because they share a similar design, the Awara and Avocado mattresses have quite a bit in common in their construction. That said, by looking closely at how each is built, it’s easier to spot the ways in which they are different.


The Awara mattress has a straightforward design with just two interior layers.

4 inches of Dunlop latex certified by the Rainforest Alliance

9 inches of pocketed innerspring coils

Overall, the Awara has a medium firm (6) feel. Its thick latex comfort system provides moderate contouring to soften pressure points in areas like the hips, shoulders, and lumbar spine. It has significant bounce that makes it easy to move on the mattress without ever feeling stuck in place. Its natural Dunlop latex is Rainforest Alliance Certified to demonstrate a commitment to forest and species conservation as well as economic and social sustainability.

The support core is made with 9 inches of pocketed innerspring coils. The pocketed design means that each spring is wrapped in cloth, and the cloth linings are stitched together to hold the structure in place instead of attaching the actual springs to one another. This gives each coil more range of motion and an ability to tailor to the body without excessive motion transfer. The tall layer of coils creates plenty of bounce as well as a sturdy feel out to the edge of the mattress.

The cover is made with organic cotton and has an inner lining made with organic New Zealand wool. These materials have a natural softness that complements the feel of the latex layer.

Latex does not retain significant heat, and this, combined with the breathability of cotton and wool and ventilation of the coils, makes the Awara well above-average for temperature regulation. The thick layers promote durability, and the bounce from both the comfort system and support core contributes to a bed that is well-suited to an active sex life.


The Avocado Green Mattress comes in a firm (7) feel with three internal layers:

2 inches of organic Dunlop latex

8 inches of pocketed innerspring coils

1 inch of organic Dunlop latex

In this design, the 2-inch latex layer serves as the comfort system. This latex is made with the Dunlop process and is certified organic according to the criteria of the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). GOLS is a program of the Control Union, a company that audits and evaluates production practices to ensure that they meet high standards for environmental protection and social fairness. This latex layer delivers moderate contouring that can give support to the body and provide light pressure point relief.

The support core is made with two separate layers. The top layer is 8 inches of pocketed innerspring coils. The pocketed-coil design lets the springs better match the body’s weight, and there are three distinct coil thicknesses arranged into zones to give support where it’s most needed. That includes reinforcements around the perimeter to offer reliable edge support. Below the coils is a 1-inch layer of organic latex that functions as a shock absorber, protecting the coils, increasing stability, and cutting down on any noise or squeaking.

The cover is made with organic cotton with an interior lining of organic wool batting. Both the cotton and wool are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is also a program of the Control Union. The softness and breathability of cotton and wool help make the mattress more inviting on first touch, and durable handles sewn onto the cover make it easier to move or rotate the Avocado.

All of the interior components in the Avocado Green Mattress generate bounce, making this an easy mattress to move on top of, and the materials also facilitate effective ventilation and cooler sleep.

The Avocado Green Mattress With Pillow-Top

In addition to the standard Avocado Green Mattress, customers can opt for a pillow-top model. The only difference in their construction is the addition of a 2-inch latex pillow-top, giving this model four internal layers:

2 inches of organic Dunlop latex

2 inches of organic Dunlop latex

8 inches of pocketed innerspring coils

1 inch of organic Dunlop latex

The added layer of latex in the pillow-top provides extra contouring and a slightly softer feel — medium firm (6) — than the standard option. The thicker comfort system also helps reduce motion transfer and supports additional durability, especially for sleepers over 230 pounds who typically place more pressure on the top layers of their mattress.

The Avocado Vegan Mattress

Avocado’s product line includes a mattress designed without animal products. Its construction is identical to the Avocado Green Mattress except that the layer of wool batting under the cover is replaced with organic cotton batting. The Avocado Vegan Mattress is offered in both the standard and pillow-top models.

From a performance standpoint, there is little difference between the Avocado Green and Vegan mattresses. Although it is less insulating, cotton batting serves a similar role as wool, and most sleepers would be unlikely to notice a major difference in feel.

The Avocado Latex Mattress

The only Avocado model that doesn’t feature coils, the Latex Mattress features three layers of GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex encased in a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. The comfort layer is divided into firmness zones for enhanced support throughout the body – particularly the midsection and hips, where many people carry a disproportionate amount of weight.

The transitional and support layers are progressively denser, so you should feel adequately supported without the mattress feeling too stiff. The Latex Mattress measures 9 inches thick altogether and has a firm (7) feel.

The Avocado Luxury Plush Mattress

Avocado’s newest mattress is a luxury hybrid constructed with 21 individual layers. Most of these layers are relatively thin, so the overall profile is 15 inches altogether.

The first few layers are composed of natural batting materials to give the surface a plush feel and make the mattress more breathable. These include layers of organic cotton, organic wool, alpaca hair, and a blend of organic silk and mohair.

The core of this mattress features two layers of GOLS-certified Dunlop latex that provide contouring and cushioning, followed by a pocketed coil support core and latex base layer. The standard Luxury Plush Mattress measures 15 inches thick and has a medium (5) feel. Customers can add a pillow-top layer to their mattress, which increases the profile by 3 inches and makes it feel slightly softer. Pillow-top models include an extra layer of blended organic cotton, wool, and silk batting, along with a microcoil transitional layer not found in the standard mattress.

Average Customer Ratings

A necessary part of comparing mattresses is looking at how they’ve been reviewed by customers. It’s easy to find reviews when shopping online, but before evaluating them, consider a few tips:

Shy away from reviews that aren’t from verified buyers so that you know the review is coming from someone who has actually purchased and tried the mattress.

Be skeptical of reviews that come from people who were compensated for their review because they often have an incentive to be overly positive.

Consider the sample size because a mattress with few reviews may have its total score warped by a small number of very positive or negative ratings.

Look at the total score and actual written reviews so that you can understand why customers like or dislike the mattress and how their comments apply in your case.

The Awara and Avocado mattresses have received strong marks from their customers, but the Avocado Green Mattress has an advantage in terms of the number of reviews provided.

In-Depth Ratings

While a review score provides a rating for the mattress as a whole, in many cases, it’s more illuminating to break down mattress performance and provide in-depth ratings in key areas. Evaluating a mattress in this way provides a more calibrated view of its strengths and weaknesses.

It’s normal for every shopper to have different priorities for what they are looking for in a new bed, but the following elements of mattress performance usually have the greatest bearing on customer satisfaction. As you compare the Awara versus Avocado mattresses, you can consider which of these are your highest priorities and how that affects which option is best for you.

Durability A long-lasting mattress saves you from having to go through the mattress-buying process again anytime soon. If it’s well-built with thoughtful design and quality materials, a mattress can last close to 10 years. A poorly built bed is at greater risk of promptly showing signs of sagging and other wear-and-tear that keep it from supporting your body.

Motion Isolation Motion isolation is all about preventing the transfer of vibrations from movement across the surface of the mattress. With strong motion isolation, a mattress can effectively contain those vibrations to one side of the bed and prevent them from disturbing a partner on the other side. Motion isolation is important primarily for couples and has particular value if one or more bed partners either moves a lot at night or is sensitive to being woken up by movement.

Sex A well-selected mattress can contribute to an active sex life. The best mattresses for sex have prominent bounce that gives momentum to the range of quick movements that are normal during sex. At the same time, the mattress should have enough softness to cushion bodies during intimate activity. Hybrids and latex mattresses tend to be among the best bets for sex.

Temperature Neutrality Keeping your cool isn’t just about attitude; it’s also about staying at a comfortable temperature through the night. Mattresses that cling to the body can block airflow around the skin and lead to the buildup of heat and sweat. Adequate ventilation in the mattress cover and interior promotes cooling. Innerspring coils facilitate airflow, and latex resists heat retention, so these materials frequently are preferred by people who are predisposed to sleeping hot.

Pressure Relief To avoid morning pains, it’s essential to have a mattress that reduces pressure in key areas of the body. Although it depends on the person’s body weight and sleeping position, most people have heightened pressure points near the shoulders, hips, neck, and/or lower back. A mattress can relieve pressure by cushioning those areas and conforming to meet the specific sleeper’s body weight distribution.

Off-gassing During the manufacturing process, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are produced, and they can be held in place within the bed’s packaging until it is unboxed. When the VOCs are released, they can give off a “new mattress smell” that isn’t harmful but may be unpleasant or annoying. Off-gassing tends to be the worst with low-quality foam mattresses. In most cases, even when the smell is strong, it dissipates within a few days as long as the bedroom has adequate ventilation.

Ease of Movement Mattresses with significant hug and sink can cause someone to feel trapped in place, especially if there’s limited bounce or responsiveness. Some sleepers find this quicksand-like feeling to be uncomfortable, and it can be especially problematic for combination sleepers who adjust their sleeping position during the night. Mattresses with the most ease of movement, such as latex and hybrid beds, are those that have notable bounce.

Edge Support Weak edge support can create a worry that you might be ejected from bed and roll out onto the floor. The most common cause of insufficient edge support is a very soft and unresponsive mattress. Beds with a firmer, more responsive, and robust design tend to deliver greater edge-to-edge stability and the ability to more confidently sleep or sit near the bed’s perimeter.

In-depth ratings for the Awara and Avocado mattresses are listed below. Performance ratings for the Avocado Vegan Mattress are the same as those for the Avocado Green Mattress, including for the pillow-top model.

Prices and Sizing

Most shoppers know that a great mattress is an investment, but everyone still has to work with a budget that fits their financial situation. Even though there are solid values at almost every price point, how much a mattress costs usually boils down to a mix of multiple factors:

The type of materials

The quality of materials

The amount of each material (the thickness and layering)

The total height of the mattress

Special characteristics or features such as environmental certifications or advanced cooling elements

The country where the mattress was manufactured

Most mattress companies run frequent promotions that offer customers a considerable discount on their final out-of-pocket price. The retail prices for Awara and Avocado are listed below by mattress size, but customers should always look for a deal to reduce these sticker prices.

The Avocado Vegan Mattress has the same pricing for the standard and pillow-top model as the Avocado Green Mattress.


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For customers looking for the lowest-priced option, the Avocado Green Mattress costs less than the Awara in all sizes except for King and California King.

In many ways, though, the Awara’s construction is more comparable to the Avocado model with a pillow-top, and for that comparison, the Awara has an advantage in terms of price. That advantage grows with larger sizes such as Queen, King, and California King.

Overall, both the Awara and Avocado mattresses are excellent values given their combination of sturdy design, eco-conscious materials, and high-end performance. Before making a final choice, customers can check each company’s website to find out about sales or other discounts that could impact which model comes with the lowest price tag.

Trials, Warranty, and Delivery

Sleep Trial & Returns

(30-night requirement)

Sleep Trial & Returns

(15-night requirement)

Construction and performance are critical factors in selecting a new mattress, but it’s also worth taking the time to understand the logistics related to shipping, returns, and warranties.

These practical parts of a mattress purchase work a bit differently when shopping online than in a brick-and-mortar store, so the following sections explain the basics and outline the details for the policies of Awara and Avocado.


For mattresses purchased online, there are two primary shipping methods:

Standard shipping: This delivery method is almost always free. The mattress gets delivered directly to your doorstep, usually within 10 business days. To enable this type of shipping, the mattress is compressed and sealed inside plastic packaging and then put in a box for delivery. To install the mattress, you’ll need to bring the box to your bedroom, remove the packaging, and allow the mattress to expand to its full size. Two or three people are usually needed to carefully lift and carry the box.

White Glove delivery: When a team of technicians brings the mattress to your home and sets it up for you, it’s known as White Glove delivery. The technicians may be able to remove an old mattress as well, depending on the service. The availability of White Glove services can vary by company and location. It usually costs extra to get in-home setup, but the exact price depends on the mattress company.

Awara Shipping Policies

Awara provides free standard shipping within the contiguous United States. For customers in Hawaii and Alaska, shipping is available but comes with an extra charge.

White Glove delivery is offered in the contiguous United States and includes the installation of the Awara as well as removal of an old mattress. This service costs $149.

Avocado Shipping Policies

Avocado offers free standard shipping to all 50 U.S. states.

Avocado’s White Glove delivery service is only available in the contiguous 48 U.S. states and costs $199. This service includes both setup of the Avocado and haul-away of an existing mattress.

Sleep Trial and Returns

One advantage to buying a mattress online is that almost every manufacturer offers a sleep trial that lets you test out the mattress for at least a few months (and sometimes much longer) with the option to return it if you aren’t happy with it. Compared to spending a few minutes on a mattress in a physical showroom, these generous return policies give customers a much clearer idea about whether a mattress works for them.

The typical sleep trial lasts for 100 nights and has no fees for return shipping. There may be a required break-in period lasting up to 30 nights during which you can’t request a return. The purpose of this break-in period is to let your body adjust to the new mattress before making a final decision about whether to return it. If you do come to the conclusion that you want a refund, most mattress companies will work with you to have the bed picked up from your home or find a place for you to donate it locally.

Awara Sleep Trial and Return Policy

The Awara sleep trial lasts for 365-nights and has a 30-night break-in period. If you choose to return the mattress, Awara provides a full refund. The only charges that cannot be refunded are those related to either White Glove delivery or shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii.

Avocado Sleep Trial and Return Policy

The Avocado mattresses come with a 365-night sleep trial. There is no mandatory break-in period, but Avocado requests that customers give the mattress a try for 30-60 nights. A full refund is provided if you opt for a return, but fees paid for White Glove delivery are not refundable.


A mattress warranty is essentially insurance against defects in its materials or workmanship. Virtually every mattress sold online comes with a warranty included that lasts for at least five years.

In most cases, the company will repair or replace a mattress that is confirmed to have a defect. Customers may have to pay some share of the costs related to warranty service. In a non-prorated warranty, the terms don’t change over the whole length of the warranty. If it is prorated, the customer’s share of costs goes up depending on how long they have owned the bed.

Awara Warranty Policy

Awara offers a Forever Warranty that lasts for as long as you own the mattress. This warranty is prorated based on whether you’ve owned the mattress for more or less than 10 years.

During the first 10 years, Awara will replace a defective mattress at zero cost to the customer. After 10 years, the company will replace or repair the mattress, and the customer pays for $50 shipping each way. The company agrees to waive the shipping charges if a defect is confirmed.

Avocado Warranty Policy

Avocado’s warranty on all of its mattresses lasts for 25 years and is prorated. During the first 10 years, Avocado will replace or repair the mattress at no charge. In year 11, the customer pays 50% of their original cost and receives a new mattress. That percentage increases by 5% each year up to 95% in years 21 through 25. The customer is also responsible for transportation costs.

Avocado vs Awara – Summary:

While many buyers are interested in what Awara has to offer, it is difficult to stand up against a beloved and trusted brand Avocado is. The Avocado mattress is natural, comfortable, and reliable. Plus with an 11” and even plusher 13” option, it’s like your best night’s sleep is just calling your name. Not to forget all the other sleeping benefits it provides too. Making it check all the boxes when it comes to the best mattress.

The Awara only gives you one sleeping option and at a price point that is similar. On top of that it is a brand with little customer feedback or with the same level of certifications. So when all is said and done, would you prefer the brand that offers the BEST materials and reputation. Or one that is trying to replicate it but falling short? We would have to say that it is hard to beat the original green hybrid latex mattress. Nice try, Awara, but you’re no Avocado!

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