Bear vs. Casper Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 06/2024

You’ll need to do some research before purchasing a new mattress. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, it’s a good idea to do some research on various mattress manufacturers and models. As part of our Bear vs. Casper review, we’ll take a closer look at two of the most popular online mattress companies that ship right to your door.

A mixed-foam bed known as the Casper Original debuted Casper in 2014 as the company’s first product. There is also a Casper Hybrid variant that doesn’t have a foundation foam support core but does have memory foam and polyfoam layers. The Casper Element (formerly the Essential) is a low-cost all-foam mattress, whereas the Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid are high-end hybrids.

Bear, our second brand, has been in operation since 2014 as well. Mattresses from Bear have Celliant fabric covers, which are known for their ability to regulate body temperature and aid in muscle regeneration as you sleep. Memory foam and polyfoam layers are used in the construction of the Bear Original, which is similar to the Casper Original. All-foam Bear Pro has an extra layer of comfort foam and a slightly higher profile than the Bear Original. The Bear Hybrid is another product offered by the company and features a pocketed coil support core.

You can see that Casper and Bear have a lot of the same mattresses in their lineup. Some major variances between these two brands and their all-foam and hybrid variants exist. Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Casper and Bear mattresses stack up against one other based on several sleeping and mattress buying considerations.

Sizing and Weight Options

For a variety of reasons, mattress measurements are critical. There are several mattress in a box providers that deliver right to your door, so it’s important to check the weight in advance if you plan on lifting the shipping box into your bedroom on your own. Another consideration is the height of the person. There are some people who prefer a bed that is shorter or taller than the average, while others don’t care at all.

Six typical mattress sizes are offered by the majority of retailers nowadays. While the twin, twin XL, and full-size beds are best suited for single sleepers, the queen, king and California-King beds are wide enough to accommodate two persons. They also come at varied lengths, making them more or less ideal for different heights. Before deciding on a mattress size, think about your sleeping habits.

All Bear and Casper mattresses come in a variety of sizes, weights, and heights.


Bear Original

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Bear Pro

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Bear Hybrid

  • Height: 14″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King


Casper Original Mattress

  • Height: 11″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Casper Original Hybrid

  • Height: 11″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Casper Wave Hybrid

  • Height: 13″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Casper Element

  • Height: 10″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Casper Nova Hybrid

  • Height: 12″
  • Size Options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

Both Bear and Casper provide a wide range of mattresses that are fairly similar in terms of their density, thickness, and variety of sizes. Because these mattresses are often lightweight, the brands’ all-foam variants are reasonably easy to lift and carry. The heights of these mattresses range from 10 inches to 12 inches. Comparatively, all-foam Bear and Casper hybrids tend to be bulkier and heavier. Most likely, you’ll require assistance in relocating these models to their new locations.

When it comes to getting in and off of a thicker mattress, you may want to choose the Bear Hybrid (14 inches) or the Casper Nova Hybrid (14 inches) (13 inches). The Bear Original, Casper Original, or Casper Hybrid, all of which are 11 inches or less, are ideal for those who enjoy sleeping on their stomachs. If you like a medium mattress profile, the Bear Pro and Casper Wave Hybrid are good options.

There are no split queens or kings offered by either Bear or Casper. These beds cannot be customized in any way that affects the weight or thickness of the mattress.

Construction and Materials Comparison

Detailed mattress specifications can be extremely helpful when shopping for a new bed, as the materials and design of the mattress have a significant impact on how the mattress feels and performs. Cooling is made possible by the use of breathable comfort layers. A mattress with a solid base provides a more stable foundation for your body and less sinkage at the edges. Additionally, the material’s composition can affect its durability, pain and pressure alleviation, motion isolation, and odor potential. You’ll also discover that mattresses constructed from particular materials tend to be more expensive than others.

The distinct layers of each Bear and Casper mattress will be explained in detail in the next section. For your Bear mattress vs. Casper mattress comparison, we’ll explain how these materials affect different performance areas, as well.


The Bear Original has a 2-inch layer of memory foam for added comfort. As the foam is laced with graphite gel, it molds to the body’s contours and keeps the temperature down. Additionally, this model has a 2-inch polyfoam transitional layer and a 6-inch support core of high-density polyfoam for additional reinforcement and stability.

The Bear Original’s firm, moderately conforming texture makes it ideal for side and back sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. The Bear Original is also a good choice for stomach sleepers, however bigger stomach sleepers may find it sag a little too much.

All-foam model Bear Pro is based on the original design. This mattress has a second layer of copper-infused polyfoam in addition to the gel-infused memory foam comfort layer. In addition, the Bear Pro has a firmer surface and a thicker foundation polyfoam layer, making it a better choice for back sleepers who require extra support.

Due to their all-foam construction, the Bear Original and Bear Pro are excellent motion isolation options. As a result, you and your partner will be less likely to suffer from sleep problems as a result of the mattress’s top layers’ ability to absorb movement and prevent it from spreading. In addition, the mattresses are absolutely silent. Both models are ideal for couples.

In terms of thickness, the Bear Hybrid mattress is the company’s heaviest at 14 inches. Two layers of polyfoam comfort, including a gel-infused top layer, are employed in the construction of this model to keep the surface cool. Polyfoam transitional layer and 8-inch Quantum Edge pocketed coils reinforced with foundation foam make up the Bear Hybrid’s core support. The coils include side rails to keep them from sinking in the middle. Casper hybrids are significantly softer than Bear hybrids when compared.

Celliant fabric is used to enclose all three Bear mattresses. Heat is absorbed, converted into infrared energy, and then sent back into your body through the skin by this textile. This mechanism regulates body temperature, boosts blood flow, and aids the body’s recovery from strenuous physical activity. Although some people are more aware of the benefits of Celliant fabric than others, the textile’s effect on sleepers varies.

We recommend either the firm Bear Original or the medium-firm Bear Pro, based on your preference for firmness, if you prefer an all-foam mattress. Instead of the Bear Hybrid, those who prefer a mattress that gives greater support and responsiveness may prefer the Bear Hybrid.


Polyfoam and memory foam comfort layers make up the Casper Original, a “mixed-foam” type. In addition to the memory foam, the top layer of polyfoam provides some light bounciness to the surface. While the lighter regions of your body are supported by the memory foam layer, your lower back is supported by the stronger layer. This layer of polyfoam has a high density and is used as the foundation.

If you sleep on your side or back, the Casper Original mattress is ideal for you. Those who sleep on their stomachs and weigh more than 230 pounds may certainly sink too far in this model. Even though the Casper Hybrid is a bit springier than the original, it still provides the same level of comfort as the Casper Original. Unlike the standard Casper mattress, the hybrid’s support core is comprised of pocketed coils rather than foam.

Previously known as the Essential, Casper’s other all-foam mattress, the Element, is now known as the Element. Comfort layer: 3-inch polyfoam comfort layer on high-density polyfoam base layer The Element mattress conforms less than the Casper Original, but it also feels firmer and sinks less because it doesn’t have any memory foam. It may be a better choice for back sleepers who need additional support.

One of Casper’s newest models is the Nova Hybrid. There is a layer of AirScape open-cell polyfoam at the top of the mattress, which is exceptionally breathable and soft. The transitional layer of memory foam is separated into seven firmness zones, as is the second polyfoam comfort layer. You may rest assured that you’ll be supported in the regions where you’re carrying an excessive amount of weight thanks to these layers. a 7-inch polyfoam shell surrounds a 6-inch pocketed coil support core on the Nova Hybrid.

Open-cell polyfoam, open-cell latex, and three-zone memory foam are used in the construction of the Wave Hybrid’s comfort layers. The latex layer in the Wave Hybrid makes it more responsive than other Casper hybrids. Polyfoam transitional layers with zoned gel pods are also included in this variant. Six-inch pocketed coils with a seven-inch polyfoam encasement are found on the Wave Hybrid’s coil layer just like the Nova Hybrid’s.

Medium-to-close body-contouring is provided by the Nova Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid, respectively. Compared to other hybrids, the Bear Hybrid is noticeably softer. As a result, side, back, and stomach sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds may benefit more from these Casper hybrids. However, if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you may find them to be overly soft. Compared to the Bear Hybrid, these sleepers may feel less supported on a Casper hybrid.

The stretch-cotton cover of every Casper mattress is made in part from recycled plastic bottles.

In-Depth Ratings

When looking for a mattress, there are a slew of factors to consider. What would you describe as the firmness of the top? Is it comfortable to rest? Are the components long-lasting? When you get in and out of bed, will the bed’s edges sink? As you’ll discover, each mattress has its strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Below you’ll find a comparison of our thoughts on the Bear and Casper mattresses. Verified owner and customer reviews, as well as our own product research and analysis, all go into the computation of these ratings.. You first need to understand what these categories are all about and how they’re judged.

  • Durability: Typically, a mattress will last between six and eight years before it needs to be replaced. The parts will wear out and degrade with time., this is a given. As a result, the surface may appear uneven due to a lack of support and deep body impressions. If getting on and off the bed is becoming increasingly difficult because of the mattress’s drooping, it may be time for a replacement. Due to their sturdy coil structures, hybrid mattresses typically last longer than all-foam mattresses.
  • Motion Isolation: Many people find that their partner’s movement on the mattress surface disrupts their sleep. This can assist you and your partner get a good night’s sleep by absorbing motion and preventing it from spreading to other parts of the bed. Contrarily, a mattress’ ability to reduce motion transmission is diminished if it has a firm, sensitive surface, such as the kind found in many hybrid versions.
  • When it comes to sex, most couples enjoy a mixture of firmness and elasticity. In order to enhance your sensual experiences with your partner and assist you stay in place, the bed should be flexible enough to provide adequate traction. The edges of the mattress should also be responsive and strong. You may not be able to move across the surface as readily if you don’t have the proper footwear.
  • Temperature Neutrality: Regardless of the mattress they buy, many people experience excessive heat when they sleep. For these people, open-cell foams, coil layers that allow air to circulate, and cooling breathability in the cover should be considered. If you sleep on a mattress with a thicker layer that traps heat, it will seem hotter. Hybrid mattresses tend to sleep cooler than their all-foam counterparts, but the composition of the comfort layer has a significant impact on this.
  • The finest mattress for pressure relief conforms to the body while supporting the shoulders, lower back, and hips for each individual sleeper. If you’re a light sleeper, a softer mattress that conforms to your body and doesn’t feel too firm is best for you. If you’re above 230 pounds, a firm mattress that doesn’t sag beneath your weight is probably what you want. People who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds benefit most from a medium amount of firmness.
  • As soon as you remove the packaging from your mattress, you’ll detect an odor. It’s entirely usual for this to happen. When you buy a brand new mattress, you will notice an off-gassing scent. Mattresses typically lose their odor within a few days of being purchased. Though memory foam and polyfoam are known for their long-lasting odors, some other materials, such as latex, pose an issue. Despite the fact that off-gassing does not offer any significant health hazards, it may be an issue for those with heightened senses of smell.
  • For those who find it difficult to get in and out of bed if their mattress sinks too much beneath their weight, the following tips may help: Movement is easier on mattresses with more firmness and support. Another category where weight is a factor includes this category. On the other hand, a person who weighs less than 130 pounds will be less likely to sink into a softer mattress and will be able to easily move over the mattress surface.
  • With a strong edge support, mattresses don’t sink too much around the perimeter. You’ll be able to easily get in and out of bed, and you’ll likely feel more secure when you’re sleeping on the edges. Sitting or sleeping at the edge of a mattress with weak edge support might be dangerous, especially if you weigh more than 230 pounds. High-density base foam often does not provide as good an edge support as coils.


Bear Original Bear Pro Bear Hybrid
Firmness Firm (7) Medium Firm (6) Medium Firm (6)
Durability 3/5 3/5 3/5
Motion Isolation 4/5 4/5 3/5
Sex 3/5 3/5 4/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5 3/5 4/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 4/5 3/5
Off-Gassing 2/5 2/5 4/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 3/5 4/5
Edge Support 2/5 2/5 3/5


Casper Original Mattress Casper Original Hybrid Casper Wave Hybrid Casper Element Casper Nova Hybrid
Firmness Medium (5) Medium (5) Medium (5) Medium Firm (6) Medium (5)
Durability 3/5 3/5 4/5 2/5 4/5
Motion Isolation 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Sex 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5
Sleeps Cool 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 3/5
Pressure Relief 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 4/5
Off-Gassing 3/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 3/5
Ease of Movement 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 4/5
Edge Support 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5

Prices and Sizing

There are a number of variables that influence the cost of a new bed mattress. It’s important to pay attention to the material composition. A more expensive mattress will typically have higher-density memory foam, organic latex, premium coils, and other premium components. Thickness is also a factor, as higher-profile beds have more materials for adapting to the body and providing support than their shorter equivalents. In addition to size, brand, and where you buy the mattress, there are a number of other elements that might effect the price.

Depending on the brand and size, a queen-sized all-foam mattress might cost anywhere from $900 to $1200. This is a low-cost mattress option. To put it another way, the average queen-sized hybrid mattress costs between $1,600 and $2,200. The following table shows that Bear and Casper have a wide range of mattress prices to meet the needs of a wide range of sleepers.


Bear Original Bear Pro Bear Hybrid
Twin $695 $895 $1,095
Twin XL $695 $995 $1,295
Full $895 $1,195 $1,495
Queen $995 $1,295 $1,695
King $1,095 $1,495 $1,995
California King $1,095 $1,495 $1,995


Casper Original Mattress Casper Original Hybrid Casper Wave Hybrid Casper Element Casper Nova Hybrid
Twin $695 $995 $1,595 $249 $1,195
Twin XL $795 $1,095 $2,195 $299 $1,595
Full $995 $1,295 $2,545 $374 $1,945
Queen $1,095 $1,395 $2,695 $449 $2,095
King $1,495 $1,795 $3,295 $574 $2,695
California King $1,495 $1,795 $3,295 $574 $2,695

Bear’s all-foam mattresses are priced in line with industry averages, while the Bear Hybrid is priced lower than the industry average for a hybrid mattress. High-value options because of their low prices and great performance in a variety of categories.

Mattresses from Casper are available in a wide pricing range. The Wave Hybrid is extremely pricey when compared to other hybrid models, however the Element is quite reasonable for an all-foam type. The price of the Nova Hybrid may possibly be too high for some, but this model’s cost is comparable to the price of the average hybrid vehicle. If you’re searching for a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price, the Casper Original and Casper Hybrid are excellent options.

Trial, Warranty, and Delivery


All orders placed inside the 48 contiguous states of the United States are eligible for free ground shipping by FedEx. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada will be subject to surcharges of their own. Within two to seven days of placing their initial order, the majority of Bear clients have had their mattress in their homes.

All clients in the contiguous United States and provinces of Canada receive free ground delivery from Casper. Additional delivery fees apply to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. A Casper mattress typically takes five to seven business days to be delivered.

In addition, Casper offers White Glove shipping, which includes everything from a pre-arranged delivery time to in-home setup and, if desired, the removal of your old mattress. Customers in the contiguous United States can have White Glove delivery for a one-time fee of $149. Although White Glove delivery is not offered by Bear, the company will work with consumers to have their old mattress removed for a minimal cost.

When it comes time to ship, all of the Bear and Casper mattresses are compressed and vacuum-sealed. A signature is not required for standard deliveries, which are dropped off at the customer’s door. It is necessary for you to be present if you choose White Glove delivery with your Casper order.


A sleep trial of at least 90 nights is typically offered by mattress-in-a-box brands. These mattresses are typically not available for trial in physical locations, so sleep trials are an excellent way for buyers to see if a mattress is good for them before making a six- to eight-year commitment.

Mattresses from both Bear and Casper come with a 100-night sleep trial. Before requesting a refund, users must have used the mattress for at least 30 consecutive nights before contacting Bear. During the 100-night trial, Casper does not require a break-in period, so you can return the mattress at any time.

During the trial period, both Bear and Casper allow customers to return their mattresses for a full refund. Once the original has been returned to the company, you’ll need to purchase the second model separately; the company will offer a full refund for the original. Be aware that if you opt for an exchange, the sleep trial is over and you can’t get a refund on the replacement mattress.

Returning your Bear or Casper mattress is as simple as contacting the firm and requesting that they send a courier to pick it up from your home.


If a product has a flaw, the manufacturer of that product will cover the repair or replacement costs under the terms of a warranty. The vast majority of mattresses on the market today are backed by a warranty of at least ten years.

All Casper mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty, including the Bear Original and Bear Pro. Non-prorated warranties are included in this package. If your bed has a problem and needs to be repaired or replaced, you will only be responsible for shipping and transportation charges.

In addition to a 20-year warranty, the Bear Hybrid has a prorated warranty. Warranty repairs and replacements are covered to a large extent during the first ten years because they are non-prorated. After the 11th year, Bear will charge a prorated fee of 50% of the original sticker price to replace the mattress. Until the warranty expires, this charge will rise by 5% per year.

After a while, mattresses begin to sag and create body impressions from the wear and tear they’ve seen. Excessive sagging, however, may be an indication of structural issues with the mattress. Due to the drooping depth, most mattress warranties define “defective” sagging. Bear, Casper, and Bear Pro warranties say that body impressions that are 1 inch or deeper count as faults. Repair or replacement is warranted only if the impressions are at least 1.5 inches wide for the Bear Hybrid.

Bear and Casper warranties cover physical imperfections that cause materials to deteriorate prematurely, regardless of normal usage and care. Physical damage and normal wear and tear aren’t covered either.

Casper vs. Bear certifications


Certified by CertiPUR, Casper’s foams are free of ozone-depleting substances and pollutants.


CertiPUR-US certification for the materials used in Bear’s mattresses is also available. With its Greenguard Gold certification, you can be assured that Bear’s Hybrid mattress has passed the most rigorous air quality tests.

Casper vs. Bear reputation and transparency


The Better Business Bureau has given Casper an A+ rating (BBB). On the BBB customer satisfaction scale, the company has a 2.58 star average and 33 reviews, the majority of which complain about poor customer service and lengthy order processing times.

One class action lawsuit is now proceeding against Casper, accusing them of concealing profit losses from investors.

No Casper products have been recalled recently.


The Better Business Bureau gives Bear an A+. However, the company does not hold any certifications.

In the last few years, Bear hasn’t been involved in any cases.

There haven’t been any recent recalls from Bear.

Casper vs. Bear customer service and reviews


Casper’s reputation as an early player in the internet mattress market is reflected in customer reviews.

Mattresses are widely praised by customers for their ability to improve their sleep. The mattresses, especially the hybrid ones, are often praised for their comfort and value.

No complaints about Casper’s customer service, delivery, or returns appear to be noted in the company’s online consumer reviews.


Customers love Bear’s mattresses, despite the fact that it doesn’t have as many reviews as Casper.

Athletes and non-athletes alike love their mattress designs. The Celliant substance, in particular, appears to have a significant impact on consumer satisfaction and sleep quality.

As a result, customers report that the firmer support has eased their suffering.

The fact that Bear mattresses are manufactured in the United States is a big plus for customers.


Overall, Casper and Bear mattresses are equivalent in quality and pricing. When it all comes down to it, what’s best for you is a matter of personal preference and your sleeping posture.

Bear is an excellent option if you’re looking for a mid-range mattress. Casper may be worth the extra money if you’re willing to spend it.

When it comes to back sleepers, Bear’s medium-firm options may be preferred, while Casper’s slightly softer options may be preferred by side sleepers.

For the same 100-night sleep trial, both brands offer free returns. So it’s never been easier to test them out and see which one works best for you.

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