Casper vs. Novosbed Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 07/2024

Online-only mattress Casper is now the most well-known online-only mattress in the business. Since its inception in 2009, Novosbed has quietly created a very successful business that has been gaining traction in recent years.

People are naturally curious in how the two mattresses stack up against each other. Some folks may like the Novosbed, while others may prefer the Casper. See how Novosbed and Casper fare in our most recent mattress comparison!

You should keep in mind that your choices are heavily influenced by a small number of elements, which help you choose the ideal option for your particular situation. People should be confident that either one they choose is the right one because they are both remarkable.

Novosbed vs. Casper: Top Similarities

  • There is a lot of overlap between the two.
  • Both are made of foam.
  • In a single package, both are shipped and delivered (with free shipping).
  • Both make use of high-quality materials.
  • Both have excellent customer service and return policies that are easy to understand and follow.

Novosbed vs. Casper: Key Differences

  • In comparison to Novosbed, which is made entirely of memory foam, Casper is a hybrid that incorporates both latex and memory foam.
  • Casper is more responsive and bouncy than Novosbed, which has a sluggish sensation.
  • Since Novosbed is constructed with sturdier materials, you may expect it to endure a little longer.
  • Novosbed offers three firmness levels and a guarantee of optimal firmness. Many various versions are available, but Casper only has one stiffness setting.
  • Novosbed is about $150 more expensive (price difference varies slightly by size).

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Casper Construction

Casper is delivered to your home in a box that is easy to carry and set up in your room. The 11-inch-tall toy is made entirely of foam.

The sturdy polyester cover, which was developed for use in 2020, may be removed for quick and easy spot cleaning.

  • Comfort foam with breathability and temperature regulation, as well as quick response for repositioning, is found on the top layer of the mattress.
  • With the addition of Zoned SupportTM, the second layer of this mattress goes from comfort system to base, making it firmer under your belly. The zoning aids in maintaining a neutral spine.
  • Its sturdy foundation is built of dense poly foam, ensuring a level of stability from corner to corner.

Novosbed Construction

This option is rolled and shipped in a box as well. 11 inches tall and composed of four layers of foam, this one is a bit more substantial.

It is encased in Tencel, a silky-smooth ecological cloth made from wood pulp.

  • There are no other ones like it anywhere else. As an added bonus, the memory materials are shielded from moisture with an Interlock BlueTM Core Cover. This fabric isn’t rigid, so it doesn’t prevent the layers from interacting.
  • High-density foam in the second layer helps keep the surface from overheating, while the 2-inch foam conforms to your body’s shape to keep you cool.
  • The third layer is a 2-inch piece of memory foam that is a little firmer and transitions to the foundation while still providing you with a deeper level of contouring.
  • The 7-inch-tall base layer is made of high-density premium support foam, which helps to correct your spine and keep you comfortable.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

A medium-firm mattress, like Casper or the Novosbed, falls somewhere in the middle of our scale, with a firmness rating of roughly a 6 out of 10. Novosbed has a Soft and a Firm version of this sensation, so it works well for a wide range of body types in all three sleeping positions.

There is a tiny bounce in the surface of Casper, which was designed to respond fast to pressure and is also responsive. In order to relieve pressure, the foams that are conforming to your shape should pop back into place when you roll over or change positions.

Novosbed, on the other hand, has a much slower response time due to the usage of high-quality memory materials on the mattress’s surface. Lie down on it and you may see that the foams take a few seconds to respond before you gradually sink in. Because these materials take a few seconds to respond, you may have to exert a little more effort when changing positions with this more traditional memory experience.

It’s important to maintain your hips and shoulders in line with one other, which is why Casper’s Zoned SupportTM in the mattress’ third layer has been developed. In order to provide a single, universally appealing experience, Casper was created.

Novosbed has three hardness levels, and those who sleep on their stomachs may like the Firm, while those who sleep on their sides may prefer the Soft. You may also get what the company calls a Comfort+ Kit, which includes an additional layer that you can zip into the mattress in order to better fit your preferences.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Sinkage on these two brands is nearly the same, despite the differences in feel, thus you may expect both to provide a softer cradle for your body (though you may sink just a touch deeper in the Soft Novosbed).

While most all-foam products lack bounce, Casper’s surface layer incorporates some to help with repositioning. In spite of the fact that Novosbed’s bounce is modest and repositioning may require a little more work, the mattress’s gentle cradle should prevent standard memory materials from feeling trapped.

Comparing Motion Transfer

Foam absorbs vibration before it reaches the surface, making foam-based constructions ideal for motion isolation. In any case, the transfer of motion should be as little as possible. Both options can alleviate your concerns if you are a light sleeper and fear that your partner will wake you up as they get in and out of bed. 

Comparing Edge Support

Two foam-wrapped products here outperform the average foam-wrapped product in their ability to keep the edges in place. Most people may detect some compression when they sit with their weight concentrated on one side, but both brands should feel comfortable and secure when they sleep on the edge of one of the mattresses. 

Casper vs. Novosbed Compared Side-by-Side

Features Casper Novosbed
Height 11” 11”
Cover Polyester Tencel
Materials Zoned Support, uniquely formulated comfort foam, memory foam and base foam that are high-density Interlock Blue™ Core Cover, breathable memory comfort layer, high-density memory product, premium support foam
Cooling AirScape comfort structure Gentle cradle combined with airflow through foam
Firmness 6/10 6/10
Support Great Good
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Edge Support Great Great
Sinkage Gentle Cradling Gentle Cradling
Bounce Moderate Minimal
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US® Certified
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes No
Warranty 10 years 15 years
Trial Period 100 nights 120 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping In-Home Delivery may be available in certain locations, shipping to USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, also Austria, Canada, and Germany Ships to US and Canada, white glove delivery available in select areas
Made in the USA Designed and Assembled in the USA Yes
[/table] [table]
Size Casper (w/o discount) Novosbed Price (w/o discount)
Twin $695 $799
Twin XL $795 $849
Full $995 $899
Queen $1,095 $999
King $1,495 $1,199
Cali King $1,495 $1,199


Should I Buy Casper or Novosbed?

There is a lot to like about both mattresses in various ways. You may be able to tell the difference between the two based on their general feel and a few additional characteristics.

We Would Recommend Buying Casper if You are Looking for:

  • Bounce. If you are looking for a mattress that responds quickly but doesn’t have a lot of bounce, Casper might be for you.
  • Exceptional versatility. Combination sleepers or couples with differing body types, sleep habits, or preferences may find this brand appealing because it tries for universality.
  • Zoned spinal support. Casper’s new Zoned SupportTM may be an option for you if you have extra weight in your midsection and need a little extra support in the middle of your mattress. Some people prefer to sleep on their stomachs only, thus this function may be useful to them.

We Would Recommend Buying Novosbed if You are Looking for:

  • A classic memory feel. It’s hard to beat this brand for pressure relief thanks to high-density memory foam that conforms to the shape of your body over time, making it ideal for those looking for a more traditional memory foam experience.
  • Multiple fIrmness choices and customization. If you’re looking for a mattress with a wide range of firmness options, this one is for you. In addition to Soft, Medium, and Firm, the company will work with you after you’ve gotten the mattress to further tailor firmness with its Comfort+ Kit.
  • An environmentally conscious brand. Novosbed is a firm believer in the idea that making a product more individualized helps cut down on the amount of trash produced. More and more recycled materials are being used in their constructions, and repurposed solvents are being used in the processing of their raw components.

Final Thoughts

After seeing these two beds, are you any closer to deciding? How do you prefer to feel when you get up in the morning? Is there anything else I can help you with?

Head over to our in-depth evaluations if you need more information about each to help you make a final decision.

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