Layla vs. Novosbed Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 07/2024

There are two types of memory foam mattresses out there: traditional and new. Which one is better? Layla vs. Novosbed compares the new Layla, which employs copper-infused layers to control heat, with Novosbed, one of the first mattress companies to deliver mattresses packed up in cardboard to your door.

Is there a clear winner here? To find out, read on or check out our separate evaluations for each bed:

Quick Comparison: Layla vs. Novosbed


  • Firmness on both sides.
  • Memory foam with copper embedded into it.
  • Trial period of 120 nights.


  • The classic comfort of memory foam.
  • Luxury at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • The stiffness is moderate.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Layla Construction

Memory foam that may be used on either side of the mattress is provided by this brand, which comes in a box and is folded up. Polyester blend with viscose, lycra, and ThermoGel® characteristics is designed to keep the wearer cool in the midst of a hot night’s sleep.

The product, which is 10 inches in length, consists of four layers:

  • Cupro-impregnated 3-inch memory foam sits on top of the mattress while the soft side is facing up, helping to disperse heat when it is compressed.
  • For pressure relief, comfort, and breathability, a 2-inch convoluted foam transition layer is used in the second layer.
  • In the third layer, a 4-inch layer of harder foam provides the mattress with its durability and comfort.
  • This layer is made of the same material as the previous, and it is one inch thick.

The layers are flipped when the Firm side is facing up.

Novosbed Construction

There are three hardness options (Soft, Medium, and Firm) to choose from with Novosbed, which is supplied compacted to your door. Additionally, if the mattress is too hard or soft for your taste, the company will send you a free Comfort+ package. A decent choice for the majority of sleepers, the Medium variant is the center of our comparison.

In total, it has a thickness of 11 inches. It has a stretch-knit top that can be removed, and the sides are encased in a high-end fabric that is machine washable. The three layers of foam are protected by an elastic cover that is buried under the two outer layers.

  • Two inches of high-density foam are sandwiched between two layers of breathable fabric.
  • Two inches of transitional high-density foam support the soft top layer and soften the more supporting last layer in the second layer, as well as the transitional foam.
  • The 7-inch Premium Support Foam is the final layer that provides structural support. Maintaining a good posture while sleeping is made easier because to the firmness of the bottom.

Make sure to keep in mind that other types of stiffness have a somewhat different structure.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

We’ll use Layla’s Soft and Novosbed’s Medium as the basis for our scores, but both brands have variable amounts of firmness.

Using the Sleep Advisor firmness scale, Layla is rated a 4 out of 5. A memory foam mattress should have a slow response time, which is what most people imagine when picturing one. For back or side sleeping, softness should adhere to the curves of the body and provide a nice balance between softness and support.

The firmer side of the mattress (scoring a 7 out of 10) may be more pleasant for heavier sleepers or those who only sleep on their stomachs.

When it comes to our rating scale, Novosbed scores a 6 out of 10. For those who want a firmer mattress, the Comfort+ kit can be added to the mattress to change the firmness or softerness of your mattress to suit your preference. Because it is a memory bed, the response time is going to be a little bit slower.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

Those who sleep on a memory foam mattress report feeling a good deal of contouring around the body, as well as the sensation of being hugged. Layla’s hug should be on the softer side, as though she’s sliding into the bed with her partner. Although most people will be able to change positions easily, those who are elderly or who have difficulty moving about may prefer to sleep on the harder side.

There has to be more of a cradle-like feel to Novosbed. You should still feel supported by the bed’s contours, but you should also feel more on top of it than inside it, making it easier to adjust yourself during the night.

Comparing Motion Transfer

People who sleep with a partner, children, or pets can endure a bad night’s sleep due to motion transmission. Both brands are composed of memory materials, which means that light sleepers should be able to get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed. If memory absorption is important to you, you can choose either bed because of its gradual response and minimal bounce.

Comparing Edge Support

Edge support, like motion transfer, is crucial to couples. As a result, the surface area of the mattress grows in proportion to the amount of edge support it provides.

The edge support of both mattresses is comparable to other bed-in-a-box foam beds in this online market, despite their lower scores in this area. Layla has a lower score than Novosbed since it is softer, therefore those who frequently sit at the foot of the bed may prefer Novosbed.

Layla vs. Novosbed Compared Side-by-Side

Features Layla Novosbed
Height 10” 11”
Cover Polyester blended with viscose, lycra, and ThermoGel® Polyester blend with Tencel
Materials Copper-infused memory foam, high-density poly foam, convoluted support foam High-Density Airflow Memory Foam, Premium Support Foam
Cooling Copper wicks away memory foam heat, and the convoluted layer promotes airflow. Breathable Airflow foam
Firmness 4 or 7/10 6/10
Support Great Good
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Edge Support Good Great
Sinkage Deep Hug Gentle Cradling
Bounce Minimal Minimal
Warranty Lifetime 15 years
Trial Period 120 nights 120 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping Ships to U.S. and Canada Delivers to US and Canada; White Glove Delivery available in select locations
Made in the USA Yes Yes
[/table] [table]
Size Layla Price (w/o discount) Novosbed Price (w/o discount)
Twin $749 $799
Twin XL $849 $849
Full $999 $899
Queen $1099 $999
King $1,249 $1,199
Cali King $1,249 $1,199

Novosbed VS Layla Comparison

Novosbed Layla
Layers Used 4 layers

  • cover
  • next-generation memory foam
  • transitional memory foam
  • and premium support foam
5 layers

  • cover
  • Memory Foam that has been infused
    with copper
  • Convoluted Support Foam
  • Base Support Foam
  • and Copper Infused Memory Foam
Height 11 inches, but 13 inches when using the Comfort+ firmness adjustment 10.5 inches
Firmness Soft to Firm (adjustable with Comfort+) Soft to Medium (depending on which side

you decide to sleep on)

Motion Transfer Good Good
Breathability Good Good
Trial Period 120 nights 120 nights
Warranty 15 years (with the first 10 years non-prorated, and the remaining 5 years prorated) Lifetime warranty
Pricing (Queen) CAD $1,399 USD $799 with monthly payments available (original price is USD 899 but they’ve got a special now)
Shipping Free shipping (some remote locations may require shipping fees). They only ship to the United States and Canada Free shipping (some remote locations may require shipping fees). They only ship to the United States and Canada

Should I Buy Layla or Novosbed?

In a nutshell, there are two memory foam beds, each with its own firmness setting. Which one is best suited to your requirements?

We Would Recommend Buying Layla if You are Looking for:

  • Dual-sided firmness. Layla’s flippable one-mattress-fits-all approach makes it simple to buy a mattress online.
  • A bed that keeps ultra cool. Copper-infused foam and a convoluted shape should keep the average sleeper from sweating on this mattress.
  • Super contouring. You should be able to feel like you’re sinking into a memory foam mattress when you wear this brand. Those with aches in their hips and shoulders may appreciate the added pressure reduction this provides.

We Would Recommend Buying Novosbed if You are Looking for:

  • Personalized firmness customization. If you’re in the middle of the three soft, medium, and firm selections, you can get a free Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit from Novosbed to help you discover a more comfortable fit. It is possible to have a bed that is both soft and firm from this company.
  • Luxurious features at an affordable cost. This bed is made of high-quality materials and foams, but it doesn’t break the bank.
  • Easy movement. The soft cradling in the top comfort layers gives pressure relief without sinking in too deeply, so sleepers should not feel “stuck” making changes in the middle of the night.

Final Thoughts

Layla and Novosbed are both memory foam beds, but their sleep experiences are very different. Both Layla and Novosbed mattresses should provide a peaceful night’s sleep for many years to come, depending on what is most important to you. Most sleepers will be able to discover a firmness level that works for them thanks to the variety of options each bed offers.

You’re still undecided on which to choose? Check out our in-depth analyses of both goods, which you can get by clicking on the links above. Take a peek at our top-rated bed options if you’d like to see more.

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