Nectar vs. Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Comparison: Which Is Best? Update 04/2024

Saving hundreds of dollars on high-quality memory foam or one of the coldest (as in cold) hybrids on the market is which cooler? In our comparison of Nectar and Brooklyn Aurora, there are two kinds of cool, but both are worthy of investigation.

It’s a luxurious hybrid mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding in Arizona for people who have trouble sleeping because of the heat. Foam and coils are expertly incorporated into this hybrid mattress to not only combat heat buildup but also to deliver the ultimate in comfort.

Nectar Sleep just has one bed, yet it’s adored by their consumers. In order to get the contouring comfort of foam without sacrificing support, they have created a mattress that costs a fraction of what other brands charge.

Quick Comparison: Brooklyn Aurora vs. Nectar


  • Stress is relieved.
  • The familiar texture of memory foam.
  • A trial term of 365 nights.


  • Increased ability to keep things cool.
  • Affordable luxury in a high-end bed.
  • Three firmness options are available.

Comparing Construction (Materials & Quality)

Nectar Construction

Nectar’s interior is constructed entirely of foam. So that it can be delivered right to your front door, it has been compressed into a large bag.

The cover of the bed is made of a poly-blend. To support the sleeper, 12 inches of foam materials are encased in the cover.

  • Memory foam filled with gel is quilted beneath the blended cover, which should improve cooling and comfort.
  • Memory foam fills the top three inches of the mattress. It has a gel-infused top layer to help dissipate heat from the sleeper’s body and keep them cool.
  • It’s a 2-inch soft standard foam. Provides stability and eases transitions from heavier sections into the bed’s framework.
  • The bottom of the mattress is made of a typical, commercial-grade foam. At 7 inches, this foam is the tallest of the bunch.

Aurora Construction

Brooklyn Bedding’s Arizona facility makes and transports this bed-in-a-box. In a box, it is rolled and vacuum sealed, and it arrives at your door.

To make the cotton-blend fabric cover, thermal knitting was used in phase transition. In order to keep a consistent temperature on the skin, this technology adapts to the body’s temperature. 13 inches of bedding are shielded from the elements by this.

  • TitanCoolTM technology is integrated in the 1.5-inch Copper Gel EnergexTM foam on the top layer. The copper cooling technology ensures that this sensitive foam does not overheat and provides pressure relief.
  • TitanFlexTM, a 2-inch thick polymer, is the next layer. As an alternative to the brand’s hyper-elastic latex, this should offer more bounce and contouring.
  • Swirl visco-elastic memory foam is the transitional layer in the center of the mattress. As a result, the coils beneath the foam take on more of the sleeper’s weight.
  • A total of 8 inches of Quantum EdgeTM pocketed coils make up the fourth layer. These give the corners of the table extra sturdiness, support, and balance. Additional support is provided by strengthened coils that line the perimeter of the bed.
  • Aurora’s foundation is built atop a 1-inch layer of foam.

Comparing Firmness (Support & Feel)

Each mattress examined by Sleep Advisor is given a hardness rating from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most firm and 10 being the least firm. The Nectar has a 6.5 rating, which places it in the medium-firm range, while the Aurora’s medium firmness choice has a 5 rating, which places it squarely in the middle.

For the most part, either of these beds should be a great option for anyone’s sleeping preferences. For back sleepers, they utilize materials that fill in the gaps between the curves. As long as you’re aiming to alleviate the pressure on your shoulders and hips, either of these alternatives should be a good fit.

The Nectar’s pressure-relieving foams will be welcomed by many side sleepers, but the Aurora has a lot of foam and is a little softer, so both should function well.

It can be tough to find lower body support for stomach sleepers, but these two solutions should suffice. Compared to the Nectar, the Aurora has a harder option rated at a 7 on our firmness scale, which is slightly softer than the Nectar. Some people may find this to be a little too hard for their liking, while others may like the Aurora Soft form of the Aurora, which is rated a 3 on our firmness scale.

People in need of exceptional pressure alleviation and support will be happy with either of these options.

Comparing Sinkage and Bounce

In terms of sinkage, these items are likely to differ slightly. Memory Foam devotees lust after the warm, cuddly feeling that only Nectar can deliver. Aurora, on the other hand, provides a cradle and bounce that are both shallower.

Nectar, on the other hand, has practically no bounce. Despite the lack of bounce, sleepers should be able to easily adjust themselves on this mattress.

The Aurora’s TitanFlexTM layer and coils provide this bed with a level of surface and inner layer bounce that makes repositioning a cinch..

Comparing Motion Transfer

Your companion may get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but a motion-isolating mattress can keep you from noticing it. Memory materials (and beds) reduce sleep-related motions better than anything else. A major strength of Nectar is its ability to limit motion to just one side of the bed.

It is a bouncer, but does that mean the Aurora cannot be used as a restful place to sleep? No, that’s the quick and simple answer. The pocket coils in this mattress, paired with the memory foam in the middle layer, provide a relatively good level of motion isolation, despite the fact that the bounce increases movement.

Aurora accommodates most motions really well, but if you have a spouse who jumps into bed like it’s the final round of a cannonball event, you might want to go with Nectar.

Comparing Edge Support

When the edges of your bed are sturdy, you can sleep right up to the edge, making the most of your entire sleeping area. Among these two items, Aurora takes the prize in this category.

Aurora’s coil system provides a level of edge support that is difficult to find in bed-in-a-box mattresses. This doesn’t mean that Nectar is out of the running, however, as Nectar has some solid edges for a memory mattress. The Aurora might be a better choice if you sleep on the edge of your bed every night, as it performs better than the industry norm.

Nectar vs. Aurora Compared Side-by-Side

Features Nectar Brooklyn Aurora
Height 12” 13”
Cover Poly-blend quilted to memory foam Cotton blended with phase change thermo knitting
Materials Gel memory foam and conventional foams Copper Gel Energex™ Foam, TitanFlex™, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, Quantum Edge™

Pocketed Coils, Base Foam

Cooling Gel in the memory foam layer, breathable cover Phase change cooling cover, gel in the memory material, coils, copper in foam
Firmness 6.5/10 5/10
Support Great Exceptional
Motion Transfer Minimal Medium
Edge Support Good Exceptional
Sinkage Deep Hug Gentle Cradle
Bounce No Yes
Warranty Forever 10 years
Trial Period 365 nights 120 nights
Certifications CertiPUR-US® CertiPUR-US®
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Shipping Ships to U.S., White Glove Delivery is optional Free shipping in the contiguous US. Delivery fee for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada
Made in the USA No Yes
[/table] [table]
Size Nectar Price (w/o discount) Brooklyn Aurora Price (w/o discount)
Twin $798 $999
Twin XL $968 $1,249
Full $1,198 $1,599
Queen $1,298 $1,749
King $1,598 $2,199
Cali King $1,598 $2,199
Split Cali King N/A $1,249

Should I Buy Nectar or Aurora?

It’s hard to go wrong with either of these possibilities. Take these points into consideration as you weigh your options.

We Would Recommend Buying Nectar if You are Looking for:

  • Memory foam. ” One of the most popular memory mattresses on the market has a good reason for being so well-liked. It has the usual memory-foam feel, but it also provides the support that many other memory-foam choices lack.
  • Nectar’s memory substance has excellent motion isolation, which is another bonus. While your companion is tossing and turning in their sleep, you should be reassured that their actions will not influence you.
  • A fantastic offer. Customers should receive value for their money, and Nectar does just that. Because of its low pricing, a year-long trial period, and a lifetime warranty, this bed has been extremely popular.

We Would Recommend Buying Aurora if You are Looking for:

  • Cooling. Even the hottest of sleepers should be able to keep cool with this product’s broad list of temperature technology.
  • Adding a little additional oomph. Adding a little bounce to your sex life with bouncy coils is a great alternative to Aurora. Repositioning sleepers can be made easier with the help of a good amount of bounce.
  • Multiple stiffness levels are available. There are three firmness options available from Brooklyn Bedding to assist customers find the appropriate mattress for them. There are three firmness levels for the Aurora: Soft, Medium, and Firm.

Nectar Mattress vs. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress – Which One Should You Buy?

These two mattresses share many similarities and differences, but here is a quick summary of why you would prefer one over the other.

Buy the Nectar mattress if you:

1. Are on a budget

The Nectar mattress is by far the cheapest alternative, not only beating the Aurora mattress but also selling for less than the typical price of a foam mattress

2. Want good trial and warranty options

Nectar provides clients with a one-year money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of its mattresses.

3. Want a medium-firm foam bed

There are no other firmness or material options for this mattress, but it still outperforms the competition.

Buy the Aurora mattress if you:

1. Want different firmness options

A person’s preferred sleeping style can be accommodated with the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress, which comes in three firmness levels.

2. Are a hot sleeper

For a comfortable night’s sleep, the Aurora goes above and above. Phase-changing material, copper fibers and innerspring coils provide you the best breathability.

3. Like a mattress with bounce

The Aurora’s innerspring system and gel-infused memory foam offer it greater bounce and resilience than the Nectar.

Both Nectar and Brooklyn Bedding offer high-quality items with many similarities. The finest one for you will eventually be determined by your personal taste. There are great prices to be had on the Nectar mattress, a cheap foam bed. There is a one-year trial period for this medium-firm mattress, which includes white glove delivery and mattress removal, and the mattress is covered for life. People who prefer to have options in their bed can consider the Aurora mattress. The Aurora is a great mattress for heat sleepers because it has three distinct firmness levels.

Final Thoughts

Product characteristics and personal preferences are two of the most important considerations when shopping for a new mattress. Which mattress is best for you depends on your personal preferences and needs. Make sure to check out our in-depth evaluations of each product if you’ve already made a decision or if you’re still undecided.

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